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Found 4 results

  1. More fun - Adventure - Play - Events - No Drama Come join us!!! WU Mythmoor Avatar & Uniques Fun in Moors Rest Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor 1st Raceway Obsticle Event Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor Xype hosts Aquatic Event at Moor's Rest Docks
  2. When I saw the poll asking for my opinion about introducing traders on Xanadu I had the same feeling as if a friend asked me if he should start smoking again. Why would you even ask that? The old trader system is flawed and lazy. The idea is good since silver need to come from somewhere but old trader system is just so lazy. I have a suggestion how to make it more interactive by modifying already existing game features. Instead of finding coins when you forage and botanize you find new kinds of rare herbs, amber, truffels and other luxury items, they can have a nice model and be used as component for decoration items but their main use is to create a trade good item that you sell to a trader for a combined value of up to a silver depending on quality. Butchering critters would also come with a chance to drop rare items and trophies that can be used to create decoration items or combined to create a trade good item and sold to a trader. Instead of finding coins on the ground or when you kill a spider you find trade good components that can be sold to a trader for similar value to the coins that we find today. To make it more interesting the player who buy and place a trader profit only when trade goods is sold to his trader. You will then have traders bidding for trade goods to buy from players who are hunting or foraging and might even supply newbies to hunt and forage exclusively for him because it will make his trader create more profit for him instead of other traders. With a few more additions it can create a fun market alternative to pvp where you would have strong trade guilds and alliances fighting for market shares on Freedom instead of through war. It would also be a nice addition to player made dungeons that I suggested earlier. A good trade guild needs to have good dungeons to hunt trinkets and trophies in so it will add to creativity and make Wurm PVE more fun to play. Short version Instead of forage or hunt for coins you forage and hunt for trade goods components that can be combined and sold to traders for similar value. Trade goods can also be used to create trophies and decorative items. Owner of trader earn his coins when players sell trade goods to his trader. Player made dungeons and castles can make hunting a more interesting PVE activity and give builders a reason to build.
  3. There is a lot of the time that i am checking the forum and i want to access the in-game map when i am not in the game as that is slowly becoming the standard. Has any of you toolmakers thought about making an offline map much like what we have now but maybe with more options? ( Maybe not so much offline as out of game) Something to think about if you are bored and are looking for a project to do.
  4. Map link is available here: You can search by deed name, click deeds for more info. It has support for resource icons but I haven't really had time to add any yet, will come soon. You can zoom in and out by scrolling up and down, (this may happen quickly on mouse pads or 'smooth scrolling' mice, I'm working on a fix for this). You can also give out links which will auto center on deeds by ending the URL with #deedname, example: - this should center on, and highlight in red, the deed "Darkhold". You can also use a similar system for centering directly on coordinates, example:,1337 You can also add your own custom data on top of the existing data, this additional information is stored in the URL and will ONLY be seen by people who use that URL to access it. Currently you have to manually format this data, but I'm working on an in-map editor to manipulate it. The format of this URL can be something like this: grounds 2 As you can see in that example the URL starts with #! after pristine, followed by the additional data. Each deed in the data is separated by a semicolon ( , and within that the data is in the format x,y,width,height,name. All spaces in the name must be replaced with +'s, some other non alphanumeric characters may work but it's best not to use them. You can also auto center and highlight deeds with the custom data by ending with #deedname, example: I plan on making these for the other servers too, it takes a long time to enter all the deed information though