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Found 17 results

  1. It would be great if we could have water on tiles above water level. For this we would need to have a slope check (water will not stay on a flat tile). Next, water will not flow over the edge of the hole that it's dropped in. Will spread if another sloped tile is connected. The tile that it's dropped on can't be a normal tile. This means that there has to be a water solid tile (don't know a name yet). This can be made by maybe mixing stone clay etc and other materials or use an existing tile form. If such a tile were to be deleted or there is no longer a slope the water will dissappear. You need to drop at least 10kg of water at once to make this work per layer of water. For short as this may not be clear: 1. Dig a hole (size doesn't matter as long as the bottom of the hole is all the same level) 2. Cover sides and bottom with stone of some sort. 3. Drop at least 10kg of water at once per layer (level) this duplicates per tile. So for a 6 tiles big hole you'd have to drop 6 x 10=60 kg of water per layer. This will raise the water level in the entire hole by one. This also limits the size of the hole as at some point it's hard to get the right amount of water in. 4. Upon deletion of one of the stone tiles all water will flow away "you make a hole and the water flows away" This way you could make ponds, moats, lakes, fountains, canals way easier than when digging down to water level. And you could create it on mountains too. Also there would have to be a floodgate/mills to control water level in different "water holes" with these you can connect them and pump water up and down a hole. Dredges could also be used to fill holes or control levels. Suggestions, critics or simple no's or yes's?
  2. The client is playing unrelentingly loud shoreline water splashing noise up at Roasted Malt (Indy) because some sand was placed down on our mountain. *Would be great if we could get an option just to silence or change the volume of said water files.
  3. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! I sold the other sets and this is what I now have available: 6.25s for Set #1. 85QL horse shoes,iron with WOA 97-97-97-96 5.4s for Set #2. 85QL horse shoes, iron with WOA 96-95-95-94 These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me. Note: The sum of the qualities of the shoes has an effect on the speed.
  4. Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Get ready, set, place your bids!
  5. Starting Bid: 9s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: 12s Buyout: None [18:31:47] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. You will want to polish the horse shoe with a pelt before you improve it.
  6. I dont know if this is possible but could someone please make a worldedit program/mod like minecraft's MCedit or Minecraft's Server mod Worldedit. Examples: Thanks alot let me know if anyone can do this?
  7. So on my server, I made a custom map and changed the water level to much lower than normal. As a result, I now have sharks on land, as shown in this picture. I should have done a video, because when in motion, all 4 sharks will literally circle that poor horse. So question is, do I have to stick with the default water height in the custom mapping programs, to avoid this, or is there another fix? I haven't tried fishing yet, but when I do, will I be able to fish on dry land? Edit.. not sure why I can't get imgur images to paste in here now.
  8. If you choose/want to live on deliverance and don't want to go through the search of finding a great place to live, hire someone else to do it for you. I.e. me! I've mapped and had eyes on over 90% of the deliverance terrain. I'm only a few mountains away from having 100% of the map explored (those ridiculous spike mountains included). I'm no good at skilling and was recommended in game to do realtory irl for hooking people up with great spots to live(lol) so I figured, I might as well help people with this obscure experience. All I ask is 1s and a nice review of my performance on this thread. I won't accept the coin until you have approved of a nice plot of land. Yeah, yeah, I know there's nothing stopping people from just plopping down deed and walking off. That's kind of a no ###### why this isn't an highly effective idea. That's a gamble that I am willing to take. As of 15NOV I have 85 pre terraformed abandoned flats marked on my map (no, not ingame map) and from now on, I will also be mapping for undeveloped areas and pre-tunneled mine resources in the area. Let me know what kind of place you want to live at and we can make it happen. Thank you for your time.
  9. ..

    Gone Delete.
  10. Undeeded, unused land across older servers gets gummed up by ruins and abandoned terraforming, leaving these servers 'stale' and pushing the same players to move to each new server for a bit of freshness before leaving a mess behind. What if the game could actually revert unused land back to a more pristine condition? One of the things Wurm needs is a deeper mechanism to return undeeded land to nature, particularly slopes. Something on the order of weekly run a batch check for every tile edge and if it qualifies, shift 1 dirt from the high end to the low end. Slope has to be above a certain threshold; 40 or maybe even 30. Higher corner can't be at rock level. Neither corner can be adjacent to a wall or fence. Couple that with a similar check to see if a given corner is the highpoint of the surrounding 4 corners. If so, and it's more than , say 5-10 dirt above all of them, then lower it 4 and raise the others 1. Add to that even higher decay for pavings that have more than two adjacent tiles not paved and some mechanism to kill hedges. Decay rates for furniture might also need a look. Usually long after the rest has fallen away, you still find a bed, bsb and chest in the woods somewhere. Obviously, all this applies on Off-Deed. The other thing it needs is a Salvage Skill. By giving a player a long timer action that might result in some useful materials you encourage players to clean up ruins themselves. Checks can be put in to prevent casual grieifng and affect pvp like: Only in your own kingdom influence. Not on a deed of which you aren't a citizen/have permission. Not from an intact (has all ground floor exterior walls) building of which you are not on the writ.
  11. Well looks like they have announced May 30th as the early access open date on steam for anyone that has been watching this one.. Edit: Found out the pricing and a few Q&A for the game.. >
  12. Hi, I recently returned to wurm and settled a medium sized deed currently 111x98 on release Projects will be decided together but everyone can have private space just to them I will pay for all the upkeep/founding, donations are welcome of course I'd prefer enthusiastic / active players to play with me but send me a pm if you want to talk/join New players are definitely welcome, me being one as well. We have water, tar, coast location, not sure what else since I havn't prospected at all Pm me here, in game (littlelady) or on steam Tegga21 or post here Once again, anyone can reserve an area just for them if they desire & hope to see you soon EDIT: We have Tar, clay, forest, coast, tin, slate, iron (probally more) and water
  13. To those it may concern, I hope that you are willing to talk. My friend (Novatic) and I (Jadedragovan), had found a little bit of land we were hoping to cultivate to our own uses. We realize it is fairly close to your current territory, as well as near Hope. We're not looking to start any quarrels or trod on anyones toes. We've already been okay'd by Hopeians, even helped with our initial building. We've noticed your very recent extending of your perimeter right up to the small mining shack we've erected. While we do understand that you feel impeaded on, we'd like to assure you we have no intention of extending back further. But with your 'land grab' it really cuts into the small bit of land we had intended on using, which would be more towards the road down by us, not pushing into your area. We even took your settlement into consideration when mining. Aside from a small 2x3 'lobby', we wrapped the tunnels back under the flatland area between the shack and 'Oak Veil Winery'. We are more than willing to talk this over with you, in hopes that you might retract your recent expansion of your perimeter enough to allow us to place down an appropriate sized claim of our own. We're on mostly in the evening/early morning EST and you can talk with either myself or my friend. Again our names are Jadedragovan (myself) and Novatic (my friend), and we hope to work things out and be pleasant neighbors~!
  14. A few friends and I spent maybe three hours running along the coast last night and couldn't find any unsettled land. We were wondering if anyone knows of an empty part of the map 3-5 people could settle? We're noobs, so we're not sure where else to look but here. thanks
  15. Amish Farms Deed - M42 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png This deed is directly east of Amish Paradise Market, on Celebration server. I am liquidating some properties and this is the first to go, perfect timing with the new deed name change ability. Amish Farms sits on a private sandy coastal plot. Mostly undeveloped, with many trees. There is a public tar pit that butts directly up to the deed, with highways connecting it to the Market, South Coast, and the Lake to the east as well as many surrounding resources. I have not prospected this property, but there is underground mines on the surrounding deeds, so would assume that would also be possible on deed. Is also space to expand the deed if you wanted. AMISH FARMS ~23x41 w/ 6 perimeter~ 64days upkeep included Starting bid: 15s Increments: 5s Buyout: 30s Ends: November 30th, 6pm EST No Reserve: Sniper Protection: 1 hour Will accept private Bids/Buyout offers as well as Euro/USD
  16. Auction is for 4 deeds in the South West of Celebration server. Most are completely undeveloped. When bidding please list which deed/s you are bidding on by number. 1 - 2 - 3(4). Each deed has its own seperate auction, but I will entertain offers for all together(they all connect). Will also entertain USD/Euro Buyout offers. Bids are accepted here, via forum messages, or in-game pms. Private bidding is allowed. I reserve the right to cancel auctions at anytime. Happy Bidding! <3 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png 1.) Tranquility Lake Reserve - Size 73x43 Coastal Deed (Upkeep - 7s27c80i) Includes 3s39c42i in coffers. Has a clay pit just off the deed line that is open to the public. TONS of olive trees! Cost to place - 62s78c Starting Bid: 45 Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 62s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 2.) Tranquility Lake Resort - Size 53x79 Inland with private sandy beach Lake. Small farm house with fenced in farm space & animal pens. TONS of Olives. (Upkeep - 9s37c40i) Includes 17s44c40i in coffers. Cost to place - 83s74c Starting Bid: 50s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 83s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 3.) Tranquility Mines - Size 59x43 Mountain/Lake side. A few small shops with 50ql Forge & Oven. Large cart, random tools etc. (Upkeep - 6s7c40i) Includes 5s22c81i in coffers. Cost to place - 50s74c Mines include : iron: normal QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Good QL/flint, Normal QL, Good QL,Good QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Zinc: Good QL, Good QL, Normal QL, Starting Bid: 35s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 4.) Sulfur Springs - Size 13x21 Mountainside/Southern Steppe. (Upkeep - 1s54c60i) Includes 1s54c37i in coffers. Cost to place - 5s46c Deeds 3 & 4 are connected by a tunnel through the mountains, so deed 4 is just an add on. SOLD
  17. Hello, Relatively new player here, but I really love Wurm so far. I went sailing around Exodus and Celebration for a bit yesterday and today, and really could not find a barren piece of land I could place a deed that I liked and gave me access to the water. Soooo, I'm looking to buy some instead. I'm talking $USD ka-ching ka-ching. (Or E for you brits and whatnot.) I've got a Paypal business verified account, and can send proof if you need it. What I'm looking for is a large plat of land, around 1 whole map grid in size. (800+ total tiles - Ideally as large as I can get). Relatively flat or hilly, easy enough to terraform. This can be a deed you currently hold, an old abandoned deed with rotting buildings that no one has taken yet, or a blank slate of land you've been holding on to. Alternatively, I will pay a finders fee to anyone who finds some nice land for me to settle on. What I'm looking for: - Very Large - Relatively flat or simple enough to teraform. Not looking to build on a cliff. - Coastal (needs access to the Ocean) - Access to resources within walking distance (at least for trees and iron ore, Clay and tar within a short distance) - Near nice hunting spots. - Ideally not an Island - No preference on server, but I'm quite fond of Exodus. The people are pretty friendly. - Not too developed. Looking to do things myself and experience all I can in the game on my own. Don't really need anything else, other than it to be monster free when I place the deed as I'm not strong enough to survive much yet. I know I'm asking for quite a lot and maybe too much given from what I've seen, there isn't a whole lot of free land available near the water. I'm willing to pay somewhere from $50 - 100 USD/E. I can go higher if need be. My in game name is Lynxis.