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Found 25 results

  1. When placing an item in a group I often get something similar to the following message: [14:47:48] The Tools Group contains too many items already. This occurs even when there are very few items in the group. The real reason it is doing this, is that my whole inventory has too many items (the whole inventory is full). So even though the group itself is not full, the game gives a message that implies that it is. What we really need is a message to say the whole inventory is full: [14:47:48] Your inventory contains too many items already. This would help people to know what is really going on. Thank you for your time.
  2. As it is now the inventory is a mess, as its all jumbled up on every relog. I sort mine exactly how i want it to be, and then on relog it's all messed up again and i have to redo it or live with the mess it creates. I want my backpack on top, then water skin on second row, then the groups, and finally my lose tools that's temporarily in the inventory and don't need a group, but as it is now that will only last per session. I would love if there was a possibility to add this to the game, there has to be a function that can support this sorting.
  3. I wonder if it'd be possible to add a button to directly open the saddlebags on a horse. Something like this: 1. A button next to the "backpack" and "quiver" toggling button on the player's personal bar. Also available for keybinding. This option would automatically pull up bags on the horse the player is currently riding and would be "greyed out" when no horse/vehicle is present (technically,the same thing could be done for any vehicle the player is driving). 2. A button on the creature's bar showing when said creaure is selected. This would ease the process of managing multiple burden horses.
  4. Upon killing mob I butcher the mob right click then click on item and right click on take....and nothing....nothing event...just nothing.. only happens sometimes...has happened on hell hounds...lava spider and a brown bear... Serenity server.. This morning when the maintenance took place I decided to add the experimental packet before restarting...don't know if has to do with this problem though.. have unchecked experimental packet will see if corrects and will update.
  5. Selling this merchant contract with her full inventory. Merchant is located at Freedom Market @ Independence server. She is at 1st circle, corner place (one of the best locations!), just next to the trader. Here is picture of her inventory: * NOTE: All the items in the picture are in her inventory, i had to divide them in parts to fit all in the same pic AUCTION RULES Starting bid: 9€/s Min increment: 1€/s Buyout: Taking offers! Reserve: No Auction time: about 3 days. - I prefer payment in €,£ or $ but will accept silvers too! - Im paypal verified. - Buyer must meet me at Freedom Market to make the trade! Any questions welcome via forum-pm (Corrax) or in-game (Cormax). Thanks!
  6. We only lost 48x planks so it's not a big deal but I'm reporting this because no one (including me) has ever heard of this happening before. - An alliance member in-game was on my deed creating planks for market stalls. - He created 24x planks and dropped them into a large crate. - He then created another 24x planks and dropped them into a large crate. - When he opened up the large crate the maplewood planks were not there. - The wood scraps, 44x birchwood planks, 24x willow planks and 8 small nails in the large crate remained intact. - I had him check his inventory and he had no planks. - I had him check his event log and it logged him as having created the planks. - I double-checked the wagon and the large crate for planks but there were none. - There are no other storage containers or piles of items around the area where the issue occurred that I can see. - Afterwards, I pulled the crate to another tile to force the server to update the crate's position. - We tested it by putting items in and pulling them out again and the large crate is working fine. You can contact me via PM if you want my alliance member's name to contact him about this because it happened to him, not me.
  7. Hi, I have a bugged 33ql silver lump 0dmg 0.10kg in my inventory, which is annoying. Tried dropping it: [16:32:13] You cannot use lump while trading it. = event window comment Tried selling it to token: [16:32:37] You cannot use lump while it is banked. When i originally tried to use it, event msg was something about item number blah blah could not be found. Previously when this happens, the item disappears on relogging, but not in this case. Tried putting it in various containers, with no success - it is just a nuisance and would appreciate this being sorted, as soon as a GM has the time. Many thanks, in hope ....
  8. Please update the water skin To show it can hold a maximum of 62x mixed grass.
  9. I'm not much for "forum ing" lol but could not resist to suggest this idea i have.. We have backpacks, satchels , etc, for the self, why not make some saddlebags for horses so's we can carry a little more than our bodies but not as much as carts, etc,. I can imagine lots of things I could put in my tamed horses saddlebags for when I am traveling to do business abroad but not taking enough to use a cart! Would also be cool to be able have like a tent stashed in my saddlebags (along with other camping gear) for those long trips i need to stop for the wurm night and camp-out till light.. Maybe make them for tamed horses only, or not,, can see an advantage ether way, Anyways, thought i'd try my chances of helping add some to this wonderful game, best I ever plaid in about 20 ta 30 years of playing games on a PC, yes I am an old kid hahaha!! You all keep up the awesomeness! Brant
  10. Hi, I would be so grateful, as I am sure many players would, if there could be some consistency in the listing of items in inventory and containers. That is: if the item name could always appearing first. For example: "zinc lumps", rather than "lumps, zinc" and "grass, bunches of mixed", "thatch, bunches of" and "sand, heaps of", as is the usual case with most lists. Then, when looking for sand, it is found under the items beginning with 's' rather than (surprise!) under 'h'. Thank you, in hope....
  11. I took some things out of a BSB earlier, using right click -> "take" rather than dragging them to my inventory, after doing so, they are in my inventory as a bulk item rather than the individual items. I went through these same steps to reproduce it, and it happened again. I am unable to put either of these items back into BSBs, as it says that it will destroy them. Examining the items in inventory gives: [15:19:55] A generic bulk item Dropping them on the ground makes them look like they're in a sack with a red question mark on it. Dragging from BSB to inventory still works fine.
  12. I think we should be able to use a small anvil outside of a players inventory just like the large anvil. Mostly because it looks very silly when using one. *Doctor Evil's Voice* Who holds an anvil while using it, honestly? I don't know if there are any specific game play reasons for only being able to use the small anvil in an inventory. But at the same time I see no reason for it ether. What do you guys think?
  13. I mentioned this in CA chat and they thought this should be reported. The small tripod table, once made can be transported in your inventory no problem. But you can't place it in a wagon, you have to drop it on the ground and then load it.
  14. Every time I open inventory after a client restart, it seems to be shuffled. This is silly. I would prefer it stays the way it was when I close the client. There is already a suggestion for "save the state" of windows, but I want to save the state of the window contents. If not that, then at least restart the folder order in some kind of sensible order, such as alpha, with sub folders at the top of the list. That was I can name my subfolders (the groups) in a way to keep them in the order I need for my imping. Also, allow dragging items and dropping between two other items (or groups), without dropping into the other item container or group. It is very annoying when I have to rearrange each client restart, since I use a lot of containers and groups. Thank you!
  15. On deed, had been packing a few tiles, took a few sprouts, planning a new area for livestock. [02:44:22] You dig a hole. [02:44:23] You start to dig. [02:44:29] You find something! You found a scissors! I examine the scissors on the ground. I can not pick them up. [02:45:17] Rough and clumsy, but pretty sharp scissors. You will want to polish the scissors with a pelt before you improve it. [02:45:17] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Othobj.'. [02:45:17] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [86] These are the scissors I had added to my inventory about a half hour earlier to shear sheep. They were in my inventory, in a backpack but not in any groups (I don't use groups) [02:45:41] You drop a scissors. I dropped the ones I had. No new item was created. [02:45:48] You get a scissors. I was able to pick up the phantom scissors I had "dug up" I have seen similar behavior occasionally when shoeing a horse. One of the shoes will be duplicated on a tile the animal was on. You can examine but not take. Dropping the shoe on the same tile allows the phantom to be taken.
  16. My idea is to allow the user to be able to select item(s) in containers, and then type in once the amount he/she wants to move. Then every time the user selects that item for as long as they want or need they don't have to keep seeing the pop-up every time they move items back and forth between containers and inventories. For example, I know I can hold max quantity of 7 rock shards in my inventory. When I open the bsb and say select max that's how much is allowed for me. It would be nice, to type or only select that amount once. Then every time I select the rock shards from the bsb, until I decide otherwise that's the amount that will be selected and sent to my inventory without the extra pop-up. Feel that this would be beneficial in that it creates a more user friendly interface system and less keystrokes on the whole. TDLR allow user option to only have to select only once the amount of item he/she wants from container, until the user changes that amount.
  17. So I have a corpse in my inventory and a keybind for Butcher. I press the key while hovering, and nothing happens. The keybind does work with a corpse that is on the ground. Other keybinds like Examine work fine for me in inventory.
  18. How comes when you mine it makes a nice pile of rock shards on the floor, but when digging you magically snaffle up all the dirt into a your inventory It would be easier if it just made a pile of dirt on the floor like rock shards do? Same goes for digging some clay/tar/peat etc... It makes sense and its logical. Yes it might encourage more macros... but that's easily monitor-able, and ban-able. EDIT: And you don't have to make a nuisance pile of something, dropping dirt into it, then removing whatever items were dropped. Some people don't always want to lug a wagon around with them when digging dirt, its a whole lot easier to dig the dirt, then hoover it all up after.
  19. When you load up a crate from a bsb or vice versa you are going from container to container so why the inventory pass restriction? If i select max from a bsb then just let it load up the crate with 300 items.
  20. Old message: When examined your inventory will give you this response, "This is where you keep your things. Your inventory is emptyish." No matter how much weight you are carrying or how many items you have (this includes full) your inventory will always say "emptyish". New Message: When examined, your inventory will give you this type of response, depending on how much weight or how many items you are carrying "This is where you keep your things. Your inventory is almost full. It contains 95 items." The adding Groups function in inventory should also be mentioned on this page. The addition of Profile when right clicking Inventory should also be added and maybe linked to a page where profile and cross server chat is detailed. I'll leave the text for those items up to those proficient in wiki editing.
  21. When an item in your inventory hits 90+ damage it would be nice if the graphic became red or had a red background, and a similar effect for the toolbelt. This is for those inattentive people who get carried away. Yes, I've just destroyed another skiller hatchet.
  22. Image below shows everything. Relogging several times didn't help. I was playing like always, quit game for an hour, when I was back all that appeared. Seems like items are equipped (while fighting against monsters I can hear shield blocking and sword swinging), just can't see and reach them. backpack on the torso, toolbelt on legs. Out of reach. Any ideas how to solve it?
  23. Hi, I am not sure if its a bug or not, but I have a water in my inventory without any container (wasn't there before logged out at server maintenance). Haven't noticed any other changes yet in my inventory but maybe something missing or replaced with water.
  24. I have an empty BSB in my inventory. I examine it: [13:21:49] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin is firmly secured to the ground. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ga.i.'. Ql: 33.20353, Dam: 0.0. I can drop it, another player can pick it up, he can push it around, this all works. But if either of us tries to plant it, it errors: [13:28:26] The bulk storage bin is already planted. It's not planted, it's in my inventory. Multiple attempts to log, relog, use alts, board boats to reset UI, etc, have failed to resolve it. This doesn't happen with all BSBs, I can replant other ones fine.
  25. I tried to search up if this feature is requested before, but strangely i cant find it so here is my request A Searchbox on the inventory, for items there. also when you type in " Wetstone " and hit enter if its found you activate it. Heres my argument for this feature to be implemented Sometimes my inventory gets real messy, alot of items and i want to find my steel and flint, this again is inside my satchel and i spend alot of time just looking for the steel and flint. Now that i found my steel and flint, and light up the forge, everything is set for imping only to find that the wetstone i was looking for was not in my inventory but in one of my storage containers ( after spending 5 minutes looking for the wetstone in my inventory) The toolbelt is great but, not to find certain items