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Found 10 results

  1. There is so much missing from this profession to make it used by the people that it needs improvement, these are my ideas and additional ideas by Eleraan please if you have any more great ideas to tag into this as well let me know! New items: Glass (made with sand and ash mixture when both are glowing) Pliers, Scissors Spatula and Pelt, for improvement tools. (would use metallurgy for it's skill) Small Glass Bottle - 2kg Variant of the jar. Large Glass Bottle 10kg Larger version of the flask. Wooden Tankard - 2 planks, 1 small nails, 1 ribbon 1kg Yeast made from mushrooms, fruit and berries, (and potatos) used in tandem with herbs and woodscrap to increase the complexity of a fermenting beverage changing it's affinity and timer. Beer Tap, Using a carving knife on reed fiber to create. Used to 'tap' a barrel for dispensing a set amount of liquid using the 'fill' option, similar to a measuring jug. Once tapped a barrel would not be able to be opened until it's contents are gone. the tap is used up after one use. Herb Drying Rack - Made with 5 planks, 2 small nails and 10 pegs. Would be used to dry herbs and spices for use in brewing and beverage making. Tea Bag, made with dried herbs, and a satchel to steep tea and make more complex teas. New Herbs Green Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Black Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Ginseng - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing New Crops Chili Peppers, used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Black Peppercorn Used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Edit- Trellis' could work really well for this as well. New Tree Coconut Tree (season is the hottest part of summer) - High difficulty tree for forestry New Alcohols Pineapple Flavored Everything Fruit & Berry Flavored Vodkas Fruit & Berry Flavored Whisky Fruit & Berry Flavored Moonshine Fruit & Berry Flavored Rum Coconut Flavored Everything Using the Drying Rack, and the ability to pick seeds from existing herbs to make lots of different flavor profiles to be used in beverages and have this be the determining factor of what beer becomes instead of what woodscrap is used to do, and have it be more complex recipes or even new recipes for our alcoholic beverages.
  2. Couldn't find a thread on the matter when searching so apologies if one does in fact exist already, but here goes: The improved interface for receiving mails ingame is great, it shows: - Item name (which also tells you if it's rare or not) - Quality - Damage - Receive [] - Return [] - Cost in G S C I - Sender - Expiry - Enchants Picture example in this post: (the [] indicate that it's a checkbox in the interface) BUT The interface for sending mails looks the same as before the changed interface for receiving was implemented. It could use some improvements in order to be easier and more intruitive to use. Image 1 and 2 shows what it currently looks like. Image 1. The first part of the mailing interface Image 2. The second part of the mailing interface - The first thing to note here is that it lacks a lot of the useful information that the interface for receiving mails has. It could be argued that "you know what you put in there", but as soon as you start sending multiple items at once it becomes evident that more information about the items would be useful. - The second thing is that the checkbox named "Check this if you do not want to go to the next screen" (seen in Image 1) is a bit ambuguous and counter-intuitive. When I started using the mailboxes ingame I remember that I thought that the checkbox was for skipping the pricing step - In other words send something without charging the receiver. I clicked the checkbox and expected that the "Send" button would then send my mail, but to my surprise it just cancelled the sending action. If you changed your mind about sending an item you just click the cross in the corner, so the checkbox isn't really needed. - Third thing is that there are some functions that would be useful to have regarding mailing that don't exist. Some of those functions are related to the sending interface and some are related to the sending as an action. As the sender of an item you lose all control over it once it has entered the system. Mails stay in the system for 14 days before returned (unless that changed) and before they are returned to the sender you have no way of knowing what mails have reached their destination and been paid for and which haven't. So, to wrap it up: Suggestions for improvement Include the information that is present in the receiving interface in the sending interface (excluding the checkboxes and the Sender column)Remove the checkbox in Image 1 named "Check this if you do not want to go to the next screen"Add a checkbox that actually lets you skip the second screen (Image 2) if you don't want to charge the receiverAdd a checkbox in the first part (Image 1) that lets you "Fetch Get Price", i.e. if you have a "Set Price" on your items you can let the mailing interface read that one and add it to the second part (Image 2) so that you won't have to enter it manuallyAdd a way to tell what mails you currently have active. Perhaps add a list attached to mail boxes, similar to how a priest can check the spell list on an altar, that shows you what mails are currently active in the system (it'd count as active in the system for 14 days since that's when items become returned by default). The list could show the sending information, Receiver and a current Status: - Received (or Paid for) - Still Pending - Returned
  3. Wurm players have always wanted a way to turn a non-water tile into a water tile and I have a few ideas that might make heading down that path a bit easier: Idea 1: Create koi (fish) garden pond items (basically a water basin) that you install into a tile like floorboards. This could consume one tile as a single small pond or you could create multiple items that would create a bigger pond that would take more tiles (think of a pie cut into four equal pieces (+) that make up a larger item) and it could even be filled with water like a fountain or placed like a well to fill on its own. This could provide water in deserts/steppe/tundra and on top of mountains, where you currently have no access to water if you are above water level, making it more difficult in these fantastic places. Imagine an Oasis in the middle of a desert/steppe or a hotspring resort on top of a mountain, or even a fish farm far inland! It would certainly help fishers hold their catch. I also had some other idea's: A multi-story stair or floor that is a trap door (so think in pvp if you you pass/bash through a gate or into a building, go up some stairs and step on a trap door and get trapped in a makeshift jail below). And another idea that could add some more capacity to multi-story buildings is theorizing that you could somehow add additional coded containers per height level for each floor which would allow you to treat each floor level as its own tile with its own tile contents, instead of just a single tile with multiple floors. This would allow you to do things like add trees on top of buildings, or other tile enhancements that are currently restricted to single tile. I don't know if this is possible but I thought that it would be worth looking into, if the devs already hadn't. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, I'm sure they would improve the game and help players accomplish more in the game as well as more personal enjoyment.
  4. I will check replies and update this post. N.B. - Post is being re-built / updated as I figure out what Rolf has broken (Seriously, good job, I am back because you did so much bug hunting. Well done!) With all the really exciting big changes, I thought that we should start requesting some features to polish and smooth out the experience, only improvements or alternation of what we already have: Deeds: Permission change for allies with item pick up. (Implemented) Ability to allow individuals to build. Designating tiles to individuals with individual permissions (**). Individual specific roles for people on a deed. (Implemented) Perimeter in one direction Activity / production indexes to give bonuses to villages with multiple players (look at ways to discount alts from this.) Creatures could be more aggressive toward and do damage to small deeds at night to discourage 0-1 populations. (**) This means you can create parcels of land, like a sub-deed to lease our or give to friends. As an option for leasing: Upkeep can go directly to that parcel and decay to the rest of the deed if the parcel holder is paying. Ships: Reduce the cargo of Knarrs, they will still be fast raiding ships and party transports. Give caravals the ability to load animals and to have an inbuilt forge / oven to work while sailing + bed to get SB. How many crates you can load could depend on quality up to the maximum. Number of animals you can tow or load can depend on quality. There can be a minimum quality to enable animal loading. Ships lower sails and have speed based on quality level. - "Run" + "x speed" + "hit land" = "Push boat / dig it out causes QL damage" Ocean creatures cause damage when fighting them, like trolls to carts Crossing servers damages ships. Ships need new sails, oars and ropes time to time to be added to their ships as part of repairs. I believe the building of ships is a village goal and should remain as difficult as it is. See above for ideas on making villages viable. There are two main things you can use with ships to help fix their economy. Damage and quality level. Not that the quality changes are listed first and recommended in that order. Damage penalises bad navigators. Why were you "running" your ship at land or shallow canal with a gale behind you? Why were you doing that in a caraval or cog? This may also mean that large ships need to be moored further out with smaller ones being needed to get to and from them. Dragging a flotilla of rafts full of crates and such might be an option. However, caution! This could be a real nuisance, more complexity without real depth added to the game. Animals: [Domesticated] trait. Move cows about more for less packing. (Attempts and changes seem to have been made.) Fix NE corner of field gathering bug Names for all domesticated animals. Can not target the horse you are riding. (Implemented) Horse health bar. Allow newbies to hitch a cow to a small cart and lead it. Pretty pretty please!!! This would be so cute!!! Bridles actually improve turning circles (and maybe reversing?) (Better idea : used to lead animals now.) Saddles, barding, shoes for cows and bulls - war-cow!!! Animals being lead clip through houses. Pops out if left as a surprise. (Pass door flag) Armour, weapons and combat: Repair all weapons and armour option. Cloth, leather & studded boost / don't penalise bow rate of fire and huge weapons offensive. (Implemented) Weapon balancing and formations Other tools as weapons, example: butcher's knife could be quicker than a small sword with less damage and parry. Key binds for archery. Armour racks display different types of armour depending on the highest QL item in them. Miscellanous: Watch bars - right click someone or an animal get a little bar with their health and name under or next to it (similar to target window in function but like timers in appearance) Bound "Take" key works on crates and brings up the amount menu or it default to as many as we can carry. Unloading the half of the server you passed through three hours ago. Getting off a cart as a passenger even in your own home and getting stuck in the building's walls. Lighten up mines. (? Need info, seems it has happened?) Inventory auto scrolls to see newest item at the bottom / put it at the top. Allow body stat gains on de-prems, suppress their abilities. They have paid and will in all likelihood pay again. Chaos dragon armour needs to be improved with dragon hides. (1) (Chaos dragon armour drops when you log out?) (1) Vynora characteristics are going up 10% faster, consider other faiths. (2) The follower bonuses need to be normalized Sell to token part of tutorial that ends with new players getting a mallet from a merchant. Please soften crossing tiles diagonally, using a % and previous tile, so horses don't get stuck so much. Metallurgy + Jewelry = priest statuettes with mixed metal textures and better details. Ash from forges / ovens etc, quanties by time burning or kgs of fuel used. Wood typing all items, either all pine or all the varieties. Change the side the ladders up in houses are displayed. Using cutlery means you can eat meals sooner. Ability to kick/jettison someone out of the cart/boat Keys - only make copies from iron, only iron can unlock, copper keys can only be given by iron key holder. Seasoning, HFC and meals. Grass, sand, steppe textures for concealed mine doors. Name (Implemented) and alliance permissions for carts and boats. One passenger for wagons. /bank command Character names defining different clients. Crops take longer to become ripe and give the right yield for time on deeds. Align push and pull to grid Add friends from chat window. Roof planning Title bonuses, such as weapon smithing Player versus Monster: Troll King drops something more useful. Raids - use "champ" named creatures that require teams to kill them. Dragons re-spawn randomly as uniques across the server after death. (This has changed?) Nathan + Nahjo gives BL pretty much a full set of spells except for Nimbleness. Please either add Nimbleness to Tosiek or make BoTD's speed bonus apply to weapons in the same way. The following are legacy to explain responses in this thread and have no present value: (1) - "the end result is that dragon armour is rare as [-----] and still great, but prohibitively difficult to maintain or field with any regularity so most folks fight in full plate. "and what do you know, when dying doesn't mean you lose over $137 USD in equipment that you can't get back through normal means, people are more prone to PVPing" (2) - "Magranon has +25% to all things archery and all things shields, which is nice and all, but that's only to the skills themselves but if I'm grinding archery, I'll take +10% archery +10% bow skill +10% BODY CONTROL over +25% archery +25% bow skill" (3) - "We have NO EQUIVALENT to Locate Soul, so blacklighter villages have to log in to a [---- (cursed)] "Vyn priest alt just to track enemy movement from afar. "NO EQUIVALENT to Nimbleness but for Truehit, a [------] combat buff that any enemy priest can dispel "if a Libila village tries to go purist and have no WL alts, they are [------ (in trouble)] because their weapons can't hit for [---- (with any effectiveness)], they can't grind [skills] [---- (as well as the others)], they can't track enemy movement [----- (with the same ease or ability)] "Nothing stops a white-lighter from pumping his stats & skills as a Vyn follower before converting to Mag/Fo, going priest, and reaping the benefits of a well-developed character" Legacy threads: FarmerBob for additional items/previous conversations Propheteer - (Theater Thread) Changes suggested from the Epic server - Currently inactive but a great list from another perspective Lockehalfblood - General suggestion thread looking for (a lot of contested) ideas to address Chaos/Wild "end-game" gameplay Hussars - Tarting Wurm to attract players.
  5. For any Questions PM me in game(Hoppy) Or this account on the forums. As a customer loyalty system, all armor that bares my name(Hoppy) as maker will receive a 50% off bonus to all improvements and 10% off all sets of plate armor purchased after buying one full set of armor. Location:Xanadu/Chaos In game map= Xanadu, G11 (small island next to the large one) _____________________________________________________________________ -Plate Prices- Current Skill:[01:28:28] Plate armour smithing increased by 0.0115 to 80.293 (as of 3/29/2015) Creation Plate.......................................................50c 50QL Plate..........................................................1s 55QL Plate..........................................................1.5s 60QL Plate..........................................................2.5s 65QL Plate..........................................................3s 70QL Plate..........................................................4s 75QL Plate..........................................................4.5s 80QL Plate..........................................................5s 85QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) 90QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) 95QL Plate..........................................................(N/A) _____________________________________________________________________ -Plate Improvements- (Per one Point) 0-49QL................................................................50i 50-60QL...............................................................1c 60-70QL...............................................................2c 70-80QL...............................................................3c 80-90QL...............................................................5c ___________________________________________________________________________________ >>!!!Mol-Rehan Items!!!<< Mol Rehan Banners/Flags...40c per item Mol Rehan Tall Banners...1s per banner "lots of material" Mol Rehan Wagon...10s+1s for shipping I refuse to sell any moon metals so don't ask -Looking for individual parts?- Any armor parts will be divided by the the full set price and weight ratios. All payments can be paid in silver or Materials in game depending on what it is.
  6. Hello again Wurmians! i am a very active wurm online player and i have been thinking and it would be sort of cool for players to be able to create and join player made clans within or outside of kingdoms. I am aware that you can currently create groups for group chat but if you were a freedomer and wanted to jump into wurm and start a group of your own but didn't have the money to do so you could create a smaller group that could mabie have 10 people maximum and 2 minimum? would be nice to also be able to do this within kingdoms as well. +1 if you think this is a good suggestion! -Sericares
  7. Pets (or tamable creatures) should be able to be named once tamed. also specific armor for more mobs would also be cool. such as kingdom armor for bison bears etc. Just an idea. also Maybe a stable for horses would be kind of cool. you could maybe hitch the horses to a post and or in their stalls so they do not wander off or anything stupid. This could also have a permission set to take them from the stable in the manage vehicle option.
  8. Ok. I have been playing the game for a few days, and I have noticed a few things that might put alot of people off. Food: Firstly, food makes no sense. I had my guy eat 5 kg of food in the span of a real life hour, and his food bar barely moved. However, I go out, and forage, and come across a QL 60+ berry by luck, and eat it, and i got 20% hunger off of it. Now, My thought, as an aspiring game developer, is that the QL of your meal shouldn't affect hunger. I mean, even if i were to shovel 5 kg of mcdonalds (which is far from high quality fair) into my mouth, i would still be full. I would just get sick. I would be lethargic. My stamina wouldn't be what it was worth. So, I suggest the following change to be implemented. Rather that QL of food affecting hunger, it could affect your nutrition. Your nutrition could affect how much of a stamina hit you take for performing actions. so far, i have only ever been able to get to 50 nutrition, so i would take that as being 100%. Now. all things being equal, lets create an example. In this example, i am at 100 food and water, and 50 Nutrition. Sawing a plank from a log would cost me 20 stamina (just as an example). Now, With my thoughts on the system, you would have a very easy time sawing planks, if you were at full nutrition, and full everything. Now, lets say your stam regen was affected by nutrition. the lower your nutrition, as a percentage value, the higher of a stamina cost that your actions incurred. This means every action. Running, swimming, farming. It would reflect either an unhealthy or poor diet. Now, going with the same guy as above, you have 100 water and food, and 25 nutrition. That is 50% of full nutrition, so sawing a plank would cost half again what it normally should. In this case, sawing the plank would cost me 30 stamina (20 stam with an additional 50% penalty). So, now instead of being able to saw 5 planks back to back, i would only be able to saw 3.3 before my stamina is drained. Just a thought. Newbies don't have to spend the majority of their time scrounging for food and what not, but they still have to work their way up from the bottom. Just one of a few thoughts i have run into.
  9. I started this game about a month ago on Epic (after having taken a 4-5 year break.. but that's another story, this is my first real go at the game ) and started a settlement with a few buds. Anyway, I've noticed that the crafting for bulk items can be very tedious, and thought this up. A menu that shows all the craftable items for the item you started on (Clicking a rock shard with a chisel activated would show the normal options for that, but in a nicer menu) and next to each item name on the list would be a little icon for the item. Then once you selected an item from said menu list, there would be a "Create" button at the bottom and you could just click that button after each craft to create a new one until you ran out of usable resource or your inventory weighed too much. Here's a picture taken from another game that shows what I mean. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Polearms currently are not used much at all as a wepon class by wurmians. This could be rectified by adding a medium defensive or parray bonus to polearm class wepons. A staff or spear is a smuch a defensive tool as it is an offencive one as shown by most of the fighting styles that implement these wepons. in short i suggest these changes/additions *Improve parray chance or some other defensive bonus for polearms *bonus is not added when defending against archery *Add a shield bash type ability with polearms *Make polearms give a small bonus to climbing and stanima usage while climbing *Possibly a staff type wepon made with a staff and a gem that has favor stored in it to slightly improve preist abilities *A one handed short spear with 1.5 damage to mounted and pierce damage type comments welcome