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Found 13 results

  1. Please pm me or whisper me in-gane (Sunti) with a enchant and price.
  2. CoC Iron Lump Combining Bug My in-game name : Spazzthespazztastical I had made a ticket and the GM who assisted me told me to open a ticket. Here is what happened, I was working on my blacksmithing and had a coc lump and was combining to make it larger and going to work. Everything was going fine until I combined and thought maybe i didn't activate the right one and lost my first lump. Thinking it was me I bought a second lump for 1.5 silver. It was a 97 coc iron lump. I heated it up activated it and dragged it over and pressed combined and to my fear it happened again. I tripled check then triple checked my triple check and made sure it was activated properly but it still combined under a normal lump losing my 97 coc second lump. If you could look into this and if I could get a replacement lump for a game bug that would be amazing!
  3. Iron Lump 73ql with a little dmg, Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [98] Selling for 3s.
  4. Today's auction: Iron lump 91,61ql 103coc - Starting bid: 1s min. increase 50c No reserve Buyout: none Snipe protection 1 hour _________________________________________________________________________ Iron pickaxe 91,32ql 99coc 91woa - Starting bid 1s min increase 50c No reserve Buyout: none Snipe protection 1 hour _________________________________________________________________________ Both auctions will last for 2 days. The items will be mailed out from deliverance - buyer pays the COD. Pick up can be arranged. Have a nice time bidding on these items! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK MY NEW MERCHANT ADD - GIBLET
  5. My Priest have give me this Lump today and i think is good to make a Auction with it. the iron Lump is ql 82. [21:39:56] A lump of pure iron. [21:39:56] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [102] Starting Bid: 4s Bid Increments: 20c Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Happy Biddings i cod the lump for free to the winner from this auction later:)
  6. I am looking to buy 500 to 1k 90ql iron lumps. Delivery needed to Whisper Cove @ M23 Xanadu, which is accessible by land and sea. Please post your quote or pm on the forums. Thanks! KK (order placed with supplier please close)
  7. I need some iron lump with 80-100 botd cast power on it. Iron lump ql is negligible.
  8. I'm looking to get a 70+ CoC iron lump. Offering a sleep powder. Living on cele, would prefer to stay on cele or exo for the trade.
  9. Heya, as the title says. Want to sell 3,5k ql 50 iron lumps Also 900 + ql 25 iron lumps. I want 4s for the whole bundle, pm me! (I residue in Ultimarus Indy) Pickup only! Argustin
  10. Looking to buy a 70-80 cast of CoC on an iron lump (minmum of 70QL). PM me with prices/offers.
  11. Hello, As title says, I am looking at high coc power hammer(found) and iron lump. (90+ ). Let me know the price and power via pm. Live on independence. Argustin
  12. Blacksmith: up to 98ql Custom Imping Services: -Blacksmith tools only, no large anvils. -Your item must be 60ql for this service. -You post in this thread with desired ql of imp. -You mail your tool labeled with your name and imp. -You pay COD when I mail your tool back after the job is finished. 90ql imp 1s 95ql imp 3s 96ql imp 5s 97ql imps 10s 98ql imp contact me. Tools: (Small Anvils Included; However No butcher knives, sickles, scythes, or carving knives) 50ql 10c ea. 60ql 20c ea. 70ql 40c ea. 80ql 80c ea. 85ql 1.5s ea. 90ql 2s ea. 95ql 5s ea. 96ql 7s ea. Large Anvils: 50ql 20c ea. 60ql 40c ea. 70ql 80c ea. 80ql 1.6s ea. 85ql 2s ea. 90ql 4s. ea. Iron Lamps: Order from Inner Sea Metal Works Iron Lumps: 70ql 1s per 100kg 80ql 1.5s per 100kg 90ql 2s per 100kg 95ql 5s per 100kg 96ql See me for Pricing Specialty Shoppe: Brass Oil Lamps: About 70ql @80c ea Compasses: 66.88ql...3s 66.25ql...3s 62.68ql...2.8s 46.90ql...40c 46,32ql...40c Jewelry Silver Only 50ql@30c Pendulums, rings, and necklaces. 50ql@50c Stauettes PST to Hogwash. Pick-up only, no delivery. Location 11x, 12y NW Indy Mailbox: Courier [89] *Mailing fee CoD 10c added to cost of each item (shovels +20c) Friends of Keeperton: Frankd for Meditation rugs Order Bulk Goods From Nippy Shores Fathertime for Custom Enchants Tekada's Metal Works for Lamps
  13. I am looking to buy the following items with at least 50+ coc cast on each Small barrel of water Bought Iron lump (50+ ql) Bought Steel lump (50+ql) Cele server character Oboro