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Found 4 results

  1. What if we had a system allowing us to know: 1) where are the merchants situated; and/or 2)which goods do they have It can be made through UI or as ingame mechanic. For example: Merchant owner can write goods listed for sale and merchant location.( That can be done using those papyrus sheets to make them more useful) That list can be sent as an object to anyone. (Using that list can add mark on the map for merchant location) And/or that list can be added to merchant database either accessible through UI or at the unique building/board at the main city.(although board can be craftable for more player-involved mechanic). P.S. Sorry if something like this was already discussed - don't even know how to search this subject.
  2. Despite choosing to "remember" my login, I keep finding myself being logged out the next day I visit the forums for a while now, and I've changed my password twice since the last "zomg it happened again" notice. Have you just decided to silently shorten the expiration date on these cookies, or...? Oddly enough, why only a post on the forums? Why are you not informing all players in any ways possible, to make them aware of the security leak that has apparently been abused at least twice? Official news item, E-mails. Yet, just a post in the GM Hall forum. Some people only knew by word of mouth, which is somewhat inappropriate. E-mails about the opening of Xanadu have certainly been sent out, why not a note that your password might have or seemingly certainly have leaked out? Or at least encrypted (thus decryptable data), or maybe just hashes that can be used in brute forcing or word lists etc.? I had not been giving it this much thought at first, because I was under the impression that the matter was handled appropriately, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's completely understandable to not disclose any details while investigations are still running, but it's closing in on a month now, and nobody talks about it anymore. So.. what's the status on this? What's the conclusion of the investigation?
  3. All tiles currently have data as to who passed over them and when for tracking. I am not sure how long this information lasts. I propose a second set of data be added to keep a log of the last 15 people to pass over a tile (ignored npcs stores name and time), lasts forever until overwritten. I also propose that every edge tile has an extra bit of data kept, when the last wall on it was destroyed (a date) and possibly what destroyed it (though this is not necessarily needed). (Note, this could also hold the name of the person who constructed a wall if a wall is present!) This would aid in protecting enclosures and also identifying if a player or npc destroyed an enclosure wall. How does this work? Person A breaks into person B's enclosure. Person B calls a GM, a GM turns up and looks at the tiles next to the broken fence, looks at who has been in/out and looks at the name/time and compares it to the time of the fence destruction. A simple comparison that could easily identify a thief and (also) give solid evidence as to the original owner of the enclosure (as they will always have an earlier datestamp than the thief).
  4. So, now that we've been on this model of forum for a good month or so - What have you picked up in the way of neat tricks? Please share them with the community to make the everyday usage more enjoyable! I'll start: This button found on the top left in the posting window allows you to disable the wysiwyg editor (the pretty text editor) and allows you to use BB-code. These options can be found here: http://forum.wurmonl...a=notifications Checkboxes in order are: Notification List / Email / Push Notification 1) I recommend checking push to notification list on this one. maybe uncheck push to email, because it can get spammy. 2) Same as above. 3) I think this is broken, I tried this out for a week or so with daily digest and it did nothing. 4) Same as above. 5) This is a VERY handy option. I personally only have push to notification list on. 6) This is on by default, it's a handy thing but can be unchecked if it gets too annoying. Note: Daily digest is not working, at least for the daily setting. So, any more neat tricks around that I didn't include? I'll edit the good ones into to this post.