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Found 7 results

  1. Hi folks, I thought I'd share the key binding setup I've been using for the last year. If you do not already use key bindings, hurry up and read the Key bindings article on Wurmpedia. You'll be glad you did! "Why go through the hassle of this"?, you ask, "I'm happy using my mouse". Well, spending hour upon hour on a laborious task can be hard on your hands and wrists, so why not make your Wurm experience a bit more comfortable? First, let us make some observation about key binding in Wurm: There are too many actions in Wurm to map them all to "convenient" keys. This means that some of the keys have to do different actions, depending on context. For instance, you don't need wood cutting bindings when mining, so they might as well share the same keys. In most cases, the Wurm interface still requires you to to use your mouse a lot. This means that much of the time you will only have your left hand on the keyboard. Hence, the most important bindings should be easily reachable from the left hand's home position. My setup is inspired by Miceless' Quickswitch hotkeys guide, which addresses our first observation by introducing something we can call modes. These modes are implemented as scripts that makes some of the keys (X, C, Shift-X and Shift-C) have different actions depending on the active mode. I have extended this scheme by making the modes fill out the toolbelt with the relevant tools upon activation. My setup is available as a Github repository. You can browse through the files to get inspiration, or download and install the complete setup. Click here to browse (or download) my setup: Take especially a look at the file common/base.txt, which contains most of the key bindings: I'll go through the different parts of the setup below. Movement Movement works much like in the default setup. I made it possible to move around using only the keyboard, or only the mouse respectively. Which is handy when you're holding a cup of coffee during a morning grind bind W MOVE_FORWARD bind S MOVE_BACK bind A MOVE_LEFT bind D MOVE_RIGHT bind Q TURN_LEFT bind E TURN_RIGHT bind Next TURN_DOWN bind Prior TURN_UP bind Alt+W CLIMB_UP bind Alt+S CLIMB_DOWN bind Mouse3 AUTORUN bind B AUTORUN Mouse3 is the button at the side of your mouse if you got one. Item handling Remember our observation about using mainly the left side of the keyboard for things we do often? These actions have "good" keys, as we use them all the time: bind R TAKE bind T DROP bind F EXAMINE bind V OPEN bind Shift+V CLOSE Modes Now for the modes. Modes are activated by running a script file containing the console commands to rebind X and C and fill out the toolbelt. I'm using the F-keys to switch modes, as the menu bar displays the actions these keys are bound to. Handy if you have trouble remembering which key activated which mode. The actions bound to the F-keys in Wurm's vanilla configuration have been moved to Shift-F1..F12, as I do not use them as often as I switch modes. Also, each mode binds F12 to a comment containing the name of the mode. Pressing F12 will do nothing, but you can then see the active mode at all times by looking at the top right entry in the menu bar. Here are the modes I currently use: bind F1 "exec mine.txt" bind F2 "exec dig.txt" bind F3 "exec wood.txt" bind F4 "exec crops.txt" bind F5 "exec animals.txt" bind F6 "exec forage.txt" bind F7 "exec mount.txt" bind F8 "exec move.txt" bind F9 "exec loot.txt" bind Ctrl+F1 "exec smith.txt" bind Ctrl+F2 "exec carp.txt" bind Ctrl+F3 "exec leather.txt" bind Ctrl+F4 "exec cloth.txt" bind Ctrl+F5 "exec pottery.txt" What happens when a mode is activated? Lets have a look at wood.txt: bind F12 "// wood" bind Ctrl+F12 "// wood" bind X CUT_DOWN bind Shift-X PRUNE bind C CHOP_UP bind Shift-C PICK_SPROUT settoolbelt 12345678 1 // hatchet (grind) settoolbelt 23456789 2 // hatchet (high QL) settoolbelt 34567890 3 // sickle In addition to binding the X and C keys, the script also loads the relevant tools into the toolbelt. You need the item ids of your items to do so. There is no way to determine an item's unique id from the console at the moment, but fortunately there is a workaround: Place the items which you want to know the id in the toolbelt and quit Wurm. You need to quit Wurm for the ids to be saved on your hard drive. In your Wurm installation folder, open the file players/player_name/playerdata.txt where player_name is the name of your character. The ids are the numbers on the lines starting with toolSlot1 to toolSlot10. It's a laborious task to fill in the ids of your tools in each of the script files, but quite worth it! Items in the toolbelt are activated by pressing the keys 1 to 7. I let the modes replace tools in slot 1 to 4, and use the last three slots for items like steel and flint and a statuette. Quick options If you have multiple characters logged in at once, you probably have muted the sound for all but your main character. I find it convenient to have only work sounds enabled on my alt. I can then mute and unmute these sounds depending on the distance between my characters to avoid hearing an echo, but still be able to hear if my alt is working or not: bind Ctrl+Shift+F8 "setoption sound_al_gain 0" bind Ctrl+Shift+F9 "setoption sound_al_gain 20" Also, if you like to have a good render distance, but your FPS drops when visiting the major towns, you can create scripts to load different render distance presets: bind Ctrl+Shift+F10 "exec distance_short.txt" bind Ctrl+Shift+F11 "exec distance_long.txt" distance_short.txt: setoption trees 1 setoption structure_render_distance 3 setoption item_creature_render_distance 4 distance_long.txt: setoption trees 2 setoption structure_render_distance 4 setoption item_creature_render_distance 4 Sharing between configuration profiles When you browse through the files at github, you'll notice that the script files in the configs/Daray directory executes a file from the common directory. This way you can share part of the setup between the Wurm Launcher's configuration profiles. Most importantly, it makes it possible for different characters to have their respective tools mapped into the toolbelt while keeping the key bindings in sync. Believe me, you need to sync your key bindings between your characters; otherwise you will get confused very fast... The static key bindings (e.g. those that does not get changed when switching modes) are also located in the common directory in the file base.txt, and can be reloaded by pressing Shift-F11. This way, these bindings will also get synced across characters. Further, Wurm replaces the content of the default keybindings.txt file on exit. Having your static keybindings defined as a loadable scripts will let you retain comments and sorting, making it easier to keep track of your bindings. Final note As you can see, Wurm's keybinding mechanism is quite flexible. Go ahead and create a setup that works for you. I hope you can get inspiration from my setup Also, feel free to give feedback and suggestions. -- Daray, keyboard addict
  2. We all know keybindings are a lifesaver in Wurm. When I started to use the entire keyboard in Wurm, I realized I can use the special characters as binds for stuff. Unfortunately back then we didn't have the press-and-hold keybind method we have today so I needed to learn what names those characters went by. So I made a reference picture to use when binding those keys. Just recently there was a change to the keybindings which shuffled the keynames around (apparently based on Swerty keyboard). Here's the updated version for finnish keyboards if anyone could find it useful.
  3. Is it possible to mod additional key bindings (to use with console command "bind 1 <keybind>") to Wurm Unlimited? There are several missing keybinds from the base game, like Taunt, Archery Shoots, Riding a horse (there is EMBARK_COMMANDER but only works with carts and ships). Also keybinds for special moves don't work properly, DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work, etc. It would be awesome if those can be modded in without waiting for Devs to do it, if they do it. Moved from Unlimited Questions and Confusions
  4. Just a small suggestion. F5 is default bound to show amount of sleep bonus available when clicked/pressed, this seems a little pointless since you can just hover over the sleep bar for that, I think it would be good/helpful to change F5 to toggle on/off sleep bonus.
  5. After 8 months of absence from Wurm, I finally came back. Read up on the "2015 review of Wurm updates" that spells got their own keybindings. Well I'm huge on archery in Wurm. Like, that's my thing. From the beginning. And it still apparently doesn't have keybindings. "Shoot" is thankfully a button in the Select box when you target a mob, but every other shot isn't, like the wonderfully convenient Shoot Quickly. Or something you use in PvP, "Aim at Head". I can't see any reason, if spells are considered something to be cast easily, why archery wouldn't be. I also realized when I tamed a horse and forgot to "untame" it, of course it got attacked. After many times of taunting I checked, no keybind for taunt. edit: I realized that even Bash (Destroy) doesn't have a keybind. edit2: There actually is DESTROY_FENCE and DESTROY_WALL that register as a keybind, but at least the DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work properly. edit3: Haven't found a keybind for Riding a horse either, so adding that to the list TL;DR Please add these keybindings to the game, there is no reason not to: "SHOOT", "SHOOT_QUICKLY", "SHOOT_AT_TORSO", "SHOOT_AT_LEFT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_RIGHT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_HEAD", "TAUNT", "RIDE"
  6. with the devs wanting to implement new quality of life changes, I thought i'd suggest the thing i've been wanting for some time now combining common keybindings into one new keybind (keep the old keybinds also though as they have their uses) so something like this: open/close to one keybind lead/stop_leading to one keybind load/unload to one keybind drag/stop_dragging to one keybind climb_up/climb_down into one keybind would also like an embark/disembark keybinding for both creatures and vehicles
  7. I wasn't sure if this should go in the maintenance section or not, figure there's no harm in it being here. Does anyone know if there's a key bind for the double click action? I've only just learned that it will perform target_or_examine - which isn't going so well with hell horse breeding. I'd like to change it back to plain old examine.