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Found 7 results

  1. Granted this is greatly inspired by a similar system found in Black Desert Online, and such occurred to me after browsing another suggestion thread. Overall it involves gaining knowledge of how to better kill particular mobs. Implementation could involve a base anatomy knowledge broken down into specific creatures, monsters, and exotics. Knowledge could be transferred by the written word, and be capped at some point requiring actual hands on work. Knowledge lost overtime and/or have a soft cap working off mind stats? Have as various skills such as Forensics, Anantomy, and etc. OR as a completely separate new system: Knowledge. Kind of akin to recipes? Just a rough quickie blah of thoughts on the matter.
  2. Hi there. I have a bug to report about switching meditation paths and travelling servers. I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Exodus and am now back in Xanadu. Yesterday (17/06) I left the Path of Love with the plan of joining the Path of Knowledge after the 24 hour timer was over: [20:06:01] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. I have just returned to Xanadu today (18/06): [14:42:08] Welcome back, Hedgeknight! Xanadu - the great mystery. I have discovered that the server switch has reset me back onto the Path of Love. I am back to the same level I was when I left as if no change was made. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug and if so how to get around it? I'm going to try leaving the path of love again now and I don't want it resetting me again the next time I cross servers. Thanks for your help. Hedge
  3. Hi! It may be that I'm to old, stupid and "enlightened" to find it, but I really miss a thread in the "Town Square" or the "Community Assistance" forums, collecting knowledge about bridges. If there is one already, you can stop reading here. Plz excuse me bothering you! I'm just an old priest of Fo, and all this praying, channeling and preaching isn't good for your mental sanity, you know ... (Be nice and post a link though, pretty please! Thx a lot!) If there's none, maybe there is a brave soul out there, with enough time and dedication to manage such? Like this: One short post explaining3 posts reserved for the collected resultsDiscussion: ppl ask questions, others answerThread owner collects the answers and fills the 3 reserved posts with itThis would also a be great way to provide information for our Wurmpedia warriors! And would thus be a most helpful community project! What do you think? Maybe you're even the one that can do it? Have a good time! (PS: I'd do myself, if I weren't this much occupied these days. I couldn't keep it up to date, I'm in trouble enough to manage my few fields, and to feed my few champ crocs ...)
  4. PoK's Get Info ability should work on non-aggressive animals as well as you can only use it once per day.
  5. I'm looking for a 13th Hierophant to advance me from level 10 to 11 on path on knowledge, willing to travel, anywhere. Pm me here or in-game.
  6. I just got 15 meditating and would like to join the path of knowledge. The wiki, and some players said to make a flat sand tile next to water and meditate on it, but that isn't working for me. Any suggestions? Screenshot of the tile I made: