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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am here to warn you not to buy from this person or his friend Echo. I put my trust, not knowing his rep, in my kingdom on chaos. He learned when the best time to do his deed was. He stole so much stuff from us. 5 to 6 hota statues, SMC, about 10 high casted COC and woa tools that I put in a LMC for kingdom to use and return that I won in an auction and so much more. I tell and beg you not to buy from him. He is a thief and all he sells is not his. He has stolen it. @Mickaell@Echo you still have time to do good. @Enki I would really like it if you came to my deed on Chaos and look at everything that was taken. Sheer Pandemonium is where it was all taken from.
  2. I'm looking for a deer lair on Release, preferably in the northwestern quadrant. Anyone know where to find a deer yard on the mainland?
  3. Hello fellow Wurmians, when seeing the new hell hounds and horses today I asked myself where those creatures actually come from. That gave me the idea of a new lair type and terrain. So here's the idea: - New Lair type; named f.e. "Hell Rift", "Gate to Hell", etc. - New terrain surrounding the lairs; "burned ground" or something - the new tiles can be foraged/botanized for ash, coal, etc. - the terrain could expand over time up to a maximum size of maybe 20 to 30 tiles from the lair with a speed of 1 tiles per day (20-30 tiles from lair -> 20-30 days to maximum size) - structures adjacent to the "burned ground" are damaged - (optional) the expansion of the terrain can be stopped by either dirt tiles, the area of influence of one of the "good" gods or by placing blessed statuettes/flags (5-tile radius) - once the Lair gets destroyed over time or by force there's a chance to aggravate a devil / hell fiend / some-other-champ-like-creature - the burned terrain will turn back to grass / steppe / whatever terrain is surrounding it, once the lair is destroyed.