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Found 14 results

  1. Yep, I joined the huge amount of bloggers out there, just today and mainly out of completely selfish reasons ;P I'm probably not the only one here who wants to make their own games and hopefully make a living from it, so I thought I should share my blog and maybe there are some nice conversations coming from it feel free to tell me what you think but be careful with criticism, I'm actually reading what people say and probably take too many things quite serious. So who else is out here wanting to make games or already did some ? some recent screenshot of my "first" game:
  2. Hi all, I am returning player, started to play some 5 years ago (don't remember fully), stopped few times, latest on Jan 16 and now returning back. My old deed is still intact (not claimed though), but I find it awkward to start 3rd time at the same place, also last time I stopped due to lack of company. I would like to join thriving active community. I am playing mostly nights (21:00 - 4:00) and I am in GMT +1 (CET) My char is premium and I am at some 60+ skills, see the dump with skills above 50 only: I am friendly, fluent in english and I love to adventure, hunt, chat and hang out. I gladly participate on any bigger projects and I also like to help newbies. PM here please, I will not be playing until I know where to go, as I have packed my sailship with leftover stuff and now I am waiting where to set sail to. I am currently on Deli, but I saw from activitiy PoV that Indy is very active so I will preferably move there. Cheers, Tom
  3. Want to offer nice Rare Goblin Leader Strange Bone [18:52:19] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting bid: 25s Reserve: none Buyout: 50s Min inc: 2s Sniper: 1 hour 3 days auction. Will cod it to buyer, or pick up h17/h18 Independence.
  4. Rare Grindstone - 20.27QL - 0 DMG - 3kg - Make Offer Rare Rock Shards - 9.12QL - 0 DMG - 15kg - Make Offer Rare Clay- 22.81QL - 0DMG - 2kg - Make Offer Rare Stone Brick - 14.18QL - 20DMG - 15kg - Make Offer 2 Sleeping Powers - 1.5s I'm located on Indie, around 17x, 37y and can travel somewhat (within an hour or so in my sad little sail boat).
  5. As the topic says, pm me! Have 20 atm, so quantity is not a problem!
  6. Hi, I'm playing Wurm for around 1,5 years now and I have a cozy small deed on Celebration. Recently I started looking at Independence server and I'm more and more leaning towards packing my toys and moving there. Created an alt and set it on Indie to look for some good spot. Any1 know of any good coastline empty spots that I could settle in? I heard that there is a lot of open space/ruins as players left Indie and so on, but at the same time I dont want to land in a completely deserted area. Any pointers would he highly appreciated, Thanks,
  7. Tools Sold. Please Close Post.
  8. WANT TO BUY VYN PRIEST High Chanelling High Favor This is whats most important to me. That and not a awful name. PM me if you have what im looking for we can negotiate.
  9. ENCHANTED TOOLS FOR SALE Will ship any where on Freedom Cluster you pay COD. Butcher Knife x3 (1) 21 QL 73 COCPrice 94 Coppers (2) 71 QL 75 WOA Price 1 silver 46 Coppers (3) 80 QL 76 COC Price 1 Silver 86 Coppers Shovel x3 (1) 73 QL 85 WOA Price (2) 71 QL 80 WOA (3) 19 QL 79 COC File x2 (1) 71 QL WOA 73 (2) 21 QL CoC 72
  10. NICE GEM LOT FOR SALE Gems 1.7 copper per QL selling all as a package deal. Source Crystals x15,10 copper each, selling separately I offer free shipping to Indie,Deli,Exodus,Clebration Over All view of all gems grouped for sale. Sapphire Group Ruby Group Diamond Group Emerald Group Opal Group Total Sapphire Group Ql : 577.82 Total Ruby Group Ql: 305.01 Total Diamond Group Ql: 881.47 Total Emerald Group Ql: 324.44 Total Opal Ql: 255.58 Total QL 2,344.32 Total Price for Gems : 39 Silver 85 Copper 34 Iron Total price for Source Crystals: 1.5 Silver PM if you have any questions, Thank you for viewing my forum posting. Yamuliss This lot of Gems SOLD- Please close post
  11. Want to sell gems. Clearing out some of my stock. 405.95 Worth of QL Opals 625.23 Worth of QL Sapphires 442.52 Worth of QL Rubbies 917.02 Worth of QL Diamonds 495.35 Worth of QL Emeralds Price is 2 copper per QL Total 57 Silver, 72 Copper 14 Iron Won't take less I also have a Star Ruby I have a lot of source crystals. Message back if you like price on the source Crystals or Star Ruby. (NO LONGER AVAILBLE FOR SALE)
  12. Hello : ) We are a fairly new village ( Mountain Meadow), with a great start, in a great alliance. We're located in east Indie. We are recruiting a limited amount of mature (as in 30+age), quality people. Looking for someone not afraid to do things for themselves. We already have a bunkhouse, but will help you get going, help you with a house, tools, and share what we have. Send a tell to Ezzy or Column, or you may contact me on Skype. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Good Luck!
  13. Wts Cog on indie, pickup only, includes lock, anchor, and key, 10s pm me for details also: selling rafts 10c each, for every 10 rafts you buy get five free ^.^
  14. At Copper Fortress Coordinates: 33x49y. Indie PM or post prices. Thanks.