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Found 3 results

  1. as the title say WTH a miner. so whats is the job: need a area in my mine mined out, say 250-300 tile, something around 17*17 area. that is the main job. after that depends on the price, i have meny iron veins to be gone, (if you fins like iron vein you go around it only, you dont need to mine that out) i can offer a bed for one person, and some pizza for CCFP and food/water. Location: Cadance (its by the waterline) R9, we are connected to the highway so its only to look for Port Aerdna. my name in-game is Andrea and i will be online between 20:00-23:00 around GMT+2 Sweden Price: around 15s
  2. Hi I want to try new neighborhoods, so I'm planning to move to another zone, same island. The deed is very well kept, just where the boat bridge to Exodus starts, at SE of Deliverance. It has 5 terraces with 10 buildings of differente sizes, including a temple and one for building ships. The neighbors are friendly and helpful. There is a spirit mansion with 89 courier cast on it. It has 3 pens for animals and farming, lots of cedars, maples and grapes. It has an extensive mine, with lots of reinforced walls and lamps. There are at least 9 iron veins, varying from poor to good (4 of them) and a very good zinc vein. Most veins are almost untouched, as mining is not one of my passions (I buy lots of good ql ores) There are 3 floor looms, 6 forges, 12 BSBs and 5 FSBs scattered through the deed, as well as some large anvils, 3 beds and other containers (oil and wine) Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s View from the north: Second terrace Third terrace Harbour View from the harbour Temple
  3. I'm selling my deed named Trelleborg. I'm just tired of having two deeds. Location: X36 Y30 on Celebration. See this map of Celebration. It has: About 100 days of upkeep Trader in a closed building Spirit templar Utmost gold vein Copper and Zinc vein - at least 88+ ql 2 x very good iron veins, one is around ql 86 other around ql 93 Rare ql 80 forge Impalong site with large harbour 3 x ql 50 gold altars The deed will come without a mayor. The deed was built as a personal mining deed and an impalong site for the alliance. It has successfully hosted an impalong with about 30 participants. It has all the workstations needed and ql 50 gold altars for each god - all in one building for easier sermons. Impalong building Smithing stations, there is one more to the left of the screenshot Altars for sermons Other imping stations for cloth, leather and wood Beds for participants at impalongs Harbour viewed from the west Tunnel to upper levels Mine entrance from upper levels Picture of the trader The deed will come without any lamps or ships. Minimum bid: 50s Increments: min 1s and only bids in whole silver (or gold ) Buyout: 90s - or make me an offer in a pm Sniper protection: 1 hour I will unfortunately be out of town Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - but will try and respond to messages on the forum. If anyone wants a tour of the facilities, contact me on the forums or PM Fjalke ingame I am a bit saddened to let the deed go, but it served me well and two deeds are too many for me at the moment. Edit: On request i added a picture of the trader :-)