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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! Traveling across the many highways of Wurm, you will often times encounter a truly magnificent bridge! With the influx of new players because of the steam launch, I'm asking everyone for any pictures of bridges that got you really inspired to do something impressive! The bridge pictures can be something you built yourself, or just something you passed by and had to take a screenshot of. I particularly fancy bridges that span from building to building, island to island, and from mountaintop to mountaintop. So citizens of Wurm! Let's see your bridges!
  2. This has probably been suggested before. I think it's possible to make this work, basically terraform a hole in the ground to make a lake or pond. Pave the tiles with clay. Use a survey tool to get all the heights to calculate, using water tiles that are probably already there, the pond/lake will fill eventually. Maybe not instantly, important to have immersion. Docks, simple and I think a lot of people want it, could use pre-existing bridge code to make it work. They would decay faster then bridges. Survey a dock and build it. Wood only.
  3. I was just thinking how "cool" it would be if the smaller lakes and ponds became frozen during the winter. If they did we could chisel ice blocks to put in the fridge that would work similar to snow balls, but would last longer. Also, maybe there could be ice fishing that would get different types of fish or other items. Maybe you could make fun ice sculptures, or the ability to ice skate. Ice skates could be made by leatherworking and blacksmithing. Another idea that might be to hard to do but in a larger lake there could be other dangers during winter like icebergs that could damage your ships. I'm sure there are many other ideas that could be made with frozen lakes as well but those are a few that I thought of off the top of my head.
  4. How do we make those? I would like to create ponds on some of my settlements. (holes don't seem to work anymore for water)
  5. Ah the fun part, naming stuff. As with previous maps there are a few ground rules. Most importantly however, is to remember that the names on the map are simply the names on the map; you may call your island/mountain/bay whatever the hell you like. I do recognise that a map name tends to stick, which is why I have the ground rules. So; This thread is for naming the listed bodies of water only. Islanders should be consulted for the islands, hence we are not voting on those here. Naming features after deeds or alliances is not accepted. Arguments over names by residents for any feature will likely negate any names suggested. I will not be changing the names of things just because new people move in and want it changed. I will not consider or accept any suggestions that contain 'Oak', 'Birch', 'Pine' or any tree type. Preferably, we will avoid naming things after spiders or other unoriginal claptrap. Decisions are final. Further complaining won't do you any favours. I'm not nice, so don't make that mistake. I will take suggestions here for the next two weeks, judging winners by popularity here and by asking kchat at various occasions. If you haven't participated you have no right to complain about not having a say. Suggestions so far; #1: Needle Point Lake; Fang Point Lake; Heart Lake; Corda Mare (Sea of Hearts); Crab Claw Lake; Moon Lake [uNNAMED] #2: Left Turn Lake; Tailfin Tarn; Northwall Lake; Black Dog Lake; Sharkfin Lake; Lake Pythagoras [NAMED] #3: Spawn Lake [NAMED] #4:Hand Lake; Fingers Lake; Key Lake; Rorshach Lake; Amoeba Lake; Smog Lake [NAMED] #5: Fiordland Bay; Southern Fjords; Erosion Inlet; Erosion Fjords [NAMED] #6: Southwind Harbour [NAMED] #7: Anaconda Anchorage; Slipknot Bay; Poseidon's Birth [uNAMED] #8: Bag Lake; Bay of Aegis; Bulwark Bay; Warden Bay; Bigfoot Bay [NAMED] And now, the locations; The NE Lake The huge lake in the north The lake just south of SS The long western lake The south-western inlet The other south-western inlet The massive southern coastal bay The large sea-linked lake of the east