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Found 7 results

  1. Materials don't come any better than this – nine lots of 100-quality mats ready for bidding. Starting Bid: See below for each lot Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hr Buyout: Offers considered Please post bids by lot number. Lot 1 – 300 Clay (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 2 – 300 Copper Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 3 – 1,000 Iron Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 4 – 300 Marble Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 5 – 300 Rock Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 6 – 300 Silver Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 7 – 1,000 Slate Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 8 – 300 Tar (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 9 – 300 Tin Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Delivery free to outer coastal Freedom locations if winning bid(s) over 5s total (other bulks available at standard prices if winner wishes to top up), otherwise 50c charge. Alternatively, goods can be picked up from Xanadu Q/R24 on in-game map.
  2. closed

    Auction over, if you want some just for you, Pm Davih + Free Bsb Pickup from Q25 Xan Starting bid : 1s Increments : 50c Reserve : nope Buyout : 12s [only with buyout : free delivery On coastal freedom] Sniper protection : 30mins
  3. More bricks and mortar to sell 20k in bricks......2s/1k 12k sold 8k left....4800left 10k in mortar.....2s/1k 5k left 10k in iron lumps 50ql....1s/1k 12 Sleep Powder............1s ea Items will be delivered in crates (No Charge) will deliver for fee I am on Xanadu New Spring Island Please pm me in game @ shadowwalker or msg me here with following information What server you are on Deed Name and location In game contact info Delivery or pickup Quantities And if there is caravel access I also have a knarr for deliveries so caravel access isn't a must
  4. I'd like to buy 50-100 iron lumps QL95+ depending on the price. Perfect would be from someone around the lake at F18 or some other halfway accessible spot not too far away. I'd like to pick it up myself or get it delivered.
  5. PE = Pheonix Enterprises We now have 90ql lumps for sale at 7s/1k or 75c per 100 for smaller quantities. Please see our merchant page: Thank you.
  6. Hello! Been in wurm for almost 7 years, this is one out of many shops i've run. I am a very serious smither and seller of various tools and coins. Currently settled on deliverance where my smithy is at, but can mail to anyone on freedom/wild for addiotional 20c (only 10c mailing cost if you are on the deliverence server). Right now i do not take orders for encahnts as i cant guarantee the cast which will save alot of frustration from your and my side. I will only take orders on the actual tool. From time to time i will bulk diffrent tools up for sale for a better price than listed on order, To see previous or current deals, visit this thread: http://forum.wurmonl...other-smithing/ those prices in that thread can not be negotiated for custom orders on this site. Place orders here or pm me on the forums or ingame (Tommty or Mobius) Prices: Blacksmithing: 70ql Items - 45c 80ql Items - 50c 85ql Items - 80c90ql Items - 1.5s 95ql items - PM* Shieldsmithing 70ql shield - 35c 80ql shield - 50c 85ql shield - 80c 90ql shield - 1.5s 95ql shield - PM* Armoursmithing - Chain (Coif not included) 70ql armour - 2.5s 80ql armour - 5s 90ql armour - 9s 95ql armour - PM* Armoursmithing - Plate (Great helm included) 70ql armour - 5s 80ql armour - PM* Great Helm: 70ql helm - 1s 80ql Helm - 2s Locksmithing (per item) 70ql - 10c (10x = 7c/ea) 80ql - 15c (10x = 10c/ea) 90ql - 30c (10x = 25c/ea) 95ql - 1s* Boat locks 70ql - 15c 80ql - 40c* 90ql - 1.3s* Iron lumps (10kg) 70ql - 10c 80ql - 25c 90ql - 40c 95ql - 50c Miscellaneous 80ql toolbelt - 80c Later on i will also sell gold coins for those who are interested. The usual time after order has been places and it being in your inventory is about 2 days if the items hasen't already been made. But as real life comes first i may take longer. A few merchants will be placed somewhere that seems like the best spot. Questions,feedback,suggestions are always welcome. But if you have one please PM me instead of posting it here. * This means that these items or prices listed may change due to lack of time or pricebeing to low/high. I have right to change them even after order has been placed, meaning that i am not forced to make the item at that price or at all.
  7. Welcome to all. I'm now reworking my iron business and looking to get things moving again. Some supplies will be mined for jobs and some will be quickly filled from my stocks, all prices include 100kg unless otherwise stated. 98ql- see me for pricing 97ql- see me for pricing 96ql- see me for pricing 95ql-5s 90ql-2s 80ql-1.5s 70ql-1s (same price for rock shards of equal ql). If you're looking for a specific metal/ql let me know. Thanks Pingpong