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Found 1 result

  1. Foggy sun, by wilczan Hi everyone! A huge week this week with the release of 1.3! I've taken a break from the oven (okay, okay, maybe I was outside hunting bees) to fill you in on all the post 1.3 news, so here we go! Recipes sharing As some of you may have noticed, I spoke about the cataloguing of recipes on the forum or ingame recently. For the moment, we'd like to avoid having any openly public collection of recipes being shared. The reason for this is that many do wish to spend time exploring this system for their own, and we'd like to give them the opportunity to do so. If you wish to use sites such as Reddit to collect and discuss you are more than welcome to do so, but please do avoid sharing it in public chats and the forum until it comes to Wurm Unlimited. To clarify, if someone asks how to make a certain meal, giving info on that is fine, but collections and spreadsheets of recipes are best to keep it to PM. Public sharing of lists or collections of recipes can and will result in moderation actions being taken, so please be sensible and considerate. Once it comes to Wurm Unlimited we will allow the postings as long as spoiler tags are used. Shield training The shield training change came along with this update, and we've had mixed reports over how it has gone. In order to give the best feedback, please include some important things: Combat log - This tells us how often you parry with your shield as well as what you fight Skill log - This allows us to see the tick rate, and tick size, as well as the skill levels of the shield skills you're training. Shield quality - This helps us see what equipment you're using and if you're doing it right. Stance - This tells us how effective each stance is at skill gain. Of course there will be adjustment with how you skill with this system, fighting weaker mobs will not give as much skill, but stronger mobs will, aggressive stance does not block so often, so you will receive less opportunities to gain skill so keep that in mind! Wurm Unlimited I know for a fact that our Wurm Unlimited cousins are champing at the bit for this update. With this in mind, we'll be working on a beta release within the next few weeks, with the info about how it works for server admins to create and populate their recipe list. Wurm Unlimited is currently on sale so if you're keen on getting in early, grab a copy! We'll be giving away some copies of Wurm Unlimited to celebrate this update when it launches too, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Steam Awards Steam also has their award season on this week, and we all know what Wurm qualifies for! The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award is definitely our pick! With that all done, we want to hear your feedback on everything! what's your favourite part of 1.3, and what can't you wait to get your hands on? Let us know! Community Content This weeks Community Content is from us! The map dumps taken on the 1st of November have proven extremely popular, and I know I've spent hours pouring over them, wondering what each little dip looks like ingame. We'll be working on an automated delayed system and a pan and scan version up soon! Check them out here: That's all for this week folks, we'll continue to monitor all changes and take feedback on how they feel to you, this includes both good and bad! If you feel that something does not work as effectively, or that something is perhaps TOO effective, please do raise it, including as much information as you can. The reasons for this is to ensure that any changes we need to make can be done early on, and allow us to avoid hassle in the future. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.