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Found 5 results

  1. Hi people of Wurm Unlimited..... I've been playing WO pretty much since the pandemic "started" and I'm absolutely, 100%, totally in love with Wurm!! I wanted to introduce some of my best friends to WO - but times are tough & although they like the game and want to play, they cannot afford premium to enjoy the full game. So I thought maybe I could set up a server for my gang using WU. So here I am.... I'll teach myself Java. I'll learn to create mods. I'll lurk forums and marathon YouTube how-to videos until I'm blue in the face. But I can't leave Wurm now that I've found it, and I definitely want to get my friends hooked too. That having been said - (1) Who lives here? Who is lurking this forum and reading this overly-long post? Who are the big names around these parts? (2) Are modders still actively modding? I know that in a situation like this, the parent-company is screwing over part of their player base, but still controls enough of the game that they could very well actively steal mod content for "updates" to the game & player base that they are still getting money from - I know that modders stop making their mods publicly available or easily accessible to protect their creative IP. .... but, um, all I want to know is are y'all still out there making mods, like, at all? (3) 3rd Person view. I want it. I prefer it. I saw a 3rd person mod on the subforum - does that still work? Is 3rd person actually in WU somewhere, and I'm just missing it? I'll be able to live without / teach myself just about everything else, maybe... but this one is big for me.... (also, WTF WO, not at least giving WU a 3rd person view update?! That's super crappy. I really do think y'all kinda owe us that one.) Aaaaaand, that's about all I got right now. Like I said, hello I'm new in town. I'm diving into WU head-first.
  2. Youtuber and Wurm player Zephyr Storm visits the Mystic Highlands server under the name Calaway. This first video in a possible series shows how to connect to the server using the Wurm Unlimited client, and what new players will discover in and around the spawn area, Safehold.
  3. Introductions

    Hi folks this is Pakawala, it's been a week i joined the game and i like it much as so far. I have a small settlement called Crow's Nest in south west of Esteron and also we are a very good community in the region. So if you wanna stop by and say hi you are very welcome!
  4. From Brazil

    Gosta de Wurm, não deixe de conferir. (Like Wurm, be sure to check) > Não esqueçam de fazer uma visita ao canal. (Do not forget to pay a visit to the channel.) : Abraços e espero que gostem (Hugs and hope you like it )
  5. Hello! Another introduction thread here. I go by Navarr on Pristine nice to meetcha! I've followed Wurm Online for quite some time, always been a sandbox fan, and thought 1.0 would be a GREAT time to drag some friends with me into it. Correct I was! So far I am loving the game and my neighbors on Pristine. Looking forward to getting more involved with the community! Sandbox games I've played include EVE Online, Minecraft, Mortal Online (for a bit) and some could consider Star Wars Galaxies (pre-CU) kind of sandbox. So shout outs to anyone from there! If you see me in Local feel free to say hello!