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Found 10 results

  1. So Wurm just won't start. The Java engine is giving me the error logs like we know them when you need to disable multidraw and VBO on Intel to make it work. I know I need to do it, but the catch is I can't. In the dropdown when you click either multidraw or vbo you just have no option to disable any of these. Does this mean Intel has been permabanned from Wurm?
  2. Problem: On a system with two videocards, integrated and external, client crashes, if integrated card is disabled, after system restart. Intro: One of my laptop has "hybrid" videocard, i.e. integrated Intel HD 5500 and external geForce 920M. basically, Intel is responsible for desktop windows, but when i'm running a game - it runs on geForce. In a case of WURM, there is no "executable", it's jnlp, web-loading, so it always runs on a desktop card, intel HD5500. which makes game unplayable at high settings: 1. Both cards are up. 2. WURM is running 3. External card is inactive (i.e. it's running on crappy Intel card) and i was unable to find a way, to tell web-java-launcher, that he should run a game on external, geForce, videocard. therefore, i just disabled Intel HD driver in Device Manager, and after that game was running at high resolution et cetera pretty smoothly. But after restarting the laptop i was unable to launch a client: To reproduce: 1. Find a laptop with 2 videocards, integrated and normal one 2. Disable intgrated videocard and run a client. 3. Restart the laptop, run WURM, and enjoy "Oops" screen Workaround: 1. Open Device Manager 2. Enable integrated driver 3. Disable integrated driver 4. Run WURM it will run on external videocard at high setting and you will be happy: 1. Integrated card is down 2. Wurm is running on an external videocard. until next restart, though. I'm posting this to "Other bugs and issues" section because i think, that this is not a WURM client or server problem. This looks rather like JVM problem, looks like it tries to initiate first display found without checking is it active or not. but hopefully this info may save some nerves to the happy owners of laptop with "hybrid" videocards.
  3. A major issue has come to light recently inherent to Intel CPUs. In short, due to a design issue going back decades, all Intel CPUs have a critical security flaw in hardware. This can be prevented in software, at the Operating System level, but it comes at a cost of around 30% performance in some tasks. Fortunately for desktop/laptop users, those use-cases don't often apply. Unfortunately, it does squarely apply to many server workloads, and Wurm of course is run from servers. My questions are, do Wurm servers use Intel processors? If so, can we expect a significant decrease in game server performance soon? **** 1. This issue is a huge mess, and I am in no way blaming Code Club for anything. 2. Wurmians with Intel processors... sorry guys. At least it doesn't seem to affect gaming much.
  4. Hello, I know about another topics about issue with graphic rendering problem. I have this problem on intel hd-620 graphic card. I tried update and configure really everyhting ( drivers, java, game configuration .... bla bla bla ). I found only one thing when are textures better. That config is: terrain texture - low. When are medium or high, than I have really bad textures. You can see it on screenshots: Today I tried WO stable and unstable version. On WO stable version I have this problem too. But when I started WO unstable client, there was everything fine. I tried copy game config from unstable client, but yes wu didnt know about new graphic configuration, what is logical. For that I would like ask you, when you planning fix this problem in WU or if you could releases WU unstable client, it would be awesome. Thank you for your time and answer
  5. Running the current unstable client on a laptop with integrated Intel HD4000 VGA and GLSL on, the bottom half of the picture is not rendering the worl above ground, it shows the cave layer instead. Turning GLSL off fixes the issue, but if set to Core or Extension the issue is present despite relogs. Opsys: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Java: 64bit v8u131 VGA: Intel HD Graphics 4000 in an i5-3320M CPU RAM: 8GB I've made a short show of it: Please watch it at least 100k times, the rest of 10M will come automatically. I'll want to gez rich from it...
  6. Hello, Now, i know this topic has come appeared and there has been several answers to the problem. But after 2 days of googling and trying almost everything, I've yet to find something that works. Basically, The ground tiles all move when I move. The tile that my character stands on looks fine, but the others appear to move and look weird.(I don't own these images, i didn't take them either) I have tried(In no particular order): Restarting the game, several times Restarting my Computer, several times Updating my graphics driver Updating my Java Reinstalling Wurm Unlimited Turning all my settings to the lowest settings Turning off FBO, GLSL, and VBO I read about pbuffer, but that doesn't show up on my options, or i can't find it. None of these have worked. Here is my setup: Windows 7 Professional Intel i7 32GB RAM Using the Integrated Graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4600) More than enough storage (1.5 TB) Thanks in Advance!
  7. I've been having a graphics issue with both wurm online and wurm unlimited and am unable to fix it. I have tried all the things suggested in previous forums such as changinging the FBO and VBO settings, manually installing a graphics card update, and running all graphics at lowest possible settings. None of these have worked and this is my last ditch effort in hopes someone has a resolution to my issue. I am using an Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series with 8 GB ram, i5 core, and an intel HD 5000 graphics card. I've read a lot about how intel and wurm do not work well together and I'm at the point where I'm starting to think this isn't fixable so hopefully someone has a solution for me. I will provide an image with a detailed description of what is wrong. Graphics Issue Image Link The trees, grass, buildings and characters look just fine and I have no issue running the game at high quality graphics. However, the ground textiles move around and don't show what they are supposed to look like. I end up having to hover over every tile in order to know what I'm actually looking at. As I've said before I have tried all the previously suggested fixes from other forums and the problem still persists. Hopefully someone can help me with this!
  8. Specifications: Windows 7 professional 64 bit Service Pack 1 intel core i5-4570 processor 3.2GHz RAM 4GB Intel HD 4600 onboard graphics card For a long time I had a weird graphic glitch, that terrain reflections were showing up in the Horizon of the Sea, but still also showing correctly at the same time where it is supposed to be. So I tried yesterday to update my graphics card driver (intel HD 4600) it was on the state of 06/2013. The new driver is the latest non beta driver from intel (05/2014) and everything worked fine EXCEPT for wurm, which suddenly had extremly exaggerated animations for everything (except spiders so far) and additionally still the screwed up reflections: edit: the way it looks now, its possible that the animations itself are working fine, but the skinning of some of the models is not. It also affects house doors. so far what I tried to resolve the issue: -downgrading driver to one version before the latest driver (03/2014) no change turning every graphics setting off or on low (except for animations, reflections and texture sizes) to make tests with the intel workarounds and I tried this with both stable and unstable client: -turning off VBO -->animations working properly, no weird horizon reflections, but ground tile textures are moving when I move, have completely wrong textures on them, lighting not working ground tiles: -turning off multidraw+disabling VBO --> ground tiles bugged from turning off VBO -turning off multidraw --> no changes -turning off GLSL shader -->animations working proper, no reflections at all, ground tiles distorted but only showing dirt texture instead of normal one -turning off occlusion --> no changes -turning off FBO --> no lighting, no reflections, not fixing anything regarding animations -motherboards manufacturers side driver update (01/2014) --> seems the black spots i experienced before in the distorted terrain are gone, else no change -windows updates, since it has some update for my graphics card --> no change edit: when I only turn off animations, but nothing else that fixed the animations so far, the 3d models are distorted anyway -when I was testing a spider attacked me and it didn't have those same animation issues, but horses, my character and tower guards did have screwed up animations (didnt see more) sidenote: before i started updating the graphics driver I was installing and deinstalling java several times, but game was running fine after I managed to install ONLY 64 bit java, so I assume it's not related to the graphical glitches at all, but instead somehow related to intel drivers.
  9. So I'm in the market for a new computer for gaming.. preferrably under 5-10,000 usd. Though 1-2k would be more reasonable of course. Games I plan on playing... Archeage (when its out), Diablo III, League of Legends, Wurm Online. I also Watch movies via Hulu and Like listening to music... Now Obviously I need a system that operates all of these quite well... I want to be able to run on maximum graphics and not lose a beat. Also I typically will run somewhere between 2-4 clients currently of wurm... use to be 8-10... before version1.0 I would like to be able to run 8-10 again... on maximum graphics if that is at all possible on any system... I also tend to run diablo and league of legends in the background... and watch my shows with constant alt tabbing... yes terrible for skill gains on wurm but hey I like to have options at my fingertips Most computers Seem to have the same problem with me running this hard... Fans overheat and stop working. It has to be a laptop as i play in a semi truck. So.... Let the talks commence! What would you guys suggest I look into buying for my 2013 Computer? If it isn't terribly expensive it doesn't have to last too long... 1 year or so... maybe more... if its over 5k I'll plan on using it for atleast 3 years. probably more. =] I use USB for headset/Mouse and Prefer a full keyboard built in but I don't mind using another usb for an external ergonomic keyboard. =] Thanks for your time!
  10. Right, I've been playing Wurm for around 2 months and my computer updated the Intel graphics drivers to the newest version, now Wurm wont initialise after clicking play, what do I need to post on here for you guys to get an idea of what's wrong? (I've tried disabling the two things mentioned to do with Intel, this doesn't work)