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Found 18 results

  1. Hello I Personally Think Its Time we upgrade the Indi Community Map To Look like the Xanadu Community Map. If you wish to vote please click on the link below and vote and comment as well Thank you
  2. WTS 52k Dirt 6.1.2017 upda WTS ( 6x )Active Bee Hive / 5s each 6.1.2017 update ( we waiting for new catch bees ) ... We execute larger orders ... 1k = 1s Delivery for Free ... Minimal order 12,9k = 43 crate - 1 knar ... ... 25,8k = 86 crate - 2 knar ... ... 38,7k = 129 crate - 3 knar ... ... We do not execute order's on chaos ... Crates can be exchange or sell ( 10c each ) ... Kenshi & Payu ... Independence Vilage / Harbor - Oracle / Q-25
  3. Don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but there seems to be a dramatic increase in server lag over the past 10 days at least on Indi. I'm having to wait for over a minute routinely to be able to make any game inputs and moving from building to building is excruciatingly painful having to wait for the doors to open. I'm having a hard time grinding and not completely wasting my sleep bonus - seems more than half of my sleep bonus is wasted in lag. Game is almost unplayable for long periods of time. I have checked to see if it is my ISP but speed tests (including ping) show that the lag is NOT an ISP problem. It seems to be worst between 2300 and 0300 UTC. Did something change recently with the game that affects server lag?
  4. WTS Dirt ... We execute larger orders ... 1k = 1s Delivery for negocjations ... We do not execute order's on chaos ... ... We work for You'r satysfaction ... ... Kenshi & Payu ... Independence Vilage - Amun Ra / Q-24 Harbor - Port / Q-25 Bulk Items QL Price In stock Dirt non 1k / 1s 38.700 Concrete non 100 / 1s 100 Bricks non 1k / 2s 3 000 Collosus Bricks non 1k / 3s 0 Mortar non 1k / 2,5s 0 Large Crates 30QL / 50QL 1 / 10c 0 Price of sector Supply YELOW FREE MOROON 50c ORANGE 1s BLUE 1,5s RED 2,5s BLACK No delivery
  5. SELL Brik's 1k / 2s TOTAL 3k = 6s SELL Mortar's 1k / 3s TOTAL 1,5k = 4,5s 10,5s
  6. COLLECTION FROM LAMA RANCH NEAR LAMA CITY. I'm selling bulk and small qtys of Low QL Iron between 1-7 (mixed batches no garuntee of higher ql iron), pre smelted. 1i for every 5, buy 20 pay for 15, or buy 50 and pay for 40. I'm not in a position to make deliveries and as such will not be doing them, the Iron os kept locked safely away untill you arrive to collect it, payment may be made in advance or on collection but credit will only be given to regualr customers, if payment is made in advance And I am not online the key will be hidden in a location that will be shared with, and only with the buyer, of payment os to be made on collection, I will be present.
  7. I'm so happy to have finally made it back to Wurm online now that it is once more Mac compatible. However it hurts, my old character is long gone and nearly 2 years of progress little more than a memory... I will be looking to start again on Idie's Freedom Isles, it will be interesting to see how mich jas changed since I last played, and if i can find them, i look forward to seeing old face again, but for now I will need help; shelter, Conversion to vynora and some tools to get me going os all I ask, i am more than willing to work fields and mines to pay my way untill i am back up to strength. I will tey to be online tonight.
  8. in case of questions, read the title again. in case of anything else, read title again. unknown 'features' prevented casting. Sorry for all the hassle and thanks for all the nice comments. Thread can be closed.
  9. Hey there, So apparently Rite of Spring cast is available for Independence server again. To give people enough time for travel and burning their sleep-bonus, I like to announce the casting for next Sunday at around 9 p.m. (CEST - central european summer time) [or is it standard?] - anyways here is your timer: The casting will be happening at Silent Hill, favor will be supplied and anybody wanting to help with the fun is welcome. - with some luck we can sneak in a few sermons too for people lacking faith - hehe. We haven't decided who will do the casting yet, but with Smilingcat, Jekkumage and Wega we have some hope of succeding. - If you really think that you are more able than one of us, come along and we ll haggle out something (no we wont, or will we?) Cheers and have fun, Fritz
  10. Auctioning off this incredible piece of craftmanship (and bribing rng ofc) Compass, brass (w90), ql83,09, dmg 0.00, 0.60kg [19:05:14] A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar. [19:05:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.er.fritz'. [19:05:14] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [90] [19:05:23] You send your prayers to Vynora. haha Starting bit: 6 s reserve: no buyout: no time: about 4d from now - check with timer sniping: +1h
  11. as title states. ql95+ - 6s ql92+ - 3s ql90.5 - 2s pm ingame or here. cheers, Fritz
  12. looking for a lvl 94+ miner for surfice mining need a quote if need location plz pm
  13. It comes with Lock, Anchor.and woodtype of your choise. Price is 15s. It can be picked up at Galazia Akti (38x42y) on Indi.. Pm me ingame (also Leonardo) or at the forum.
  14. auctioning off this awesome piece of craftmanship. starting bid: 5s increments: 50c reserve: none sniper protection: none auction will run till around monday. longbow:
  15. selling of some lye, pick up or mail (mailing cost is yours)
  16. Looking for a huge axe, no enchants, just need to bash some walls. steel would be a bonus. The axe would need to be exchanged around the coasts between indi and deli. edit: removed maul