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Found 8 results

  1. Looking for HIGH CoC kindling. The quality needs to be atleast 60ql or higher.
  2. Setting up a crate or a bulk storage bin next to an open fireplace just because they require kindling to light feels a bit... Well, stupid. It doesn't look good either so I'd like to request a bulk container of a small size that looks good next to an open fireplace, alternatively: - That the open fireplace has a compartment for kindling or that - The open fireplace doesn't need kindling It's a purely cosmetic addition with little value but I think it could be achieved with very little effort since all the components needed for making a kindling storage are already in the game, for example: - Shrink the crate model + texture to make a tiny box - Apply the bulk storage bin code but reduce the volume. It doesn't have to be used exclusively for kindling so no item restrictions would have to be added
  3. Refined Kindling A simple natural substances recipe (unlocks at 10). Skillgain is low, this is more a utility recipe than a skillgain one. Kindling + Tar = 3 refined kindling. Refined kindling weighs 0.1 and gives the same amount of fuel as normal kindling when starting a fire. Essentially it is just lightweight kindling.
  4. Hey'all I'm currently selling the following rare items: Rare Slab ql 4,28 (Improvable) Rare Plank ql 7,17 Rare Kindling ql 11,61 (GONE) Looking for offers You can find me in Release in Harvestmoon Lagoon. cheers, Tim.
  5. 50x Gold Lump ~QL 2.5 200x Shaft 400x Bow String ~QL 20.00 100x Kindling pm or post offers can only deliver to Pristine Main island
  6. OK ! SO this is a auction for some Kindling! RARE BADASS KINDLING....... Apparently this is so awesome ... that when you light a Forge ... there is a 98% chance that your Forge will Explode like 1% of the time EVERYTIME! This is so Rare that i will have to start the bidding off at 1s... THATS right only 1s! Starting bid : 1s Buyout: 15s ONO! Dont be shy ladies! start bidding i promise you wont regret this auction if you win..... I WILL NOT DELIVER... PICKUP OR YOU PAY THE MAIL COST ONLY! GOOD LUCK! HAPPY BIDDING~! KINDLING MAY NOT BE AS BADASS AS HEMRZZ SAYS IT IS. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ACCEPTED!
  7. Branches that are found can only yield shafts at the moment. I figure with their weight, they should also be able to be carved into kindling. Sorry if already suggested. I of course welcome other opinions Edit: in game now. Thanks devs.
  8. when u use carving knife on woodscraps u get two options to make kindling,it doesnt happen when u use a saw to make kindling />