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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, and a belated Top o' the morning to you all! Another week has passed in the world of Wurm, and that means it's news time again! This week we look at a new moon in the sky, upcoming changes to the tutorial server, and announce the winners of our social media comp. But enough of that, the news! Patch Notes: That's no moon... Oh wait, it totally is Several keen astronomers have sighted a new moon in the night sky! After a long period of time in the blind spot Haven is now visible, and with it some exciting changes! We plan on introducing more information behind the mystery of Haven as time goes on, but the first change is slightly obvious given the examine text... Golden Valley 2.0 We have started working on the foundation of a new tutorial and will be replacing the Golden Valley map that is currently live. Currently the project is still in its early stages, with planning and preperation being done before introducing the new map. As Golden Valley is also the login server, migrating databases is a little tricky, so due to this we will simply be changing the map with all items and buildings remaining. We will then have the current tutorial operating while we build the new tutorial behind the scenes. Current "Golden Valley" accounts will be teleported to the tutorial while we work on the new tutorial, and any deeds on the server will be disbanded. decay will also be raised in order to clear remaining items and buildings out. From there we will begin work on building the new tutorial. Once the new tutorial is finished, Golden Valley accounts will once again be able to roam. This will be occuring in the next few months, depending on how quickly planning progresses, and will include a week or two warning prior to the actual change. Once we retire the current map it will be available to download for Wurm Unlimited servers, it will have all roads and terraforming/mines in it, but no buildings. Stepping up. As mentioned last week, Solmark has stepped down as Lead Forum Moderator, to enjoy a peaceful retirement as a CA. I'm pleased to announce that Firestarter has filled the shoes of LFM, with Pandalet taking over as Assistant LFM. We will continue to work closely to ensure that practices remain as transparent and smoothly operating as possible. State of war! After a month of jumping in and out of PvP chats, I have finished my PvP review and forwarded it on to the development team, who almost took my hand with it! We will discuss this most likely on Monday or Tuesday, and have something ready to put forward next week in regards to changes and outlines, so stay tuned! The sky is falling! This week saw a fix for caves that had large spaces with floors that weren't reinforced. This affected a few players negatively, and was quickly removed. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and I have arranged with the GM team that any heratige sites that have had veins appear from this issue can have them removed via support ticket. Please note this is for heratige sites only. Wurm Unlimited giveaway! Over the past two weeks we've had a giveaway for Wurm Unlimited keys to celebrate offline mode. The number of applications has been amazing, and I'm pleased to announce the five winners are: Don S. Mirka T. Bruce H. Erik B. Sylvia F. If you didn't win (which according to the maths is well over 99% of you) Wurm Unlimited is currently 40% off, it ends soon so get in quick! Weekly question Weekly screenshot This weeks screenshot is from our CA Seedlings St Patricks Day sale. Seedlings sold Green forester hats with a competition requiring players to submit screenshots of themselves wearing said hats (damn commercialisation!) The entire thread can be found here! That's it from me this week, I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and may the rare rolls be ever in your favour! Retrograde and the Wurm team.