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Found 1 result

  1. im reading about this iron here and in game freedom chat and not only, and i think it's very damaging for all around, i'm not saying about new players but about old players who winning here and there all day around, im not paying for my deed and not spending money for upkeep to read everywhere about how poor u ar bcoz u cdnt find any iron....?!?!?!!?! ...hey moment, i took random spawn place at Xanadu, didn't check map before i choosen that spawn point, so if i'm unhappy now by this what u saying about iron veins i should start screaming "aaaaaaaaaaa move me to different location bcoz i don't like that hill 2000km north from me? ", are u guys serious? most of u got mains with skills 90+ and u knew very well from other server that iron and not only iron are spreaded here or there, and u waiting with yr's 90s to move here, so maybe devs should block borders for 1yr not 1week? maybe we new or low skilled and low experienced players don't want u here? ok i don't want u here u will destropy economy and pleasure from game u got it? it's some exchange u will get more iron veins but u wont be able to move yr 90s mains nor cross borders with xanadu, ar u ok with this deal? why not? u screaming like kids u got no iron so u will hv iron but no mains and no 90 skills and no open borders or anoother idea, what if at my deed and 100km from my deed there is only iron and i need copper or zinc?, i know what i'll do, i start screaming to devs i want copper, zinc and marble in my area bczo i cant find it they hv to give it to me, why not? i think if iron will be every 10 tiles why not copper or marble? u old and experienced players who scream for iroon will 100% agree with me now, u got yr iron i will hv marble or copper or i don't know what more, this is what u want right? so let's it be or i got another idea, u got no iron im trying 4th day to find female horses and all i found were 26 male horses, so i want more female horses!!!!! why not? u want more iron i want more female horses, female horse every 10 tiles why not? i got clay, tar, peat 20mins walk from my deed...moment i cdn't find any moss, even i wont use it i want moss max 10mins walk from my deed!!!! just bcoz u old experienced players who created alts and claimed lands u knew from start they ar worth something, and now u demanding iron? why? why ar u sooooo special that just for u any member of devs gonna start think u deserve to hv more iron? i spent 2hrs walking from spawn spot to get to my location i'm now, rummaged 200 tiles and found vein, mined to it, but now just bcoz oof kiddy old experienced players they hv to move or add more iron bcoz u cdn't find any before u placed deed? why is it? if u ar so experienced and will move yr mains here why u cant move iron with u in yr caravels? if u deeded just bcoz u liked tree or water then its yr problem but dont make it everyone problem! 2-3 yrs ago i used to play game on pristine, i did know nothing, died 100s times, made 10000s mistakes, i put my house close to tundra (today i know - don't build in tundra), i had no iron, i had no marble, i didn't know nothing about rummage to moment when i found it in options with my pickaxe activated, after that every day i was running 10mins to mountains to rummage some iron, and i was happy bcoz i could make hammer or nails, i was learning the game step by step, sometimes some1 more experienced i met on the way told me this or that, thenh i was saying some info to another new players about something...but why now u old players want top hv more iron? show me some land irl with all resources, show tell me USA or europe got all possible resources or tell me that each country got iron and all other possible resources, that every 100km in eahc country is iron mine, marble, copper etc?! i want to know the name, don't give me example of 1 country like russia or South Africa bcoz that ar only 2 countries in this sick world with almost all resources possible to have, but game is not Russia nor South Africa, and even this there ar no iron mines each 100km aparts from anothers! i don't want to hv all possible resources at my deed, at my location or 100km from my deed....maybe i want to build ship and swimm to neighbours on the other side of the lake i'm at just to buy some moss from them for some iron? think u old experienced winning players, waiting with 90s mains, with full loaded caravelas just to cross borders before u start demanding something more, bcoz if u start demanding more i start getting ppl and will demand yr mains to be removed from xanadu or to cap yr skill at 20 without possibility to go higher forever, as well without possibility for yr alts nor for ppl who joing yr villages with 90s op mains, maybe new or not so experienced palyers whom spending 10hrs per day like me with wurpmedia what to and what don't to do could hv chance to create their own part of history in wurm, to create their lands, to build their homes or castles, to learn skills and to start economy? maybe i and some ppl more who will train priest skills dfont want someone with name Villager???? maybe hes charges and abilities sdn't be allowed to this server? what mr Villager will say now selling his servie before borders ar opened? more silver for new players at Xanadu then experienced Villager who will destroy Xanadu market or i'm wrong? mr Villager i DO NOT WANT U HERE, u heared me? if u and ppl like u want more iron then we can say that we don't want overpowered 90s mains from other server next 365 days and then why i supposed to hv u here? maybe i want some1 new in game to enchant my mailbox and pay to him without allowing u to enter Xanadu borders? ...that's only example...but moment now mr Villager will hv to sacrifice a lot of items to enchant mailboxes and he will hv to start screaming bcoz there in area he is now there is no resources he need? what;s wrong with u guys?