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Found 14 results

  1. Fixed. Thanks guys o7 Can close this. Ok. For the new UI. When I select a group of items in my knapsack (this same thing happens when I wear a normal backpack), then hover my cursor over that group, it does not show the number of items I have selected. This used to be a nice feature w/ the old UI, the new UI omits this information (while adding a bunch of other useless information in a huge vision impeding pop up with a border). My screenie below: Left image is old system, right image is new UI. You got rid of the only useful information I'm looking for, when I have a group of items selected, and added a largish window that has a lot of already listed/available information already on the screen in front of me right there, specific item QL/DMG/WT.. its all there already. I can see all that information very clearly already, if there were not a HUGE window blocking view of other important information. Anyways, just posting this cause I like to see that number of items I got selected in my knapsack when I am selecting multiple items. I'm certain this is an oversight and you guys never intended to get rid of this handy useful information. Hope you can fix this before I'm forced to use this new UI. Or.. is there already a check box somewhere ? that I can select to have ur huge pop up info window hidden? That would be nice. But will that fix my lost 'number of selected items' information? Thanks your time.
  2. Selling a red dragon HOTA for 30s, 30 Euros, or $35 via Verified Paypal, free coastal delivery: Selling silver coins at 1S=1Euro=$1.17 via Verified Paypal, 136 silver currrently available.
  3. After the latest update, items having damage and being located in my worn knapsack don't show the damage colours, despite them having damage. I'm not entirely sure this is intended, however, given that lots of players store their items in a knapsack as well, it might be very useful to have those colours added to items stored in worn backpacks or knapsacks. Added is one screenshot, showing the colours at items in the inventory and the missing ones at items in the knapsack Thorin
  4. I want these two items: Rare Knapsack, any QL, no damage, bonus if includes rare champagne Rare Cloth Shoe, any QL, no damage Send me a tell in-game or if I'm not available send me a PM.
  5. I am looking for the following items with no damage on them: PURCHASED One Rare knapsack ( PURCHASED Pair of 75ql stylish shoulder pads ( PURCHASED One Rare lantern, blank, not dyed (QL does not matter) Contact me in-game first. Otherwise, reply to this thread or PM me if I'm not in available in-game.
  6. Looking to sell fantastic knapsack (93ql tin, acquired through Pvp), looking for high value trade or silver offer. Please pm me offers; buyer pays CoD. Thanks, have a merry Christmas,
  7. Starting Bid : 12s Min Increases : 1s Buyout : 25s sniper : 30mins Item as in picture : Good Luck : )
  8. pc my rare applewood knapsack and champagne. let me know what its worth?
  9. I have the following for sale.... 2 x 0.25 seryll lumps (ql 89.75 & 97.24) - 1s each SOLD 1 x Mask of the Returner leather (91.54 ql) - 5s 1 x Left Layered Shoulder Pad steel 50ql - 5s SOLD 1 x knapsack wool 24.00ql (Champagne) - 2s 1 x Rare Knapsack oakenwood 54.00ql (Rare Champagne) - 7s 1 x Supreme Knapsack iron 87.00ql (fantastic Champagne) - 15s 1 x Fantastic Knapsack tin 99.99ql, 0.73dmg (fantastic Champagne) - 28s If it can't be sent COD then can be picked up at Pest Harbour.
  10. Hello, i have for sell: Supreme Knapsack 66ql - 17s Supreme Toolbet 90,01ql - 15s Rare Chain Armor Set (~80ql) - 18s Accept Euro.
  11. I am wanting to sell these knapsacks with their accompanying champagne, but my asking prices are not getting any responses. So let me ask for price checks on these from the community to see how much people are willing to pay for them. Raising funds for my new home on Xanadu. Thanks for looking!
  12. As the title say WTS, send me an price in-game or private message her on the forum. Ingame: name Nachtiti or Voorheezz Black drake Leather armor QL80 with Cap SOLD If you wonder how it looks, i send a link from wurmpedia hole set is Black Drake Hide jacket , Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Cap, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather Ql 80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Pants, Leather QL80 Fantastic Knapsack Tin SOLD rare Knapsack cherrywood SOLD 3X Spyglass 17x Sleeping powder SOLD to platinumteef 49x Yellow Potion rare Large Padlock, Iron Ql 16.41 SOLD Rare Twenty Coin, copper QL70
  13. All knapsack orders filled that I needed. Thanks much to all that filled them. Thank you!