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Found 2 results

  1. It would be great if we could have more lairs around! Having more conditioned animals would be great both for breeders who want to collect them, and for fighters who want the higher fight skill associated with certain conditions. Plus it would just make the game more interesting with more variety. Lairs are also useful if you want a specific animal for some reason - missions, grinding taming, breeding - as you can just keep checking that spot until more of the animal you want spawns. Plus you can move them, or destroy them, which gives players more control over which animals spawn and where. Here are some ideas: Dog Cave Tortoise Cove Hell Hound Hole Hen Hut (for hens and roosters) Pig Sty Pheasant Nest Sheep Hideout Deer Point I think eventually we should have all animals spawning from lairs, but it may be easier just to start with a seven or eight and see how that goes.
  2. Wurm is player generated place and but that doesn`t mean it should be totally 100% that. There are might be some events that will bring some diversity and surprise to peaceful or not wurmian life. So here are my suggestions: 1. Undead creatures. Is there a reason why that is not implemented yet? You kill a creature, leave the corpse... and then you`ll have to kill it again! Or when you die and leave your corpse rotting to 100 dmg... and then you`ll suddenly meet a dead person walking around. 2. Keep away from that decayed house. While some players leave Wurm and leave their deeds to decay... you can make that a feature! I keep bumping into abandoned decayed deeds. I assemble a scavenging team and take whatever is not nailed to the floor. But what if that would be dangerous? Not just free stuff lying around but an undead corpse lurking around. Or just rats around that full fsb. 3. Wild caves. Oh an abandoned mine! There might be a gold vein there... oh no, its a bear`s den. Yeah, why animals live in that birchwood rock pile on the road while they can live in caves?