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Found 3 results

  1. It has come to my attention that we don't have peanuts in Wurm, which is a great injustice against the greatest nut in the universe. We have coconuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, so why not peanuts? Wouldn't it be great to put peanut butter on your sandwich? I suggest adding peanuts, made by combining peas with a nut, possibly walnut or acorn, since pinenuts and hazelnuts are used in creating pineapple and coconut. Feel free to add suggestions for recipes with peanuts.
  2. Ber on the lookout on freedom for Barberman, Megacide, Archana(nide) and their gang of pirates.. not only did they deed over our just developing pasture on Xanadu north of Vrock Landing but have also annexed a community mine which myslef and BombaySteve had put a mob defense door on, anybody gaining access that asked... The brashly told me to shove when asked to move there deed a few tiles back onto surrounding forest and grass tiles... so this must have been theyre plan all along to take what they didn't own, the only offense possible against another player in the usually considerate Wurming community has PVP come to PVE is this a sign of the times, is this how a new player is welcomed into the community i would hope not or we will all watch Wurm crumble to dust together.. congrats Megacide and Arachna conquered yet another defenseless flock of cows, this is the 1/40th Troll King Slayer of fame ... ahahahahahah.. excuse me while i vomit...and pick out an adult pastime..
  3. Hello everyone, I am here to talk about the injustice that I would of never thought to happen to me. First off, this is a Freedom event and is in no way associated with chaos affiliations. I will be leaving out names and villages due to protecting my friends and others who are not as deeply involved. We all know they (Xallo and Alyeska) run a very popular Dragon hunting crew, who preach about fairness and fun for all, this can be seen in a recent post about the public slaying of a Blue Dragon. They are offering a public slaying to share their scale and blood for everyone, very generous indeed. What you do not know is what they did to find this Dragon, and who they unfortunately trampled in the process. With some advice from my close friends, I have decided to share the story in the most honest way I can, in hopes that the public can decide if my disappointment is justified. When this Blue Dragon spawned on Exodus, the village I am apart of instantly set out to find this dragon. After 2 and a half hours I logged on and joined the search effort, and off we went in hopes of finding our first dragon! The first problem I realized was the lack of organization, and I had the perfect solution for this. I quickly found a online software that we could all edit and draw on at will, I uploaded the Exodus map and invited three of my fellow villagers in the hunt. This worked out very well as we mapped out everywhere we've been, and where we have not. We quickly created a systematic, easy to follow map of everywhere we have searched, and it was amazing. It was close to hour number four of searching Exodus that one of my good friends suggested that we share the map that I brought everyone together for with an outside group, Xallo and Alyeska. Now you're probably thinking "Wait poppy! This is where you went wrong! Why did you do that!?!?" Haha, yes my friends, I know. But I trust people to easy, maybe that is my fault. I shared the link to Alyeska, the current point of contact for the time being and off they went! They borrowed some horses from our village and started sailing to points we have not mapped on our shared project. Within 20-30 minutes they found the Blue Dragon by visiting a location we have not fully explored (U12 of Exodus) And it was annotated as such on the map. Now we were all very happy about them finding the Dragon, as we all expected to be apart of this awesome slaying for scale and blood... That's the decent thing to do.. Right? Unfortunately it was not so. Initially Alyeska only allowed one of our villagers, who she was friends with, to attend this private slaying. And this made me very livid, my whole village contributed to this finding! We spent near 5 hours mapping Exodus and shared it with Alyeska in hopes of working together. Only to be rejected and excluded to the slaying, this seems very wrong in my book. Me, being as angry as I was about my village being left out, quickly PM'ed Alyeska with unsavory words and comments. This resulted in me being blocked almost instantly. About an hour later I am told that my village is now invited, but I am banned from the Blue Dragon Slaying and all future private hunts with the group. Seems a bit ironic? Creating a map that led to the direct capture of this Dragon and being excluded for defending my village. And now Alyeska, you expect me to apologize to you just to be invited into your secret super awesome group? I think not ma'am. I will keep my pride for now. How do you all feel about this? Am I justified in my feelings? Looking forward from hearing from ya all Thanks. P.S Enjoy the public slaying all! They failed their private slaying and now are inviting all to help kill for private loot among their group.