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Found 11 results

  1. Short explanation: Make the mouse tooltip show more information about the hovered over item in the world depending on your skill: Similar to farming, forestry, gardening, etc, this could show which item is needed for improval, the quality, etc. Long explanation: This suggestion is mostly aimed at items that can't be picked up, but can be improved (chests, forges, ovens, guard towers, ...). Example: You start with skill 1, hover over something, and don't get any extended info. Every 10/15/20/?? (just some arbitrarily chosen numbers, up to the devs to decide the ranges) skill points you get more information in, and larger range of, the tooltip. Possible information include: Required active item for improval, quality of the item. This feels natural, as with increased skill, it should be possible to easily identify the status of the item. Again, similar to farming or gardening/forestry. Explanation: Let's use a large chest as an example here. When improving those, which can't be picked up into the inventory, I often times have to either pay really close attention to the event tab, or spam examine every now and then, so I know which item to activate to proceed with improving. It would be much easier to have such vital information readily available on the mouse cursor tooltip, similar to forestry, which shows you that there is indeed a sprout to cut, or farming, which lets your know that the field is untended. This way you could stay hovering over the item, use your bound keys for the toolbet slots and just keep improving. For the large chest example, the tooltip would read: large <wood> chest, [pelt] This would show that you need to have a petl active to continue improving. The [pelt] part is the one that unlocks with more skill and could also show hammer, chisel, needle... you name it. Sure, you could load some of those items into a large cart, and then use that as a substitute inventory, but that approach sounds really clunky, and not all items can be loaded (guard tower?). To not annoy people that don't want to permanently see this info, and to stay in line with the other jobs, there could either be a toggle in the settings, or only the expanded tooltip info show as long as you have a suitable tool activated.
  2. Unfinished waystones (still needing a compass) may not be improved (no option to improve) despite showing a shards icon in the imping column. Are they meant to be imp-able? or Is the display of the shards in the imping column an error? Thanks for looking into this.
  3. My idea is to make it so you will get different looks for furniture and items that are for looks more then usefulness. For instance a bed's quality has no use, and there is no reason to improve it. You get just the same amount of sleep bonus in a 1ql. as a 100 ql. one, and you cant see the difference. What if we give reason to improve these items? The looks would change and the higher the quality the more elaborate it looks.
  4. I will check replies and update this post. N.B. - Post is being re-built / updated as I figure out what Rolf has broken (Seriously, good job, I am back because you did so much bug hunting. Well done!) With all the really exciting big changes, I thought that we should start requesting some features to polish and smooth out the experience, only improvements or alternation of what we already have: Deeds: Permission change for allies with item pick up. (Implemented) Ability to allow individuals to build. Designating tiles to individuals with individual permissions (**). Individual specific roles for people on a deed. (Implemented) Perimeter in one direction Activity / production indexes to give bonuses to villages with multiple players (look at ways to discount alts from this.) Creatures could be more aggressive toward and do damage to small deeds at night to discourage 0-1 populations. (**) This means you can create parcels of land, like a sub-deed to lease our or give to friends. As an option for leasing: Upkeep can go directly to that parcel and decay to the rest of the deed if the parcel holder is paying. Ships: Reduce the cargo of Knarrs, they will still be fast raiding ships and party transports. Give caravals the ability to load animals and to have an inbuilt forge / oven to work while sailing + bed to get SB. How many crates you can load could depend on quality up to the maximum. Number of animals you can tow or load can depend on quality. There can be a minimum quality to enable animal loading. Ships lower sails and have speed based on quality level. - "Run" + "x speed" + "hit land" = "Push boat / dig it out causes QL damage" Ocean creatures cause damage when fighting them, like trolls to carts Crossing servers damages ships. Ships need new sails, oars and ropes time to time to be added to their ships as part of repairs. I believe the building of ships is a village goal and should remain as difficult as it is. See above for ideas on making villages viable. There are two main things you can use with ships to help fix their economy. Damage and quality level. Not that the quality changes are listed first and recommended in that order. Damage penalises bad navigators. Why were you "running" your ship at land or shallow canal with a gale behind you? Why were you doing that in a caraval or cog? This may also mean that large ships need to be moored further out with smaller ones being needed to get to and from them. Dragging a flotilla of rafts full of crates and such might be an option. However, caution! This could be a real nuisance, more complexity without real depth added to the game. Animals: [Domesticated] trait. Move cows about more for less packing. (Attempts and changes seem to have been made.) Fix NE corner of field gathering bug Names for all domesticated animals. Can not target the horse you are riding. (Implemented) Horse health bar. Allow newbies to hitch a cow to a small cart and lead it. Pretty pretty please!!! This would be so cute!!! Bridles actually improve turning circles (and maybe reversing?) (Better idea : used to lead animals now.) Saddles, barding, shoes for cows and bulls - war-cow!!! Animals being lead clip through houses. Pops out if left as a surprise. (Pass door flag) Armour, weapons and combat: Repair all weapons and armour option. Cloth, leather & studded boost / don't penalise bow rate of fire and huge weapons offensive. (Implemented) Weapon balancing and formations Other tools as weapons, example: butcher's knife could be quicker than a small sword with less damage and parry. Key binds for archery. Armour racks display different types of armour depending on the highest QL item in them. Miscellanous: Watch bars - right click someone or an animal get a little bar with their health and name under or next to it (similar to target window in function but like timers in appearance) Bound "Take" key works on crates and brings up the amount menu or it default to as many as we can carry. Unloading the half of the server you passed through three hours ago. Getting off a cart as a passenger even in your own home and getting stuck in the building's walls. Lighten up mines. (? Need info, seems it has happened?) Inventory auto scrolls to see newest item at the bottom / put it at the top. Allow body stat gains on de-prems, suppress their abilities. They have paid and will in all likelihood pay again. Chaos dragon armour needs to be improved with dragon hides. (1) (Chaos dragon armour drops when you log out?) (1) Vynora characteristics are going up 10% faster, consider other faiths. (2) The follower bonuses need to be normalized Sell to token part of tutorial that ends with new players getting a mallet from a merchant. Please soften crossing tiles diagonally, using a % and previous tile, so horses don't get stuck so much. Metallurgy + Jewelry = priest statuettes with mixed metal textures and better details. Ash from forges / ovens etc, quanties by time burning or kgs of fuel used. Wood typing all items, either all pine or all the varieties. Change the side the ladders up in houses are displayed. Using cutlery means you can eat meals sooner. Ability to kick/jettison someone out of the cart/boat Keys - only make copies from iron, only iron can unlock, copper keys can only be given by iron key holder. Seasoning, HFC and meals. Grass, sand, steppe textures for concealed mine doors. Name (Implemented) and alliance permissions for carts and boats. One passenger for wagons. /bank command Character names defining different clients. Crops take longer to become ripe and give the right yield for time on deeds. Align push and pull to grid Add friends from chat window. Roof planning Title bonuses, such as weapon smithing Player versus Monster: Troll King drops something more useful. Raids - use "champ" named creatures that require teams to kill them. Dragons re-spawn randomly as uniques across the server after death. (This has changed?) Nathan + Nahjo gives BL pretty much a full set of spells except for Nimbleness. Please either add Nimbleness to Tosiek or make BoTD's speed bonus apply to weapons in the same way. The following are legacy to explain responses in this thread and have no present value: (1) - "the end result is that dragon armour is rare as [-----] and still great, but prohibitively difficult to maintain or field with any regularity so most folks fight in full plate. "and what do you know, when dying doesn't mean you lose over $137 USD in equipment that you can't get back through normal means, people are more prone to PVPing" (2) - "Magranon has +25% to all things archery and all things shields, which is nice and all, but that's only to the skills themselves but if I'm grinding archery, I'll take +10% archery +10% bow skill +10% BODY CONTROL over +25% archery +25% bow skill" (3) - "We have NO EQUIVALENT to Locate Soul, so blacklighter villages have to log in to a [---- (cursed)] "Vyn priest alt just to track enemy movement from afar. "NO EQUIVALENT to Nimbleness but for Truehit, a [------] combat buff that any enemy priest can dispel "if a Libila village tries to go purist and have no WL alts, they are [------ (in trouble)] because their weapons can't hit for [---- (with any effectiveness)], they can't grind [skills] [---- (as well as the others)], they can't track enemy movement [----- (with the same ease or ability)] "Nothing stops a white-lighter from pumping his stats & skills as a Vyn follower before converting to Mag/Fo, going priest, and reaping the benefits of a well-developed character" Legacy threads: FarmerBob for additional items/previous conversations Propheteer - (Theater Thread) Changes suggested from the Epic server - Currently inactive but a great list from another perspective Lockehalfblood - General suggestion thread looking for (a lot of contested) ideas to address Chaos/Wild "end-game" gameplay Hussars - Tarting Wurm to attract players.
  5. I would love to see an enchant that would increase the chance to improve an item/decrease the chance to damage it. However, to balance this out, your timer would be longer and you'd receive less skill gain. Would be great for saving those precious amounts of drake hide or scale when skill and time don't necessarily matter as much.
  6. As the game currently stands, the only title that actually matters is Armor Smith. With the Armor Smith title, you have a slight bonus to imping armor items, to help you in your craft as long as you have the title on. With that the only exception, no other skill title exists for any purpose other than bragging rights. I could never understand why the developers would choose to give a bonus to imping armor, and nothing else. I'm sure most players would really enjoy having some sort of advantage to their craft of choice upon reaching a title, but right now, the only people who get any bonus from their titles are armor smiths. I'm proposing that some sort of slight bonus is implemented for each title, so players can have a greater sense of accomplishment and benefit from their titles, because right now you pretty much just pick the title that sounds the coolest at the end of your name, regardless of what kind of craft or trade you are most known for. For example: People have suggested making arrows easier to imp, or come out at a greater creation QL. Why not have this be a benefit of wearing a fletching title? Weapon smiths and blacksmiths could have imp benefits similar to the armor smith title; I don't see why they shouldnt, because weapon smithing is actually quite a bit more difficult than armor smithing. Woodcutting titles could increase the damage you do to the tree with each swing, allowing you to cut down those difficult trees more quickly. Hot food cooking titles could increase the rate at which you cook at your quality cap. In general, I believe that most players would like to see some sort of benefits from their titles similar to what armor smiths already enjoy. What say you?
  7. I have made several common wool hats and some did not have the option to improve at all, with yarn activated. Some could be improved with yarn and then the option ceased. The 6 hats now range from 6.76 to 22.56 ql Is this a bug or intended limitation to imp'ing?
  8. Hi, I wtb a Plate set. Should be QL 60+ I saw offers on Xanadu for QL70 ones 2s a set so it should be in that range. Pls post ur price or pm me / let me know if u know one. I can pickup on Pristine, maybe Release too. AND i need a skilled weaponsmith on Pristine who can imp. my Huge Axe from QL50 to QL80. (its enchanted but i heared that doesnt matter) Save Travels, Simju
  9. Hey there, I am making a trip around Xanadu to see the new lands of miracles and wonders. Current location - h11 So as to improve the life of everybody settling there, I offer my humble service consisting of decent skills mainly in the field of processing and improving wooden items. For instance i will improve your floor looms and wooden spirit cottages/castles, provide you with decent tools like mallets and fishing rods, cut some (or some more) logs for your own imping requirements and so on. A short list of my service: Carpentry (ql 95) Fine Carpentry (ql 95) Bowyery (ql 95) Wood-Cutting (ql 95) Ship-Building (ql 90) House-planning (up to requirements of 99 carpentry) Alaz, with all the children I have to feed and an ever complaining woman (standing behind nearly everyone), I have to confess, I will have to charge a bit for my service: Carpentry: ql 91 92 93 94 95 W 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.0 5.0 Fine Carpentry items will go with same pricing + .50c; Bowyery with + 1.0s Pricing for a bunch of logs is negotiable - as are the costs of travelling to your location ( For further questions, you can pm me here or ingame where I am available with the same name. Have fun everybody out there and see you soon on Xanadu, cheers, Fritz
  10. Hi Since last reboot of the servers I've noticed I can improve lamps that aren't hot or glowing from heat. Actually, I can improve turned off lamps planted on my deed, lamps in an unlit forge... All lamps are unlit or truned off, examining does not show any info about temperature, but can be improved. I've tried with iron lamps, and torch lamps I put some lines from the game: [00:21:49] A decorative lamp head on a wooden post. The lamp is firmly secured to the ground. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Ql: 40.471516, Dam: 0.68853724. [00:21:49] You need to temper the lamp by dipping it in water while it's hot. [00:22:14] You start repairing the lamp. [00:22:15] You repair the lamp. [00:22:34] You start tempering the lamp. [00:22:45] You will want to polish the lamp with a pelt before you improve it. [00:22:53] A decorative lamp head on a wooden post. The lamp is firmly secured to the ground. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Ql: 41.164127, Dam: 0.0. [00:22:53] You will want to polish the lamp with a pelt before you improve it. I assume is a bug, because previously they needed to be glowing from heat in order to allow improving. Regards
  11. Ill send you a jar of water that you can dump into your own barrel to create an infinite supply of enchanted water for Smithing imps. WoA 24 / CoC 54 1s reply here or pm Keiser in freedom isles.