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Found 6 results

  1. I installed Wurm Unlimited on a dedicated local (LAN) server and everything was running fine for over 12 hours of playing. I shut down and restarted the server many times without a hitch. I shutdown the server last night, woke up this morning, started the server and the name + all the settings were changed for the local server (IP was same (ok), Game tweaks were reverted to default). I changed the name, tried to launch the server and it does connect. It is when i log into the wurm client it shuts down and a box pops saying ====== CONNECT DENIED ====== The server is currently not available. Please try later. I have not changed any settings from when I was playing just last night. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
  2. I am new to the Wurm thing and was wondering is it possible to see sharks, sea monsters, and make server clusters so i can explore/do deep sea fishing with my girlfriend
  3. Hi i have been trying for hours to get my server to start but all it does is say " could not start server " and then doesnt do anything else. this is screen shot of the server.
  4. Good Evening! My son created his character on my wife's pc, and I use my machine to host. She connects through the LAN to the server without an issue, and my son can connect to his character from her pc just fine. However, if we try to allow him to connect to his character from my pc, it tries to create a new character with the expected "That character already exists" failure. It seems like characters are stored locally on the connecting pc and that it doesn't really seem to store his character within the server database? I could be mistaken here Is there any way my son can connect to his character from my pc when it was created over on my wife's pc? Having to start from scratch just because he switched seats in the room seems out of whack. Thank you in advance for your help --- Loendal
  5. Good Evening, I just purchased Wurm Unlimited off of steam and i was trying to create a personal server to get to know the game. I have followed many videos on how to create your own offline server. I have correctly inputted my internal ip address, and started the server, I get a confirmation on the server comand line that the server is up and on Steam. It does not show up in my LAN tab, Any suggestions? Piljo
  6. Hi Guys, I have been so hyped for WU for such a long time now, as I have always wanted to tweak my gaming experience and it has been a long standing title that has been a favourite of mine and my friend since we first played it in around 2010 . The fact me and my friend could play co-op on a server of our own was a big factor for the hype, so naturally the first thing we did was try to set up a server for ourselves! However, I just can't seem to get the damn thing to work on LAN - or at least virtual LAN. Apologies if this has already been raised as a topic, but we have tried connecting via Hamachi and it just doesn't want to work, despite Hamachi working for various other games easily . Here are the problems I'm getting: Can ping the server and see it in the LAN list Cannot connect and get retries each time I try to connect Can join other servers - so its not my network I just want to hear you guys thoughts, and just find out any way/the best way to get a private co op server going via LAN or hamachi? Maybe if anyone else has achieved it and what the best route to go down is . Look forward to hearing what people have to say.