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Found 10 results

  1. Heyo!, So as a new Wurmpedia editor, I am actively looking for pages to update and possibly to add. While perusing the new updates I noticed many pages that have yet to be added. Most notably, I noticed that the new house wall types are not anywhere to be found. I'm interested in adding them, but was curious as to whether there should be a "catch-all" (categories) page for all house wall types. We simply need a page titled "House Walls" with two sections listed underneath: "Carpentry Walls" and "Masonry Walls". Under each section we could list all the wall types as links to their respective pages outlining more information about each wall. I guess I'm posting this here as a question. Should we add it this way? It'd certainly make it organized in the same way that, for example, trees and tree types are lumped under the "Tree" page on the Wurmpedia. Thoughts would be appreciated, but I guess if no one weighs in on it I'm going to go ahead and do it and fix it later if issues arise. Thanks for your potential thoughts! -Lei
  2. Heard this 2nd hand, and don't have anything atm to test it out myself.
  3. Currently aggro humanoids are capable of following up ladders and the like (assuming intended and not a bug), so would be handy to have a way of securing the ladder opening. Sure one can sometimes build a lockable door to achieve this; however, not always workable let even alone desired with some layouts. Trapdoors or hatches come to mind. Don't even need to have a ladder persay, and depending on how such is implemented... might even make for some fun traps. EDIT: And that's just in pve... all kinds of possible shenanigans in pvp.
  4. A new flooring choice that allows access to containers beneath and haul up/down but doesn't have a ladder. Allows easy access to storage on adjacent floors and delivery to a cart below without cluttering up the space with a ladder.
  5. Well hopefully the title is fairly self explanatory, but the idea is this: Looking around my deed, I like having lighting at night between buildings, on paths, on the dock area etc. etc. but it all gets a bit muddled with the lights blazing in the buildings too because I have lights placed far more densely in buildings for better coverage. I would like an option in building management to be able to toggle the lights within the building on/off. Preferably this would be an option that means the lights come on automatically if a player enters the building (For PvP purposes would they be triggered by enemies or not? Discuss...) and off again when the building is empty, but I appreciate this may be more difficult. Anything else to consider for this? Any other alternatives/options to include? Or is it just a terrible idea?
  6. How many times have you been distracted when you started building a wall and put up a single door, instead of a double door, or a door instead of a wall, or a wall instead of door? How many times have you decided you don't like the functional layout of your house and want to turn a wall into a doorway or an arch? I propose that you be able to modify one wall type to another, at least within the same general wall type. (i.e. Stone, Wood, and Timber Framed) There are a couple different ways this could be accomplished. First, you could build a table that logically assigns costs based on what you're trying to do. Example: A Stone Wall to a Stone Door type, costs 5 bricks and mortar and takes a total of 10 actions to complete. Or a door type to a stone wall costs 10 brick and mortar and takes 20 actions to complete. A window type to a wall type costs 8 bricks and mortar and takes 16 actions. Second, you make things simple and have a wall modification cost 5 to 10 bricks and mortar and take 10-20 actions. This way everything is the same and it's much easier to code. You simple allow us to add an existing wall into the crafting window Modifying between wall types doesn't need to be available because that's a tear down and replace, but you could have all this take place in the crafting window and have any wall modifications require the 21 strength required to knock down a wall/fence.
  7. I was climbing up to the 4th story of my house and I was wondering why there isn't there a option to climb to floor level X. Just a little nuance but I think it might be nice to add in if they have the time.
  8. I'd like to start a discussion about housing decay and why it is needed to speed it up significantly. After doing some math i found out that a 55 ql housing stonewall not placed on a settlement needs around 919 real life days to decay. I'd say DANG! Of course the owner of writ of ownership need for that to log in all 1.5 months to stop increased decay. just after he logged out again he got normal decay again for the next 1.5 months.. Someone might say oh well who got a 55 ql stonewall, but let's take a ql 20 stonewall instead. My calc says 336 days to decay, i'd say again DANG! Decay is insane slow imho. Just remember this is unpaid protection of structures in a game where you can BUY very cheap full protection with a settlement deed. No wonder Wurm is littered with abandoned buildings, which got it's charm of course. Exploring former settlements is fun. However this is wasted landspace, not available for other settlers, even paying ones. You can not "recycle" anything from these structures even with gaping holes in the walls until the last stone falls. Even if you can set up a settlement, which includes the abandoned buildings, you still need the writ to tear it down. You can do nothing but wait it do decay. This is not acceptable. The decay rate should be increased, or if you got structures on your Town perimeter, these structures should suffer higher decay rates or after some weeks the writs should be transfered. You could email the owner about this is going to happen soon as example. At last you're the paying customer, the guy with it's abandoned structures pay nothing at all, just block others who want to pay for their deed. Protecting property is one thing, protecing it unpaid for like 3 years or more, is seen from a economic viewpoint simply insane. More money for CodeClub means faster development of Wurm Online. Rising subscription numbers will make this Landscape waste to a very sensible topic very soon. Imho it already is.
  9. Hi. The idea with multistory is to enable players to be creative in building their home in wurm. Variety, options are central and will be worked towards during upcoming releases. We really want to enable you to build your own magnificent castles. How does multistory work right now (or at least how it is supposed to work). - Planning new floors requires carpeting. - The higher you want to build the higher your carpentry needs to be. - Selecting the floor material type requires specific skills and tools depending on the material, see list below: - Some challenges remain, like having a solid leveling path for Paving, it will be fixed somewhat with changing packing to give paving skill instead of digging. Floors Wood plank (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery brick (Paving) Slate floor (Paving) Stone brick (Paving) Slate slab (Paving) Marble slab (Paving) Roofs Wood shingle (Carpentry) -- this is the entry level material Pottery shingle (Masonry) Slate shingle Stone brick (Masonry) Thatch (Thatching) Known issues: - Walls on second floor and higher seem to be badly aligned causing visual crack in some corners. - If you just make a planned parapet and then continue to build above it, it becomes impossible to go back and finish the parapet fence. - Issue with too low quality yield of floor compared to raw material QL and skill level. - Possible to fall into walls on the ground floor and get stuck in them. - Traders, Merchants fall to floor level #1 when dropped on upper floors - Piles are counted for the whole tile and all floors above it, should be maxpile per floor - Walls at floor 2 and up can be planned without material consumption. Will fix so it requires 1 plank + nail. - Wheels are inside the floor on ground floor. - Creating a floor above you makes you float in midair on ground floor if you have no floor on it. - Bulkbins floors etc are not abel to coexist on same tile, different floors Fixed issues: - Skillgain for paving considerations: Skillgain for paving now given when packaging dirt. - Planning a roof on the first floor requires a floor on the first floor. This restriction will be removed, so that making a roof on your first 1x1 house will not require the floor. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Built to 4th story, destroyed 1st story floor plans and can't plan them anymore. Should be fixed with the 2012-12-25 reboots. - Improve does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Repair does not work (hangs?) Fixed in patch 2013-01-03 - Donut homes now fixed