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Found 1 result

  1. This post is in regards to : Spying and infiltration is and has always been a huge part of any warfare. The more rules you place for gm's to manage the less of a sandbox and more of a document people need to read before they can even play the game. You have all the deed permission and can allow the players to govern themselves. Loyalty is built through trust and cooperation not GM rules! This is all part of the grander problem with pvp. There is nothing to fight for, no value or achievement to gain. At least back when permachamps where a thing the wl and bl held value. Now they serve as nothing more than a point of reference in travel, or top up points. Giving faith, some Dr or recharge the little used and over valued artifacts. You need to stop making PvP a hand holding contest, repair the economy of wurm. Especially in PvP in relation to deeds and kingdoms. Beyond that you require a huge overhaul of objective based war. With meaningful gains beyond a few numbers (land,rank) and a few lumps of metal that had once been rare. Beyond this everyone is see a thread of PvP ban, warning. The GM team are quickly becoming more prominent and invasive on PvP servers, often. Making quick irrational calls with little thought or regards to the long term effects it will have. I myself and many people I have played with directly refuse to build a pmk due to how a situation had been handled. When you(Enki) yourself took a banned item(crown) and handed it to a player with no deed, no title or any really claim to have out any long term monitery value in to the kingdom. This is a perfect example of how harsh and incomprehensive decisions can allenate players, many of them have not and will not return from this single event alone. I myself had been burnt out and hardly played wurm online, everyone I look to return I see another failing moment of judgement with the community of the remains players out crying against the decision. This can only be reflected in the slowly reducing premium membership. I have a special place for wurm and really hope it succeeds in the ever growing and competitive market it is in but things need to change and more rules enforced by GM rulling, taking up valuable time that the few good ones have to deal with these senarios such as infiltration that already have game mechanics to prevent. Stop going beyond the required intervention unless absolutely necessary and if you do, make sure all players are equally compensated. Update: General agreements/over arching and repeated comments.