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Found 5 results

  1. So to start off i am just a small deed owner with a small farm, I spend most of time in a cave or bashing wild stuff in the north of Deliverance. I breed and farm stuff about twice a day as a means of not having to bother much with others or just enjoying the experience. Yet this update has caused a lot of problems for my way of living. For a start i started the update with 17 5S horse's with about 80 Trait points, bred over a few years of hard effort and patients. Currently i am only at 5 horses left. With my breeding pairs seemingly dying first. (With 50 AH on a dedicated Lib priest) I did some research and some small sized testing (for the details see the spoilers). The results pretty much make me want to kill all my animals and just not bother anymore. With what feels like a hard cap to trait points, The shorter lifespan of my horses and all else just making it a pain. Because i like this game i wish to ask that some rules around breeding be loosend a little to at least make it friendlier to people of lower skill or with less time. The main thing that blocks most of it for me at least appears to be the point limit with trait points. As it seems to be directly linked to your AH skill. Which for anyone who is not a dedicated breeding is a nightmare. Lastly i want to ask if anyone else has noticed the increase in Miscarriages, before i only recall having one about a fat year ago. Since the update i had about 4 which seems like a horrendously dumb frequency for that to occur. While this is just my experience with it i am very curious what others have experienced. As i have seen little other people talk about it besides some of the people i play with.
  2. Yes, The new update now forces me to FARM just to feed my tortoises as mixed grass is removed.... Look at the little guy above, how could you ignore his desire for delicious sweet fruit!? Why not add FRUIT to their diet? That is what they love in real life, anyway. Why seeds? They are not birds. Either add fruit to the list or remove seeds and add fruit instead. This way one could at least forage/harvest berries, apples, cherries etc from all the unused fruit trees and bushes most of people don't bother planting or using anyway...
  3. Dragon pen

    Today I was surprised by a big red dragon while climbing down my tunnel. He has now taken residence there, and I have to climb to my place since I can't get past him. I thought I would go teach im a lesson, but I don't want to kill it since it's really darn pretty. I can't have it in my tunnel either or I will be climbing up and down to and from my place all the time. So I thought of putting it in a different cave. But then maybe I want to look at it from time to time. Keep it as a sort of trophy you know... So I came up with this plan: 1. build a tunnel. This will be the tunnel I lure the dragon in. 2. at the end of the tunnel dig a larger underground space 3. in the middle of that chamber build a house with a floor on top. 4. build another tunnel to that chamber. This will be the one i come in after I lured the dragoon inside, to see it. 5. make a bridge from the house in the middle to where tunnel2 meets the dragon room At this point I should be able to walk on my bridge on top of that house and the dragon should not attack me, since he cannot reach me. However I have the following concerns: 1. I read that they can "mine down" walls. And was wondering if he will get aggro of me and break into tunnel 2 before I reach the bridge. 2. If 1 is possible maybe reinforcing the walls would help. 3. Was also wondering if he can randomly decide to destroy my house and my bridge. In this case the whole thing would be rather pointless This is a sketch of what I had in mind . (deed planner 2.8.9) Btw, I won't be hiding it or anything. I am on epic and there are a lot of uniques atm that no one wants to kill. Because we're such nice people here! I will open the place to the kingdom so people can also visit it. Or visit it and kill the dragon... whatever. What are your thoughts on this? Does it seem possible, and has someone tried anything similar?
  4. for PvE: So, I gather there really isn't much if any interest in horses with 5s + 1-3 other potentially beneficial traits, over a pure 5s horse? If so, isn't it time to think about creating more benefits for those that continue to skill up AH past 50? What are some interesting ideas we could offer the Devs for improving the value of high AH? (insert your ideas here)
  5. If we can equip a non horse type critter with an item, we could re-name the item, thus identifying the animal for breeding purposes. It might be an easier code to write up than having the code to give them identifiable names when they are born. A cool idea would be to let us put a necklace on any tamed animal like a name tag of sorts. It would be helpful to the animal husbandry people and a new fun use for jewelry smiths.