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Found 11 results

  1. Ok so here's how it works. I will start a story, and each person who posts below needs to continue it by typing up another sentence below following these rules: 1) It must be a single sentence, no more. 2) It must be Wurm related. 3) I has to be of good taste (No insulting fellow players or staff, cursing, or violate any rules). 4) You can only post again after another person posts below you (no double posts!) 5) Keep it on topic, please! I'll start with the next post.
  2. November 16th, 2021. 1603 Hours local time Participants are massing up ready to begin the slaughter of a Rift. Private Ltnicolas (yes, it's named as a lieutenant but is as green as a rookie. Great start), 8th class, is finishing up his preparatives. 2H Sword? Check Leather Armor while riding a horse? Check 40 units of wool? Check (Spoiler: I ran short) Horse Armor? (What's that? can you eat it?) Mouse cursor running lightning fast across the screen, hovering over every player, hoping to find someone known to me to follow in hopes of getting some clues as to what the hell I have to do here. The Rift opens. Creatures start to litter the area. The slaughter begins. Player count: 34. I feel safe. Well, not for long... (Extract from PMs with Baeowuf while rifting. Timestamps are local time. Post-notes are marked with asterisk and brackets) [16:47:55] <Ltnicolas> doing my first rift ever [16:48:03] <Baeowuf> Oooh, fun! [16:48:06] <Baeowuf> Be careful [16:48:14] <Ltnicolas> man this is a massacre *(OFC it's a massacre: It's so damn easy to swing a huge blade trying to cut some flesh and (hopefully) avoid being hit. Especially if no one's hitting you) [16:48:33] <Baeowuf> XD [16:48:37] <Baeowuf> The NOISES [16:48:40] <Baeowuf> Are awful *(Yes they are) [16:48:45] <Baeowuf> I always have to disable sound at rifts [16:49:19] <Ltnicolas> 125% agree. Summoners hit sound like a mix of a donkey and a mosquito *(No exaggeration here) [16:50:07] <Baeowuf> LMAO yeah [16:50:13] <Baeowuf> Seen any ogres yet? [16:50:39] <Ltnicolas> yeah they are right in front of me [16:50:44] <Ltnicolas> they asound like a 50cc scooter *(again: they sound BAD. not like a bad boy, but just plain bad) [16:50:57] <Baeowuf> Hahaha (So far so fun, right?) [16:51:15] <Baeowuf> Those ogre mages can put a hurting on you fast if you don't watch out for their AoE spells (I should have known better. Now here comes the other kind of "fun") [16:51:49] <Ltnicolas> [16:51:33] <Laval> oh boy a champ *(Another player spots a champ moments later. DUH) [16:52:00] <Ltnicolas> we could call it a SNAFU [16:54:46] <Baeowuf> Never been a more accurate word for it *(SNAFU: Situation Normal: All F*cked Up) [16:55:12] <Ltnicolas> there is [16:55:17] <Ltnicolas> [16:55:06] You see a severe fracture at the right calf. The wound is worsening. *(Took a HUGE blow. Severe leg bruise, worsening. Adding all other small wounds the situation is really dire.) [16:55:24] <Ltnicolas> see? *(Low First Aid means repeated failures to bandage) [16:55:38] <Baeowuf> OOF [16:56:15] <Ltnicolas> what could possibly be worse? *(As soon as i was typing...) [16:56:18] <Ltnicolas> how about... [16:56:19] <Ltnicolas> [16:56:07] You try to treat the wound with a healing cover but fail. [16:56:25] <Ltnicolas> (my 20 power cover) *(my ONLY cover, and had run out of bandages) [16:56:38] <Ltnicolas> this is (almost) hilarious actually *(Sometimes, like with all things in life, big or small, when things go waaaay bad it starts to become hilarious. Or almost hilarious) [16:57:13] <Baeowuf> No Fo priests? [16:57:20] <Ltnicolas> yes there are [16:57:42] <Ltnicolas> but at 28% health i dont want to risk one-shot, as we're focusing champ *(OFC! I lost more than 50% HP in a single blow, no covers, no bandages. i don't want to risk getting one-shotted) [17:02:32] <Ltnicolas> and while i was typing [16:59:13] <Ltnicolas> need a priest, have a bad wound [17:02:52] <Ltnicolas> lit while i was typing someone casted light of fo or whatever. My arse is safe for now *(somehow I got healed. I was getting ready to die with honor already) [17:02:58] <Baeowuf> Hahaha [17:03:03] <Baeowuf> You have good armor, right? [17:03:25] <Ltnicolas> .............i think? ... Spoilers: I survived. I completed my first rift. I had a laugh. What could possibly go wrong? How about... Not bringing any tool at all? No pickaxe, no butchering knife, nothing. But hey! I scored 122pts and got a fantastic or whatever it was called (i forgot now) on my *first* rift ever. Got 233 pts that wouldn't let me redeem anything with it. But hey! I had a laugh... And a heart attack, in that order and then another laugh. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The End (For now) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** THANKS: Baeowuf that gave me permission to share PM and for all the laugh and moral support Tpicant for all the kind help, as usual from you Pukaria that was that Fo priest that saved my arse that time. All Harmony Rift participants (37+ at the end). Done in 1hr56min!! Not bad for NFI, I was told All situations and conversations here are real and I give my word of honor that it has not been altered. DISCLAIMER: Electro-Cardiogram results after the rift were fine. EEG and impact on cognitive skills unknown. No animals were harmed during the whole event. *(read post-edit *3) (I think?) *(I thought) Post-edit: 1*someone asked my fighting skills. 23. 2*No enchants. No LT, WA, whatever. No. Nada. None. Nichts. 3*[19:02:33] <Laval> was reading your rift experence post Nic, animals did get harmed, 2 hens and I think a pig died [19:03:37] <Laval> I made a grave for one of the hens (lol)
  3. Ever feel like your vehicle is possessed? Here's a place to post your paranormal rides activities. How do you know if it is possessed? Does your vehicle levitate... Does it levitate your animals... Does it levitate you... Does it phase though solid rock... Does it toss you out and leave you behind... Dose it go invisible... Do your animals go invisible... If so then yes, your vehicle may be possessed! So please promptly post your pictorial proof of paranormal possessions and perhaps we can purge these pesky plaguing parasitic poltergeists!
  4. So I was talking to a friend today about completely unimportant things. Then suddenly it occured to me... and I had to ask. How many wood chips are there in the game? I mean, there must be lots. Imagine if you could pile together every single woodchip out there. How many bsbs could you fill up? Can anyone take a guess?
  5. A couple days ago, my friend asked me if I remembered the first place we settled in. We were there for one night, but it was where I fell in love with the game. So it made me wonder how I thought about the game back when I started, and started reading chat logs I have saved from then. What silly things did you say when you were a newbie? If you still happen to have access to those logs, do you mind sharing? I will start with an event on day 3 of my adventures in Wurm. As we walked from the portal area coming from GV, I encountered this man on a horse who I thought was an NPC. After some confusion, he set both my friend and I with some food, a lump of iron, some tools and two cows to ride... yes, cows. We laughed so much at how silly we looked riding cows, but it was epic. We settled in a water level and horribly wet area and there it was where I cut my first tree. The next day I got a boat from a kind soul and we went elsewhere (Xanadu) where I settled. I took a moment to send our fellow wurmian a chat convo: Logging started 2016-11-10 [23:32:46] <Angelklaine> hi! [23:32:46] <System> Nirav is not currently available, please try again later. [00:22:09] <Angelklaine> Hello! [00:22:20] <Angelklaine> You on? [00:43:23] <Nirav> hello [01:24:11] <Angelklaine> hey [01:24:14] <Angelklaine> sorry to bother you [01:24:36] <Nirav> s cool what's up? i keel gettinmg busy [01:24:54] <Nirav> forget to look at this [01:25:22] <Angelklaine> We got a boat from someone else and moved to another place. Found a great place to settle. We left two cows, a pig and a chicken in a pen where you showed us [01:25:51] <Angelklaine> Didnt feel right killing your cow since it was a fast cow [01:25:59] <Angelklaine> and there is another young one [01:26:22] <Nirav> ok, thank yuo - will go them later. [01:28:58] <Angelklaine> no, thanks for everything you did for us. You have no idea how much it helped [01:29:01] <Angelklaine> especially the iron [01:29:07] <Nirav> awesome [01:30:02] <Angelklaine> I went premium so I will be around! [01:30:08] <Nirav> yay! Do you have any funny stories of your time in Wurm? Share them!
  6. Okay, so it's been a few weeks/months since we had a thread for quotes so... Let's try a new one... any funny words to share on specific, non-political and/or non-religion topics, professional groups of people, etc... just keep it clean and keep in mind that while taking a "shot across the bow" at politics itself is okay, don't start debates please. --- Engineering/Engineers: "It ultimately falls to every engineer to design a simpler system faster than the universe can design a better idiot, so far, the universe is winning" - Engineers Creed [unofficial] "The concept of engineering is two fold, not to fold" - Uncredited Programming/Programmers: "There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't" - Uncredited adage Politicians (Keep it friendly please) Generalized: "Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress, but I repeat myself" - Mark Twain "Tact is the ability to tell someone to 'Go to Hell' in such a way that they look forward to the trip." - Winston Churchill Specific: -Al Gore (Former U.S. Vice-President) talking with Jay Leno Jay Leno: "How do you feel being treated like a movie star?" Gore: "Well, it's not all all easy. For example, I'm in this huge feud with Lindsay Lohan now." Leno: "Really? Can you give us a little more?" Gore: "No, she knows what she did." - Dan Quayle Too many to select just one...
  7. Hallo zusammen, eine feine Truppe aus ca. 14 Leuten die bis ins 50+ Alter geht sucht noch weitere Mitspieler zur gemeinsamen Langzeitspaß! Wir wollen also gerne noch 2017 weiter auf dem Server spielen. Servergestaltung ist recht salopp gehalten. Hauptsinsel ist PVE, später kommt eine weitere Inselkette als PVP extra hinzu. Serversetting, PW und weitere Informationen könnt ihr gerne im TS erfragen: Zum Wohl, Euer Hinkel
  8. Hi all, As there seems to be a lot of confusion for the "masses" about bitcoin, the team at Ask A Ninja have released an explanation video for you to share with those who may have questions! > Go forth and share the knowledge, and know you do the great Coin's will!
  9. Since Wurm is down... [media] Sing along:
  10. Yeah, these are a bit old.. but still funny.. as long as you're not the one being pranked lol Office Interview: Elevator.. to hell... And one of the newer ones.. (Actual "potty" humor lol)