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Found 21 results

  1. I am looking to replace or imp my 32ql Huge Axe (iron). I am after the best QL possible, though my funds are limited.
  2. Currently the backpack is the only contianer that has this possibility, to show items not grouped under their item name. This allows us to better sort them by imp object when imping multiple items at the same time. You can see the difference in this screenshot: Both views of the backpack are sorted after imp item, however the one on the left is the "ungrouped" view, while the one on the right is an expanded view from my inventory. As you can see it's much easier to imp the items requiring leather for example as they are ordered one after another. However not all items can be put into a backpack. Those waterskins in my screenshots, shovels and picaxes to name a few. Also furniture. Therefore I think this should be a view toggleable by the player for any container: inventory, carts, barrels, etc. Maybe with the same context menu as "expand all"/"collapse all" actions.
  3. I have a mallet I need some help impling for the personal goal, from QL 97.87 to 98.99. /Dwain
  4. PRICE LIST ABOVE Rules: 1. Repair it before sending. 2.Send your shield to Kubon and rename it with desired ql and your name. 3. Minimum order value = 15c. 4. All orders will be made within 48 hours - if not you got it for free - unless order 100x 90ql shields 5.No longer fee for making shields rare/sup/fan! I also sell new shields, prices 80% as listed (<60 column)
  5. Hi, I'm Forrest and I live in a Forest. I'm opening a small Carpentry and Fine Carpentry store, supplying creation of new goods and imping of existing ones! So whether you need your old, worn down ropetool imped back into life, need a new fishing rod or just want one of those fancy thrones to peer down over your slaves villagers, you've come to the right place. I can currently do both Fine and Regular Carpentry items up to 90ql+. No quality is too low either... if you want something 50ql, I can do that too! (Can do 95ql+ on request) Pricing isn't set in stone yet, just shoot me a PM here or reply down below and we can work something out at a reasonable rate. Oh, did I mention I also accept items in barter? Currently I'm in need of veggies, creation rares, sleep powders and more... I'm open to a lot of things really, don't be afraid to ask!
  6. wtb imp steel - Great helmet
  7. Brief Information Contact in game: Chemiq About me: I'm a sailor, traveller between servers, alliances, villages just do offer my services, meet new people and chat with old friends. I belong to Xanadu and there's my home island, but I can't stay at one place for long time. I need to sail, only steady flow of waves calms me down. That's very interesting way to play, highly recommended! I take with me full crates of supplies, my tools and my skills to where it's needed. When you need my services let me know on forum or give me a shout in game. I will happily set my sails for a new (and old) direction. Do you wonder why it's so cheap? Well, simply because I love to grind and money is just a side effect not the reason for my actions. Pricing Of Services: Leather Armour Improve (Leather, Studded, Drake Hide): *price per piece **Improvements from 90 to 93 will cost difference only 93 QL - 66c 92 QL - 55c 91 QL - 44c 90 QL - 33c 80 QL - 22c 70 QL - 11c Fine Carpentry Improve: (Approx 1.5h while improving ropetool from 70QL to 92QL) *including any stationary things (floor looms etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 92 will cost difference only. 92 QL - 155c 91 QL - 118c 90 QL - 80c 80 QL - 28c 70 QL - 17c Carpentry Improve: *including any unmailable items (fishing rods etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 93 will cost difference only. 93 QL - 155c 92 QL - 122c 91 QL - 95c 90 QL - 77c 80 QL - 25c 70 QL - 12c Woodcutting (Up to 99.99QL): *consulted individually Feel free to send pm with details of your order and we will start negotiating price. Notice: All of my services are provided by tools with 95+ BoTD and 93+ QL atleast on it. Required amount of time for leather armour improvement process is reduced by half of it now! Pricing of items: *strikethrough items are made for order 80QL toolbelt (8 slot) - 40c 90QL toolbelt (9 slot) - 80c Policy Of Rares: I don't charge extra silvers when improved item turns into rare but tips are welcomed i would like to get them in hide if so but any form will be fine I want to thanks to everyone who entrusted their items to improvement. Thanks for trust Congrats to @Shydow for mallet which turned into rare Got also one successfull drum-roll imp on @SmokuS black drake hide jacket but unfortunatelly not this time
  8. Blastonia Smithy & Wares! Blacksmithing Prices (Any Items Listed at 20c or 35c are Buy 4 Get 5th FREE!!!) Tools 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Pickaxe 20c 35c 80c Hatchet 20c 35c 80c Shovel 20c 35c 80c Chisel 20c 35c 80c Trowel 20c 35c 80c Hammer 20c 35c 80c Saw 20c 35c 80c Rake 20c 35c 80c Leather Knife 20c 35c 80c Awl 20c 35c 80c Scissor 20c 35c 80c Needle 25c 40c 90c Small Anvil 20c 35c 80c Large Anvil 60c 80c 120c Horse Shoe 20c 35c 80c Lantern 25c 40c 90c Bulk Materials (Crates will cost 10c each if taken) Quantity Rock Shards Bricks Mortar Dirt Sand Planks Iron Ore S/L Nails Support Beams 100x 8c 20c 20c 8c 8c 8c 10c 10c 3s 1000x 85c 2s 2s 85c 85c 85c 1s 1s 30s 2000x 1.7s 4s 4s 1.7s 1.7s 1.7s 2s 2s 60s 3000x 2.55s 6s 6s 2.55s 2.55s 2.55s 3s 3s 90s 4000x 3.4s 8s 8s 3.4s 3.4s 3.4s 4s 4s 1.2g 5000x 4.25s 10s 10s 4.25s 4.25s 4.25s 5s 5s 1.5g 6000x 5.1s 12s 12s 5.1s 5.1s 5.1s 6s 6s 1.8g 7000x 5.95s 14s 14s 5.95s 5.95s 5.95s 7s 7s 2.1g 8000x 6.8s 16s 16s 6.8s 6.8s 6.8s 8s 8s 2.4g 9000x 7.65s 18s 18s 7.65s 7.65s 7.65s 9s 9s 2.7g 10000x 8.5s 20s 20s 8.5s 8.5s 8.5s 10s 10s 3g More You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! In your dreams! Most Items are Pickup Only and Small Discount Applyed for doing so. Leatherworking Prices 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Leather Set 50c 75c 1s Studded Leather Set 85c 1s 1.5s Drake Hide Set Not Availble Yet Toolbelt 80c 90c 1s Saddle 85c 1s 1.5s Leather Bardings Upon Request Only Located at Xanadu Q25 East of Esteron Coastal Imp-ing Policy: Prices are Subject to Change and Delivery will Come soon. More Content will be added as well.
  9. Nw Xan Impalong

    We will be hosting an impalong the From Dec 16-23 at Whitefall I8. This is coastal and can also be reached by land using a tunnel. The hosting staff includes Quiglen Deed Owner. Master of most things Wurmish including but not limited to Blacksmiths, weapon smithing, carp and fine Carp Chiqa, general slave > Mistress of fine carp, carp , weapon smithing and a few other fun skills BruceMcgee Provider of sanity and laughter Jashton All things Dirty Always has a shovel in hand Chulirac General in charge of nuisance. Lots of tasty skills he doesn't tell anyone about Silvirwolfe Mistress of pain/games <Excels in proper whip usage. Tria Mistress of sweetness and official staff herder (look out I hear she carry's a cattle prod) Uisge Master of chains and many other wonderful things. This list will be updated as friends sign their life away in blood for the event. Tools will be imped to 70 ql . Private arrangements may be made of course, you pay someone to imp well above 70ql at the event if you wish, and if they have the mats on hand, that would be up to impers discretion and they set their own prices. . Rules No sales please. This is a function based on giving , not taking . 1 type of item per person please, If you bring 10 frying pans expect 1 imped and the rest publicly returned. Basically "Don't Bee Funky " should cover it. Be nice and respectful to others or you will be asked to leave. For those or you that have asked about more specific rules. I recycled this from Jaz with permission of course. Rules: as the impalong is mainly intended to help the newer players, who are attending the event in person, the following rules are in place: Always name your items (rename: your character name), items without names will not be worked on. Please put the items into the correct container (forge, coffin, etc), you can consult the Wurmpedia or ask if unsure which item belongs where. For example sacrificial knife is weapon, candelabra is jewelry item... Where backpacks etc. are in the forges or other containers, please put your items -that fit inside- into any of these subcontainers, to max out the available space. All Forges have Backpacks please place your items inside them when possible. When an item is ready, the imper will post /me <name> <item name> is ready into the local chat, causing the line to appear in yellow text. Please pick up your item as soon as possible to make space for new items in the containers. If a container is full, please wait until some space is freed up. Do not take out the items that do not belong to you even if you are the imper, do not move them into another containers. Staff will handle overflow. Items will be imped to 70ql max - if you wish anything imped to higher, please arrange it in PM with the impers, preferably arranged after the event closed Odynn is making steel for us and some others may be donating. Steel imping will proceed as usual. Jazz has donated gold, gold and silver imping will proceed. Due to low yield of Wool , we will not be imping any wool items. We will have casting. You are responsible to only put 70+ql and above items in for casting, in case of shatter there is no recourse. It is a chance we all take. Put your name and the cast you are wanting on the item please. other wise it will not be casted on. Please limit to 1-2 items per person. Lets not break the priests. Rules may change during the event based on the circumstances, if updated, it will be announced in local chat If you have issues or questions please contact the members of the organizers Please be kind to each other, this week is for fun and to meet each other Hosts and a few volunteers are donating sac items, if you can donate more please do so, just bring it with you when you come. Logistics: The imping and sermons are done in a single building to support the priests with the biggest possible audience. On Deed Inn provided (36 beds) Food and water is provided On-deed pens with enchanted grass available, please bring branded animals to avoid leading and other access issues Please start signing up below for imping. Impers Trimm: Blacksmith/Leatherworking Bdew: I'll attend with my usual BS/LW/SHS/Carp Revelation: Shieldsmithing, blacksmithing, carp and fine carp. Pinchi: I will help with Blacksmithing for sure. BrandonSF :90+ Shield smithing, Carp, Blacksmithing, Arrows. Cecci : I'll pop over for sure, doing fine carp and maybe something more, like leatherwork or so. Vindekator: Shipbuilding, Carp, Masonry, Hot Digity Uisge Chain Ehizellbob Cloth, carp, Fine Carp Gooner Blacksmithing StarGrace carpentry, fine carp, weaponsmithing, blacksmithing Zetzu Carpentry Toriyo Bowery Shrimpie LW and CT Jamuszsram blacksmithing, chain armour smithing Irbiska : ship building, carpentry Roysta Blacksmithing / Leatherworking Fine Carp / Ship Building / Chain Armour Rocklobstar Blacksmithing MissWilc LW, CT, BS, and FC Fendir Blacksmith and Weaponsmith. Odynn Most things Metal As we get things planned (games etc this post will be updated. 10/16/15 Update Quiglen has offered the use of his Artisans hall that he originally built for impalongs. We have held an ally imp along there in the past. For this reason we are moving the impalong to Whitefall. The building is complete, we just need to dust off the cobwebs, Screenies will be coming before too long. Any of the other metals that can be donated at 70 ql ish would be welcome as well as prizes for games. Feel free to contact Silvirwolfe regarding games. She can be reached here on the forums via pm or ingame. 11/14/15 See the new and improved Hall below! We have iron, cotton, logs in stock on site. Gold has be pledged for delivery before opening day. Any donations for contests prizes would be welcome. Quiglen and I just completed a very nice 2 lane wooden Bridge to traverse between MBS and Whitefall. 11/29/15 The Inn is complete Material gathering is nearing completion Creating sac material is getting started. Odynn is hard at work on this . Anyone making Donations please pm me to facilitate coordination. Don't forget to contact Chulirac regarding sermons. Prizes Rare Saw 93 ql Donated by Pinchi Rare Grindstone Rare 70 ql Smelting pot donated by Bonegetter 90 ql Exquiset Meditation rug Ehizellbob Rare Bear Hat Wilca RAre purple Flower Pot Wilca Rare Cloth Hood Wilca Rare Large Iron Shield Rare Long Bow Toriyo More coming soon as We get donations. Spellcast has graciously differed to make a teleport very close to deed so that no one needs to miss out on the treasure hunt. we will post signs directing to it.
  10. Parent thread is here, info will be updated this evening.
  11. Dioptra imping service: From ANY ql: to 80ql - 1s to 90ql - 2s PM me here or ingame (Jaz or Zaj)
  12. Looking for someone on Xanadu (lower mail costs) to improve my leather knife, awn and needle. Mid 80s now and need 95+ Send me a PM with price and how high you can imp. (Services contracted)
  13. My valuable two handed iron sword (4 enchants) is down to 45ql, so I'm looking for a skilled and trustable weaponsmith who is able to imp it to 80ql. He/she should not be too far from the southeast peninsula of Deli (south or east coast would be ok). Please send me your offer using PM. EDIT: Done, pls. close
  14. as the titles says, i want to buy 2 rare chain sleeves, i offer 1,5s for less than 70ql and above i can pay 2s or more if it is enchanted i also need chain armour smithing service to imp my set up to 80`s or even 90`s if the price is good, im located on exodus, ingame name Paulneles.
  15. I have made several common wool hats and some did not have the option to improve at all, with yarn activated. Some could be improved with yarn and then the option ceased. The 6 hats now range from 6.76 to 22.56 ql Is this a bug or intended limitation to imp'ing?
  16. New Mag spell of high difficulty. Improve shards and lumps. More QL increase for higher power casts. Chance to shatter, the higher QL the item is, the less effect a successful cast has, much like improving a crafted item. For the record, I have crappy SD and channel on all my Mag priests, but on Freedom, it would give Mags more reason to skill up. Thought of this when someone mentioned how hard it is to Imp Serryl, due to lack of higher QL lumps.
  17. have a 30ql basinet helm and want imped to 80 or 90ql if capable of either, pm or post here price and how long pm ingame Nexangelus
  18. Impathon

    Hey guys, new to wurm and just wanted to know when the next Impathon will be. I know its yearly but will it be around the same time.
  19. Blacksmith: up to 98ql Custom Imping Services: -Blacksmith tools only, no large anvils. -Your item must be 60ql for this service. -You post in this thread with desired ql of imp. -You mail your tool labeled with your name and imp. -You pay COD when I mail your tool back after the job is finished. 90ql imp 1s 95ql imp 3s 96ql imp 5s 97ql imps 10s 98ql imp contact me. Tools: (Small Anvils Included; However No butcher knives, sickles, scythes, or carving knives) 50ql 10c ea. 60ql 20c ea. 70ql 40c ea. 80ql 80c ea. 85ql 1.5s ea. 90ql 2s ea. 95ql 5s ea. 96ql 7s ea. Large Anvils: 50ql 20c ea. 60ql 40c ea. 70ql 80c ea. 80ql 1.6s ea. 85ql 2s ea. 90ql 4s. ea. Iron Lamps: Order from Inner Sea Metal Works Iron Lumps: 70ql 1s per 100kg 80ql 1.5s per 100kg 90ql 2s per 100kg 95ql 5s per 100kg 96ql See me for Pricing Specialty Shoppe: Brass Oil Lamps: About 70ql @80c ea Compasses: 66.88ql...3s 66.25ql...3s 62.68ql...2.8s 46.90ql...40c 46,32ql...40c Jewelry Silver Only 50ql@30c Pendulums, rings, and necklaces. 50ql@50c Stauettes PST to Hogwash. Pick-up only, no delivery. Location 11x, 12y NW Indy Mailbox: Courier [89] *Mailing fee CoD 10c added to cost of each item (shovels +20c) Friends of Keeperton: Frankd for Meditation rugs Order Bulk Goods From Nippy Shores Fathertime for Custom Enchants Tekada's Metal Works for Lamps
  20. as title says looking to get my gold altar (currently ql 46) imped to 70+,would prefer 80+ but not many people bother leveling the skill so that may be to optimistic if you can imp the gold altar from 46 to 70ql+ plz post here or pm me with max lvl you can imp to and the price celebration server x42 y29 on this map
  21. Need a ropetool imped to 80 QL, possibly higher. Post here or pm me i dont care.