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Found 5 results

  1. I was just thinking how "cool" it would be if the smaller lakes and ponds became frozen during the winter. If they did we could chisel ice blocks to put in the fridge that would work similar to snow balls, but would last longer. Also, maybe there could be ice fishing that would get different types of fish or other items. Maybe you could make fun ice sculptures, or the ability to ice skate. Ice skates could be made by leatherworking and blacksmithing. Another idea that might be to hard to do but in a larger lake there could be other dangers during winter like icebergs that could damage your ships. I'm sure there are many other ideas that could be made with frozen lakes as well but those are a few that I thought of off the top of my head.
  2. Wurm has always been both deceptively simple and complex at the same time. With basic mechanics it manifests many wonderful things, and I would like to add one more to that list. Icebergs. These would have the following attributes: -Spawn at a certain rate in the waters to the north and sound of a map -Perhaps only spawn at certain times of year, but migrate -Icebergs would be like ships in water, extending both above and below the waterline, they would float and move -They could be surface-mined with a Pick-Axe for Ice Shards, or with Digging and a Shovel, for Snow(balls) -As an Iceberg was mined or dug on, it would get lower to and then below the waterline and eventually no longer be accessible for either action (this violates physics but best we can do) -If it were not too hard to code, they could A ) Cause damage to ships that hit them B ) Shrink in size as they age/move south Besides looking cool and adding some life to the seaways (also homes for seals, polar bears etc), they could provide a source of Snow(balls) (and perhaps the new longer-lasting Ice) for the new Larders. In their most basic form they could be done with 100% of their resources using existing code, and with some minor additions they could have the more advanced features. Their spawn rate could also be controlled, perhaps even tied to the number of snowballs in the world, or the time of year, to balance overall Larder usability. If for now other reason, do it just for that first moment when you sail into a field of icebergs out under the moonlight at night...
  3. Have snow on the higher elevations that can be harvested for larder ice. Perhaps even have the snowcaps gradually "melt" as the seasons advance, until winter drops the snow level again.
  4. My idea in this post is simply to allow for different elemental types on monsters, we can have lava spiders, but why not frost trolls, or maybe a scorching bear, maybe a flood Scorpius? I haven't thought of a catchy name for any existing creatures in game to have with rock but that should still be a possibility.
  5. After having talked to people in game and reading over the forums it seems like winter is one of the more unpopular seasons in game. I believe there are some graphical changes that could be made to greatly improve the appearance and popularity of winter. Mu suggestions address what I believe to be at the heart of the issue, everything in winter looks the same, it's all snow, and relatively plain snow at that. While I believe this to be a fairly realistic portrayal, it is nonetheless monotonous and somewhat boring. Here are some things I have thought of that may reduce the monotony: Add some shading to the snow texture to imply unevenness such as that caused by wind or wet snow. Here is a link to a gallery of images of snow in other games of a variety of graphical styles and resolutions that may provide some inspiration. Have some terrain tiles look like something other than snow or muddy snow. I believe ice or ice with snow on it would be a very nice addition. I think rock tiles could work as ice, as could marsh and if possible reed and other primarily aquatic tiles. Here is a nice closeup image I found of the texture of ice that may provide insight into what I am thinking about: While the winter tress are, on the whole, very aesthetically pleasing, the smaller plants I have seen (most especially flowers but also grape vines) are rather unattractive. While there is a certain realism to this, I believe to improve the overall look of the season, some artistic license should be taken. I think the most attractive winter versions of these plants would be if they had just been covered in ice from a freezing rain storm, or perhaps if mid-season melt had cause some ice crystals to form on them or maybe even a version very similar to the original, but just covered in a light frost. Here are some examples: Obviously implementing some of these suggestions would take a fair amount of artist time/resources, but I think it would significantly improve the season that gets the least love and would help them all be more equally beautiful. If anyone else has any suggestions or comments they would be very welcome .