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Found 4 results

  1. We all know keybindings are a lifesaver in Wurm. When I started to use the entire keyboard in Wurm, I realized I can use the special characters as binds for stuff. Unfortunately back then we didn't have the press-and-hold keybind method we have today so I needed to learn what names those characters went by. So I made a reference picture to use when binding those keys. Just recently there was a change to the keybindings which shuffled the keynames around (apparently based on Swerty keyboard). Here's the updated version for finnish keyboards if anyone could find it useful.
  2. Tracking key binding doesn't work on floors of buildings. It is possible to track on floor tiles if the tile is selected and no item is active. If the tile is selected but any item is active, there's no Tracking icon. Tested on vanilla server.
  3. When I use the "shoot" keybinding (bind b shoot) by holding my cursor over an animal and pressing the "b" key (with a selected, equipped, strung, long bow and quiver of arrows equipped) it says nothing in the events tab and there is no action timer. Then if I press the keybinding again it says in the events tab "[15:20:26] After you finish shooting you will start shooting again." But still it doesnt shoot an arrow. The only way to clear these commands is to move my character which cancels the commands to shoot. If I manually right click on the same animal and select "Bow" then "Shoot" my character shoots an arrow as expected. Another player via the CAHelp chat confirmed this finding and noted that their character made the shooting animation but did not actually fire an arrow. This was on release server. Dirk (in game character)
  4. I think it would be nice if we could have a way to where we can have a single key to do more than one kind of action. For example, I have my main "action" keybind, F, and I typically bind it to whatever I'm currently working on, such as MINE_FORWARD, CUT_DOWN, or DIG. It would be nice I could, for example, have F bound to all of the above commands at once; or G to both Target and Activate. I think it could work via the following command (or could be replaced with and, even): Command: bind <Key> <ACTION 1> or <ACTION 2> or <ACTION 3> Examples: Bind G TARGET or ACTIVATE Bind F MINE_FORWARD or CUT_DOWN or DIG It would make sense, in my head, to have digging and mining being bound at the same time because you can't mine with a shovel, or dig with a pickaxe. It simply would require you to have the tool activated for whichever bind you're currently trying to do, as it does now. Any comments?