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Found 2 results

  1. Deltora's Leatherworking Greetings Wurmians, Welcome to my Leatherworking Station! CEST (GMT+2) Netherlands | Request for Services | Current Skill: 99,2+ IMPORTANT - SHOP CLOSED FOR 1 MONTH - OR SO... Total Chart Every possibility all-in-one... Looking for Specifics or Discounts? Message me! Drake Creation = Free Percentages of Creation? 2nd Post! I do not provide Dragon Hide WoA/AoSP? Look at Partners! Paper? Look at Partners! *Formula: Desired Quality Cell "(-) minus" Closest Quality Cell Towards Your Item *Example: 50 QL Leather (1) 0.2s | Needs Improving to: 90 QL Leather (1) 1.9s = "1.9s-0.2s = 1.7s" Convert: Your item: 66 QL Becomes: 70 QL | Your item: 82 QL Becomes: 80 QL Store The place to find items a little cheaper... and immediately in your mailbox! Saddle - 80.86 QL - 1.45 Silver Saddle - 81.25 QL - 1.5 Silver Saddle - 82.45 QL - WoA 82 - 2.30 Silver RNG The lucky (3) listed below! Guideline - Tipping Appreciated, not required. Rare- 2s Supreme- 5s Fantastic- 10s Partners People I do business with... Partnered with Deed Member "SweetSerende" For all your AoSP/WoA Enchants Pricelist - Enchants: 10c - 50+ | 25c - 60+ | 40c - 70+ | 50c - 75+ | 70c - 80+ Partnered with "House of Black Paper" for all your paper needs and more Click here for Merchant Page
  2. I am looking for a General Worker to assist me with the building of my deed. I have recently gone fulltime to Chaos, and this has left me with very little time to work on my own deed. As such, I need you. I am not looking for professional workers. Instead I'd like to hire a newer player that would like to grind their skills while doing deed work for me. Jobs include leveling, digging, mining, dredging, digging clay, making bricks and mortar, tending farms, and animals, building fences and houses, and more. If interested, I can provide a 2x2, two story private house with a bed, chest with lock, bsb, fsb and an oven with food materials for your use. I also can provide access to a crafting facility (forge, loom, etc) for your use, a mailbox with a good cast, on deed tar and clay pits, and plenty of enchanted grass if thats something that interests you, a mine with Iron accessible, and easy access to the Xanadu border. Movement hunting is limited given its an island and I rather you not hunt the local fauna as it is scarce as it is, but you are welcome to travel inland if you'd like to work on your skills. Deed has a templar on site for your safety and guard towers across the island. If interested, reply here and we can further discuss work and location, plus talk about the specifics. This job is a long term one, where I will give out tasks to be completed for which I will pay you in silver. I can pick you up at your location if you do not have a boat to sail to me. Job comes with a sign up bonus. As time progresses I will also throw some other incentives such as gear, enchants and more. Interested parties please contact me with a Niarja dump so I can know what your capabilities are. Work on your schedule while enjoying the game and getting paid. What else could you ask for?