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Found 8 results

  1. Working on new plots and clearing up space Hello everyone, Lions Gate I 11 Xanadu,2876 is looking for more Knights(recruits) to join the cause! If you need a place to stay or just want to have more people in local and have your own plot on deed to do whatever you want to do come on over! plenty of room If you are clean and tidy and pick up after yourself you are welcome! respect other players and their property and work together civil like and you will grow! Plus, with my page on merchant ads i tend to get a lot of jobs that need to be done so if you would like to join in on the action as well thats another way to earn income in game to pay for whatever youre wanting to get Anyways just shoot me a pm here or post on this ad and tell me a bit about yourself! What do you like to do on wurm? What are your top 3 skills and level? What is your goal here? Do you have friends that would be interested in joining as well? How long have you played? Are you a people person or like to do your own thing and talk in your own time? How can we help each other?
  2. as the title say WTH a miner. so whats is the job: need a area in my mine mined out, say 250-300 tile, something around 17*17 area. that is the main job. after that depends on the price, i have meny iron veins to be gone, (if you fins like iron vein you go around it only, you dont need to mine that out) i can offer a bed for one person, and some pizza for CCFP and food/water. Location: Cadance (its by the waterline) R9, we are connected to the highway so its only to look for Port Aerdna. my name in-game is Andrea and i will be online between 20:00-23:00 around GMT+2 Sweden Price: around 15s
  3. If you are in need of some material or need a worker, I am here to solve your problem. Below I will leave a list of my main and alt skills, some material prices and jobs. Call the Dominio Workers! Main Skills (Both): EvzenBlade (Main): / YukiTatsumi (alt): Digging: 83 / Digging: 61 Woodcutting: 56 / Woodcutting: 22 Mining: 73 / Mining: 61 Mansonry: 78 / Mansonry: 60 Paving: 34 Carpentry: 84 Fine Carpentry: 50 Black Smithing: 66 Smithing: 33 Nature: 54 Farming: 66 Animal Husbandry: 40 Animal Taming: 35 Gardering: 70 Firemaking: 55 Values of some materials (according to the market): Bricks (slate / sandstone / Stone): 2s/k Mortar: 2s/k Ash: 1,2s/k (50QL+) Support beam: 3,5s/100 Concrete: 3,5s/100 Plank / Shafts / Pegs: 1s/k Small and Large Nails: 1s/k Dirt: 50c/k Works on your deed: Leveling (Rock): 2s/1k of rock leveled Bricks with rock: 1s/k Mortar with sand/clay: 1s/k Other services to negotiate If you have any questions about work and ordering, I'm on Wurm every day or even on the forum. I await your contact.
  4. Kopingsvik Store & Northern Lights Coastline Locations: Independence North west corner We sell everything mostly Builk goods. Rares and stuff like that will be listed later. Contact us: Nachtiti (EU) - Takaluah (US) custom order is that you have to send a message for that unit and QL you want. Status: CLOSE CLOSE FOR THE MOMENT Big orders and Repeat costumer will get some special price. Goods for sale QL Random QL QL60 QL80+ Corn QL91 Any amount 1S/1K Iron Lump custom order custom order Zinc Lump custom order custom order Lead Lump custom order custom order Copper Lump custom order custom order Silver Lump custom order ---------------- Gold Lump custom order --------------- Marble Shard custom order custom order Rock Shard 1s / 1000 ----------- Large Nail 1,5S / 1000 Small Nail 1,5S / 1000 Fence Bar 1S / 100 Large Chainlink ------------ Ribbon Frying pan 1s / 100 Sauce pan 1s / 100 Lamps 1,5S / 100 Street Lamps 2S / 100 Armor Chain Dirt 80C/1k Plank 1s / 1000 Shaft 1s / 1000 Hull Planks ----------- Tennon ---------- Pegs --------- Deck board ---------- Stone briks 2S / 1000 Mortar 2,5S / 1000 Clay 1s / 1000 Colossus Briks 2S / 1000 Logs 20C / 100 Support Beams 1S / 100 Tools and Enchants coming soon Delivery Fee: Indy north = free Indy south = 50c Other server 1.5S Payments: Coins first, maybe sleeping powder, referrals. Rowing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 1S with delivery Small sailing Boat Random QL with lock and anchor 2S with delivery Corbita Custom Order Cog Custom Order Knarr Custom Order Caravel Custom Order Work Digging jobs 1S / 1k dirt or 1k actions Mining Jobs 1S / 20 Walls or 1k Actions Guard Tower 15S + Incl Mats Colossus 20S + Incl Mats If you want anything that is not listed send a PM here or to me and we will try to solve it for you. In Stock Zinc Lump QL60 1400 Iron Lump QL91 65unit Lead Lump QL50 1300 Zinc lump QL83 197Unit Silver ore Randome QL 1500 Copper Lump QL82 40Unit ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------
  5. im looking for a job (no brick cutting) im on independence but i can travel to all servers(exept Celebration) to earn money
  6. Will be taking orders PM me on here or in game ''Sircrews'' will let you know my cords and were we can meet once order is placed and finished.
  7. Greetings, we of Sol are looking for freedomers who would consider joining us to try epic a bit and earn some coin helping out with the various tasks at hand in getting KoS started and establishing infrastructure. If you are interested give me a shout.
  8. Hell's Gate, a "not so new" deed on the Pristine Server, is currently looking for someone capable of delivering 5k dirt to our deed, located at: X: 28, Y: 14 on this map - Please pm me, my name is xTheosx, in game with a cost of providing your services, the estimated time that you will be able to provide the materials requested, and whether or not you are willing to help disperse some of the dirt. I will of course, want to know your digging skill if you're willing to help disperse it, so please have that info ready. I am willing to pay a fair market price for the dirt, and may want to negotiate further payment for help dispersing the dirt if you are willing to do so. Keep in mind that if we are not able to come to an agreement on a price for the dispersal, that I may only have you deliver it, and that while I'm offering to pay someone for help with the dirt if they deliver it, I am not currently looking to pay someone only for terraforming - this secondary offer is only available if you can deliver the dirt requested. If you cannot deliver the dirt, your services will not be considered. Also, if you are not able to provide the full 5k, I am willing to accept smaller quantities, in increments of 1k, if you can deliver it. Thanks!