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Found 3 results

  1. We all love DeedPlanner, Warlander's fantastic house and deed planning program. It is an awesome tool - definitely the best for creating and viewing maps of your current or future settlement in Wurm Online! Unfortunately, DeedPlanner is lacking a few functions that would be very nice to have. You cannot copy or move parts of a map, you cannot split maps into smaller parts or combine several maps into one. Also, you cannot store "templates" of your creations (buildings, structures, topology) as separate files. This is where DPMapAssist comes in! DPMapAssist is a little software tool for editing deed map files, made with DeedPlanner. ("DP" will be used as an abbreviation for DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist offers some edit functions that the original DeedPlanner does not provide: · Select an area of a DP map and copy/paste it to another location in the current map · Export an area to a new DP map file · Import a DP map file and paste its contents to any location in the current map · Erase a selected area of the map · Save the edited map to a new DP map file. With these functional additions (and working together with the original DeedPlanner) it is possible to: · Clear large areas of a map · Copy or move parts of a map to another location of the map · Split a map into several smaller maps · Combine several maps into one larger map. (Please note: DPMapAssist does not replace DeedPlanner, nor does it make DeedPlanner obsolete. On the contrary - you will still need the original DeedPlanner to work with your maps! DPMapAssist only provides some additional functions you may have missed in DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist was made for Microsoft Windows 10, but will also work with Windows 7/8. It requires the .NET Framework 4.5 (or any newer version), which already should be present on your computer if you are running Windows. Download DPMapAssist here: To install, just unpack the zip archive and copy the two files (DPMapAssist.exe and DPMapAssist.chm) to any folder you like. Double-click the exe file to run. The program comes with a help file (DPMapAssist.chm) describing how it works and what can be done! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmDate, WurmSkills , WurmStatus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updates: V 0.10 (19-Oct-2016): First beta release
  2. So I was thinking about how on Wurm Online you can export your deed to a deedplanner map file, but what about adding the reverse functionality for GMs on Wurm Online/Wurm Unlimited. As an example, for things like start deeds and GM terraforming, it's currently done manually ingame. The current gm terraforming tools seem to be mainly for leveling areas, but dont give much control beyond that (as was well observed with the attempted flattening of old elevation's hota craters). But what if you could do the terraforming/building planning in deedplanner and simply import the deedplan into a location ingame? For things like starter deed redesigns, this would greatly simplify the process, as instead of actually having to build it, you could instantly import it into the game. When there's a redesign contest, instead of having to manually replicate the winning player's deedplan ingame, you could just import the deedplanner map file itself. This would save a great amount of time whenever GMs have to do any sort of construction, and WU players would love it as they could have their same Wurm Online deeds easily imported into their Wurm Unlimited servers. Old and long lost deeds from Wurm Online where the deedplanner maps still exist could also be resurrected in Wurm Unlimited for their owners to once again enjoy. Just an idea that seems like it might be useful, and also really well received by the players. What do you think @Warlander@Budda@Keenan?
  3. As I mentioned in a previous topic me and Slinky were working on a Wurm skills dump to SQL tool. While working on getting the dump to SQL we had to find an easy way to parse the data and put it in to an easy form for making SQL queries... so we made a skills2CSV converter. Since then the tool(s) have evolved and they do a bit more than just convert the raw skill dump to an SQL file. The online tool: Forum post about our Wurm Database Spreadsheet: Download the Tool To download the tool for further development or testing locally we have now decided to release the tool: temporary URL Neither of us are pros at PHP/Javascript/SQLite so please excuse the quality of scripting. Most of it is commented so you should be able to understand what is doing what from where, etc. If you have any advice or input it would be greatly appreciated. The tool is provided as is and neither me nor Slinky will take any responsibility for you using the files. To use the tool simply upload to a PHP 5 enabled web site/server and extract the contents. You can name the WUChar directory to anything you like. All the rest is pretty self explanatory for people who understand PHP. It would be nice if someone could improve the security and/or convert this to Java so a portable version is available. If you know Java and understand PHP/Javascript/HTML forms and fancy having a crack at making a Java application out of this tool - please do! PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT use the SQL queries on a live server yet. If you do - you do so at your own discretion. There are warnings on the tools but I thought I'd just warn you beforehand. It's still a work in progress but I need people to test it. So far we've had no problem importing our own skills and adding attributes on to our test server and the skills work/update/degrade when you die just fine. To import the SQL file created: Shut down the server to avoid conflicts. If you are hosting the server yourself (or single player) then navigate to "DirectoryForWurmOrServer\<Mapname>\sqlite" e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\Adventure\sqlite Copy the UpdateSkills.sql file created with these tools in to this directory. Within this directory is an application called sqlite3.exe. Just double click this application and a command prompt-like window will open with sqlite> displayed. Type in the following, pressing return after each line: .open wurmplayers.db .read Update_Yourplayername_.sql The application will seem unresponsive for a second or two, then return back to the sqlite> prompt. Type the following then press Return: .exit (Thanks to epel for making this point) It should now have now completed the SQL queries and you should now be able to start the server or game again DONE: Insert affinities Insert Faith, Favor, Alignment, Karma and Priest/Follower status along with deity Add to inventory SQL queries (someone is going to have to help with item IDs /rarity/material/etc) - The inventories are kept in a different database, however should you develop a tool that connects to the wurmitems.db file, item ids can be found here on the item_data sheet. Set other character attributes Added so far: Kingdom GM status Bank balance Priest/Follower and Deity status Sleep bonus Karma Grant titles Only grants titles that are given by skills. Gives titles based on gender (which you must specify). Does not add Epic titles. Meditation path. Tested this with changing the server system time, adding time to the server time, and it gives questions dependant on level correctly for all paths, lets you advance properly, special abilities all work, server leaders show up for the paths, everything works as far as we can see... We would like some feedback on this as we've never been really high level on the paths before. We made it so that it generates the SQL file with an "update_", "max_" or "reset_" prefix so you can tell at a glance what the SQL file will do. Just in case you generated a few files. Credit for the inspiration and starting code for the CSV generator (first part of the tool) goes to