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Found 1 result

  1. Leader: Sofetios Discord: Sofetios#0001 Discord server: Game: Wurm Online Cluster: Southern Freedom Isles Server: Xanadu Tile: i15 Hello, I'm currently recruiting members for my new deed, Oak Town. New players are welcome, ill try to answer any questions you have. Though on complicated topics like terraforming, it may be best to use youtube. We aim to be a city/business. Members will have access to food, water, mines, a small plot for crops or animals, a 4x4 6 story building, and more. This will be available for a total of 5 members after the apartment building is done. We will have 1 member able to be moved in in 1 or 2 days. In addition to the benefits, I'll pay 1 silver coin a month to each active member. Also, members who do enough active work will get a 10x10 plot when the city is fully built if they are here from when they start until when the city is fully built. We are only taking up to 5 active members. We are located on Xanadu on the island on tile i15. Some things the town will have include Market Restaurant Ship sale yard Library Houses for rent Farms for rent Hotel Docks I am not a slave driver, I just ask you do a fair amount of work and remain active. If you aren't on for 3 weeks without notice I'll take it that you have stopped playing and reclaim your building. I personally sometimes take breaks, this at least will be maybe a few hours, to at max a whole month. I'll be sure to inform everyone when that happens and I'll probably be able to get on during these periods if something needs done. I'll always be available by discord. If you would like to join, please send me a DM and I'll invite you as soon as a room is ready. My username is Sofetios My discord is Sofetios#0001 Here is a picture of what you can and cannot do as a member here. ( Edit: you cannot chop down old trees, that is the only thing different in permissions from the below picture. )