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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Indy and other Wurmian communities. We need some help. There is an invasion on the Independence Server. There has been a rift that has spawned. A team of us went over today and got access to the rift area. However, there was an issue. With this rift, it is on the top of a mountain. There is a path all the way up to the rift and we made a road down off the top of the mountain to the edge of the mountain that the rift is on. But once we hit the edge of the rift and where unable to continue making the path down we decided to walk down into the rift area. That was a bad idea because once you climbed down you cant get back out without climbing out. The edges of thee rift go down the cliff and up the side of the mountain. Both of which are to steep for horses or carts to climb. So we where unable to kite mobs to the edge and kill them one by one like with the other rifts recently. So to make a long story short we need some help. We worry that this rift is going to remain unclosed. It is currently sitting at Wave 2 with 0 hearts saccd for wave 2. We had to bee summoned out of the valley because the combat didn't stop long enough to climb out. Below is a bit on information on how to get to the rift. When traveling to the rift use the highway system and find route to Wright Harbor. From there go west past the grapes grove along the main highway and follow the cobble road up. Follow the red line below on the Albia map. The second picture is what the road looks like when you come to the bottom of the road as it can be a bit hard to find. The easiest one to see is a gravel paved road going up the mountain. Once you find that go to the left 2 tiles and you will see a cobblestone road. that is what you are looking for. it leads all the way up the mountain. Once you get to the flat top go to the opposite corner and follow the road down. If we dont get a tea, of archers, fighters and fo priests (for light of fo since you cant leave the rift area) this rift is going to remain open. If you have any questions please ask. Map of the road leading up from Albia Roads Map Look for the cobble road within the red circle on the other side of the pens and grape fields on the west side of the main highway.
  2. Hi At the moment you can only begin a palisade on the ground, you can't build it on the border of a higher floor. I've had to throw away some lovely designs (kept forgetting that you couldn't do it) Does anyone think there should not be a limitation Obviously IRL a palisade sitting on a wooden building would likely collapse it but we have stone too.
  3. Please lessen them, they harm the playerbase. Its impossible to start for noobs on epic and even ppl that come back, its annoying and doesnt help our cluster at all.
  4. Hi, sorry.. is it possible to destroy a Bell Tower? I received no sure answers in CA Help and i kinda need to know. Built a bell tower on the wrong floor, cant move it up, can't destroy it. If i destroyed the floor it's standing on would it simply hang there, in the air.. drop down or vanish? (ps - sorry if this is in the wrong forum, im a bit tired)
  5. gonna start listing the items that don't work for missions, because they don't exist or other reasons feel free to post those you noticed so far i've seen: steel gloves: steel gauntlets can be made but it didn't work with those boats: can't pick them up edit: ok we can actually make iron sheets