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Found 8 results

  1. Jenn-Kellon is Recruiting on Serenity! (Epic Islands/Southern Freedom Cluster) We are welcoming all players, both casual/poor farmers and PVP-driven to join us on Serenity. Our alliance has many ancient players who have watched the great kingdoms of the Epic servers rise and fall. A few members of the community have joined together in creating a public crafting area, dubbed Noob City, directly East of Strongbox that will have nearly all crafting stations, many beds, a walled-in but public mine, walled in areas to safely farm, breed animals, and gain skills safely. There is a guard tower that will watch over the majority of the new player area. Inside the mine there is copper, slate, iron, marble, and a few forges. We please ask that you allow traited animals to remain there and to leave anything that doesn't belong to you. There are sets of tools for newer players to take in the crafting house and please do not take more than you need as there is a limited supply. That being said there is nothing of real value here in this stead so all you looters out there really won't find anything worth stealing in any building on the premises. There are large pre-leveled portions of the new player area that we do not have plans for so if you have the inclination to build your own house or have a bright idea you think might benefit these surroundings, then please go ahead. Clay is within 100 tiles North and there is a large sand pit just a few tiles away. We as a server are constantly working to bring down all the unique and legendary creatures that roam the server. We have weekly alliance slayings and a few PVP deeds on Elevation but will accept those who wish to join provided you meet some of these requirements (they are not all hard requirements but will greatly increase your chance of getting an invite to our alliance): 50+ Huge Axe Skill (for slaying unique creatures) 50+ One hand weapon/Large Shield skill (for PVP) 70+ Fight Skill 21 Body Control The server has several priests of all faiths and if you join our alliance, we'll be sure to help you with casted tools, weapons, etc as you ask for them. I have made it my duty to collect all unlocked or otherwise public rowboats and deliver them to the ports of Strongbox for easy transportation across the server. There are plans in motion to rid Serenity of its fruit tree and bush infestation and to replace them with hardwood forests. Long stretches of 3 to 5 tile wide highways extend across Serenity and connect faraway locales. To those of you who are prone to building large deeds with dirt walls, there are many ruins of deeds long gone that are 100% deed ready, provided you have the bricks for walls. We are fortunate to have dedicated repairmen who find and note all guard towers across the map. Our alliance also shares the locations of Utmost veins, 3 to 5 speed horses, and if you are planning a deed, I'm sure we can help you with bricks as well. My ingame pseudonyms are Rangerklypf, Specialist, and feel free to PM me ingame or on these forums if thinking if giving Serenity - Epic a try. I will also be happy to help you along your journey if you have any questions. We hope to see your faces and support you as you make your mark upon this world.
  2. Auctioning Jenn Kellon (Dragon) Items Jenn Kellon Kingdom Banner - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Flag - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Tall Banner - 5 Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 75 s Private Bids: Accepted
  3. What do you look for in Wurm? CAPSALOT Emirates is a coalition of some of the largest deeds on Chaos serving both Crafters & Fighters. Our group contains some of the oldest and newest players to the Wurm community! Features - Large Deeds Like to live in a urban environment, or live outside in a homestead like environment? The CAPSALOT Emirates got you covered with both CAPSALOT Harbor & CAPSALOT. Both deeds offer safety and security,the luxuries of all types of resources and coastal locations. - Crafters & Fighters United Our villages are the perfect balance of both crafters & fighters living in harmony. There is no requirement to PVP, or Craft. - Willing teachers Many in the village are willing to help teach you the ropes, and basic pvp meta - Fearless Villagers Do you want to join a group that charges headfirst into battle? You came to the right place. - Outside Of Wurm We don't just play Wurm, we also play other video games that span into RTS's, FPS's, Etc. Contact Info: Mayor: Cubeman People who are not mayor but can do mayor like things: Cndo Rolandt Blodeuwedd Zehive Warning: Village is known to harbor some of Wurm Online's "deplorables" these people while loyal to their own, are known to be brash and very straightforward. You have been warned.
  4. PvP oriented Chaos village with consistent PvP opportunities weekly, if not daily, is looking for villagers. Requirements: 70fs 50 weapon skill 50 shield skill Located 10 minutes away from newbie-training friendly Pandamonium deed which we frequently visit. If interested in joining, apply here: and request to join Memesalot. Some fun while visiting our friendly neighbor:
  5. I'm interested to know the price of a JK Template Wagon. If I have my information correct it's the dark-gray-smokey-blue design with the dragon. Shoot me a couple offers if you have one to sell, and perhaps we can work out an arrangement.
  6. ~Alternative Payment Options~ <10ql Gems 1c per ql Sleep powder 1s each Filling 1k pans 1.5s 1k Onions, Corn or Garlic 1s 1k Wemp 92ql+ 1s *Some suppliers within this group may not take all items listed above as payment *Trades will be delivered to a place specified on discussion ~Delivery~ Price discussed upon PM or C.O.D. *Delivery depends on availability of group member Blacksmithing ~Tools~ 54ql - 5c 64ql - 15c 74ql - 40c 80ql - 80c *Large Anvils are 2x the price listed ~Horseshoes~ 54ql - 10c 74ql - 20c Set of 74ql - 60c ~Dredge~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 45c 82ql - 85c ~Iron Lamps~ 50ql - 15c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 40c *Lanterns add 5c to price Shieldsmithing ~Wooden Shields~ 50ql - 15c *Made from oak unless requested otherwise ~Iron Shields~ 50ql - 20c Carpentry ~Carpentry Tools~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 40c 82ql - 80c ~Fine Carp Tools~ 54ql - 15c 64ql - 25c *Looms are 2x price listed ~Freedom Wagon~ 50ql - 1s Ropemaking ~Favor~ 1k Favor of Cordage Rope- 2s ~Ropes~ 1 Cordage Rope -5c 5 Rope - 1c Thick Rope - 8c Mooring Rope - 5c Mooring Anchor - 20c Jenn Kellon Flags, Banners and Towers can be picked up at Opeklia Market E/F 25/26 from the Jenn Kellon Merchants Look for the Tall Jenn Kellon Banner *will rarely trade for wagons, shoot a pm to see if we can *trades are taken on a supply basis for Jenn Kellon merchandise Jenn Kellon Flags - 40c Jenn Kellon Banners - 60c Tall Jenn Kellon Banner - 1s (Has freedom Design currently but still says tall jenn kellon banner when highlighting over it) Started Jenn Kellon Towers - 50c Jenn Kellon Wagons - 5s
  7. Setting up a new village, Village is planned, We are well on our way, we have a boat cave, and iron. We will accept trial players, but will expect you to go premium within a couple months. We need all types of players, we have all the white light priests. You will be expected to work on the village. We will provide tools and chain armor to new guys. Pm Gillett or imarin for further info or to join. You must have ts and a mic. Enjoy the game Gillett
  8. "The intruders were full of confidence when they thought there was only one person in local, but it didn't last long as fevfev skillfully used the terrain he knew so well to his advantage." A drawing commission I did for sharkin (FevFev), initially requested to draw him on his chaos deed-- which then we agree it is not a good idea. After some minutes of talk we decides to go with this one. I have fun with the new toy I use to create the poses although I were worrying too much of the art quality. In the end, after I finished, step back (mmm soda coffee!), and take a look at it again I feel like this one have it's own charm; it is not as detailed as 'Riders of the White Dragon' but I think the vibrant coloring is something that I usually don't dare to do. Also I have been watching foundation of light by Sycra to get the lighting on this . Overall it is a surprisingly challenging piece but I enjoy it neverthless. Click below for process breakdown: Testing my new toy Daz3d, I slap three models on the scene and put a pose on them. Here is the render I got. Placing them on photoshop and add a terrain. Doing lineart on the FevFev character and I feels something not right .. I decided to go drop random photos on the image and figure out the whole value and angle.. Also detailed the whole armor. Yep, something not right there.. the whole poses is just too neutral.. no one know who is winning in this picture.. no expression, too much initial combat pose, seems like they have been waiting for each others move.. so... I would have to tackle this problem but let's look on another possible problem.. Here I'm looking forward on the value composition.. light and dark stuffs.. getting where the people focus should be.. Then I decide I should fix that neutral pose and tip the balance. Here, FevFev is doing an attack to one of the JK, the JK parry but lose/almost lose his balance. Now that is some action . Also figure out how to assign muscles and expression on the 3d program so yay! Let's get back to black and white, lighting composition then! Now this looks like a better action! Coloring the background, giving it the basic mood. Mol Rehan is related with the color red and yellow so I'm thinking why not the fabulous red sunset? Linearting the new characters, so the details can be put in. Coloring behind the lineart. The whole lighting still difficult even with the black and white version earlier. I eliminate the lineart and then start working out details on the foreground (rocks and stuffs). Polished a bit of the sky and ocean here and there. Detailed the landmass on the background too. Added JK logo on the tabard, put on the soft-cotton texture on the tabards and scales texture on the armors. A feedback point out that the black drake guy looks off.. so I realize the angle doesn't feels right because the lighting is wrong...Decided to fiddle with daz3d again.. gave the models some lighting.. still confused on how to use this lighting thing so I just get one that I like and use it... this one looks solid!From there it just a bit changing of the light and dark part of the characters. Also found out that the output I produce is not looking the same like what I draw in photoshop, until I figure out I have to convert to sRGB. Also my +50 gamma monitor also probably make things looks brighter to me than others. So this part mostly (frustatingly) fiddling with settings and image-wide brightness adjustment. My other wurm artworks:The fall of RoseDragonSlime-y ChainsmithSpiderdeerOrpington ZooRiders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------