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Found 1 result

  1. 1. Remove death tabs - simple, it makes back dooring that much harder, is a bit less discouraging to roaming; this will compliment the large server size wonderfully 2. Don't spawn hell horses... ever... - same as above, and they're stupidly broken (wanna hear a joke? 5 speed oak shelled HH with supreme gear) 3. Fix catapulting - it sucks, go back to the old system or make it actually not boring and tedious 4. Remove the dumb nerfs to archery and armor - go back to the pre-mid-summer patch for these, they currently suck 5. Revert shield bashing - currently useless and an indirect buff to sotg and armor buff stacking, also can't stun people to prevent them from running and hopping at gates and mines; revert it 6. Remove volcano rod - this was given out immediately after you fixed the eyesores on Elevation; remove it please 7. Don't allow gigantic rock pillars to spawn - easily abusable for mid-map deeded mine hops and nearly indestructible reinforced safe mines / vaults 8. Remove animal ratio from PvP (or all servers) - it sucks, it doesn't work, and it's pointless when several dozen horses die in one fight, it increases the down time between PvP 9. Place a limit on deed distance from HotA - deeds will be abused as they currently are on Elevation and Chaos for mine hops at HotA 10. No free-to-play - free-to-play are literally 100% useless for anything productive on PvP servers, they cannot fight or contribute to a village; they can only be abused for safe storage, to kite mob trains into people's horses, to scout local (the deactivated local list is bugged and often doesn't block local), to attack horses directly, and other annoying and abusive behavior 11. Fix teleporting - the large map is going to encourage the same type of abuse as on Chaos in addition to what is currently seen; block teleporting of all types within a certain time after crossing a server border, before / during HotA, after leaving enemy local, and within 24 hours of being added to a village 12. Fix nolocate - it currently is a 100% block rate on all forms of locating when cast on body with no counter (aside from dispel, which is obviously useless if you don't know where the enemy is, hence locates); cap it by cast power for locate soul, remove or nerf locate block for locate creatures and lurker in the dark 13. Remove hunted status and reputation - it only hinders PvP, you get hit by your own kingdom's AoEs, you ping on their pendulums, and you count as an enemy (suspected CR nerf on your own home server) Please consider these. New Elevation needs new fun. I don't think anyone wants it to suck and I think most people can agree on many of these.