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Found 6 results

  1. [19:24:14] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Lundu'. Colors: R=80, G=214, B=15. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 30s Minimum increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Pickup at D22 Pristine Screenshots:
  2. If you dig a water source tile down lower than it's surrounding tiles, right click it to add to craft window and "create pond". Requires 10 clay for the water tile and all 9 surrounding tiles, so 100 clay total. Must have the 70 dig skill to create. At 80 dig, you can increase to a 4x4. 90 a 5x5 and 100 a 6x6. Can be longer, or different shapes, much like buildings. The water tile must always be lower than the surrounding tiles to fill. Can now grow rice, reeds and kelp on a mountain.
  3. Here we go, After a few cryptic announcment in Freedom chat about highways disruptions... and a few players knowing the project and helping with it, I'm proud to present the (almost) finished cave canal between Echo lake and Rainbow lake. (green arrows are access points) Idea started years ago with a player named Juliar (in our alliance) who wanted some kind of harbour by her place and a canal going to it. We had a start on echo lake side but the rock layer was way too shallow to do anything proper. Nor we had the time to do it properly. Juliar left, but the idea remained in a corner of my head (swizz cheeze full of hole, can be a real mess there I swear). Both Echo and Rainbow access are easy to find with their bridges towering above the canals. The canal is lit with yellow 70QL imperial lamps (because it's a subway/tube/metro/underground thingy). And the canal run for the bigger part bellow the current northern highway to be out of the way of future deeds mine (and also allow them to have their own underground harbour). Trivia - Around 400 tiles long. Most veins were murdered with lava. Almost 2K of concrete have been used to raise the rock layer allowing shorter open air canals. Also Odynn never bathed that much. Hall of Fame. (yes, the lack of list is an incentive for you to visit the tunnel) Midgard Harbour. (no knarr here yet, we still need to finish the floor mining) Nota : We will have updates, typo to fix and others stuff to add in due time... yadda yadda, queue legal disclaimer plox.
  4. The size of Stars Hollow is 20 by 22. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 58 copper and 74 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver.The upkeep will last approximately 44 days, 10 hours and 43 minutes more. The settlement is granted the following faith bonuses: War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (8.257512): 2.752504%, Rarity window: 8 bonus seconds. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 15.172414. Optimal is 15.0 or more.This is a good figure. In my recent travelings i have fell in love with a new location where I'm looking to create a home and settle down, therefore need to sell my old deed. Server is Release, Coords are M15, StarsHollow is the name, bigger lake on ingame map. Deed comes with a cave (very good silver vein) and loads of mines closeby with more silver and iron veins various QL (up to utmost) ; minor pen full of black sheep both male and female, aswell as a breeding pair of unicorns and its baby ; altar of Vynora that gives 70,5 faith bonus ; house-guest house and workshop furnished + Love tile made in the courtyard. I have off deed rice farm and animal pens(hell horses/bison/ cow/sheep/deer) that buyer can take over aswell There is resource tiles nearby : tar, peat, moss, clay. Alliance membership is to be discussed with the members if wanting to stay in it. PM me here or in game for more information or to set up a tour. I'm currently taking offers Pictures or it didn't happen: courtyard with love tile and altar area Guest house and views from bottom and top of it Main house and view from its balcony Workshop Pens with sheepiieees and uni Ask for more pics and/or any additional info i forgot to put up
  5. Hello. I'd like this to go smoothly, it's been a long road and half a year of work uncounted hours have been put into redeveloping risky and evilspot's old territory, Horsedog. I am selling it after a job well done and effort well spent. At 18s + Coffers, the starting bid is low. Work complete includes; creating a moat and a canal to a private lake, 103 surface mined tiles at 25 depth one channel wide, ready for anything you can throw at it. Removed 36 carts and wagons, applied major landworks, built 4 bridges, burnt a forest and collapsed many mines (thank you Wilca) For reasons, i named it Horse, the token sits next to where the Armpit of Vynora used to stand. the original owner i knew, and knew of, from eq.(bristlebane), it's a pity it was a desolate mystery for so long but now it's ready for planning. The highway hill lettering is heritage protected but the sea level `runway`, i added, feel free to modify. Thank You Starting Bid - 40s + this includes the 22s in the upkeep.. Price will drop by 20 silver if u wish me to disband the deed + Increments - 5s This is its location on the North East of Deliverance; (this map is inaccurate, the land has changed shape as indicated by the plotted highway) Compiled images of deed, i'm positive i could have done a better job on the screenies. (shadows are off, bloom's off, anti-aliasing's low, etc) do come and have a look for a better picture. ------------------------------------------------ An added footnote: If unsold - a private offer will be made - if still unsold, it'll be placed, with better screenies, in wts for 35s excluding upkeep