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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Everyone, my name is nachtiti and i like to see and build stuff in wurm, i like specialy when i go by my boat to see how other have build and think. share with me what buildings and structure you are brude of, it maybe get you new idees, show off your deed etc etc. my self i like my new harbour for an exemple
  2. It would be nice if we could paint the trims of the house different colors then the house. ie. a barn could be red with white trim.
  3. Three of the four great houses have some form of representation in Wurm. Gryffindor has mountain lions, Ravenclaw has eagle spirts and Slytherin has anacondas. Hufflepuff is the only one not represented, and I think this should change. Let's add badgers to Wurm!
  4. I'd like to see more variety in roofs besides type of materials used. Currently we only use hip roofs. I'd like to see gable, mansard, and gambrel roofs, among other types. Here is an example of what I mean: Please give us this option, and if you are already working on it, please let us know the status of the project.
  5. This seems like a somewhat simple thing, but hard to say. If i build a house next to a cave wall, then climb up to next story and mine out the wall it would be cool if the column treated the floor i am standing on as the new level rather than the ground, such that i could simply walk off the house floor onto the new cave floor. This in a sense is as useful as underground bridges as it would be possible to have a tower serve as staircase to four different floor levels and it would also make it possible to have ramps in mines without bridges. An edge is already independent where a floor meets a cave wall (column), but floor to floor edges are dependent. I was thinking perhaps there was a way for the edge where the house wall meets the cave floor to treat the house wall as a cave wall/column and be at least partially independent, but if not completely independent then maybe it is fixed to 33 layers or whatever level it is broken from, even if it is broken from ground floor. And as a minor add that i throught of after this while trying to refine my title, can we all get the cave floor to level to the actually ground floor floor in the same manner (though if we can can raise floors with concrete next to house walls that would be awesome too)
  6. So here's one for the art team, as I don't see any new mechanics being needed. Gate half: In terms of mechanics a double door (a noclip wall like the arched walls), so single big door, ends at edge of that wall. Since we can "flip" walls now you build two of those and flip one to make a double gate. Gate half top: Half the top of an 2-wide arch simply put. Goes on second story (or ground level as someone would make it work, <3 creative Wurmians... heck, could be another wall to add, noclip version for ground level) above the gate halves, works as a window in terms of collisions for the protection of otherwise flying farmers heh heh heh. Barns anyone? And on that note, as an alternative to the "Gate Half", "Single Wood/Stone/Timberframed column" which is basically the arched wall's side pillar straight from floor to roof on a single side of the tile.. once again can be flipped like any wall so no problems with layout, lots of fun to be had for barns, churches, shipyards........ I'd do images but imma terrible artist or photoshopper =P Guess I could make some primitive ones if this confuses too many ppl
  7. STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS: WALLS It seems surprising to me that after about a decade, we still have the same three wall types and very basic construction creativity options in a, for all intents and purposes, game revolving around construction and design. There isn't a single player who doesn't need a structure of some kind, regardless of PVP or PVE servers. That's why I think it's high time to go through a number of additional option ideas. TYPES OF WALLS Log Cabin: Pretty self explanatory - easier than the wooden plank walls, an ideal first home for a new player - chop some trees down and use the logs as well as a few pegs to create your first home - no nails required! Mud Hut: Gather some dirt and some water, and mix that tincture together for some sloppy, nasty, dirty wet mud to sling up yourself a nice one story, 2x2 tile max size mud hut. Perfect for that long trip when you really need to get some shelter. Tee Pee: Of course, what's better than a good old fashioned Tee Pee when you're a wandering nomad? Nothing, that's what. Get yourself some square pieces of cloth, some shafts, and blammo you've got the makings of a nice cozy native home. WALL PLACEMENT As we all know, roads have overgone a nice little overhaul, for paving you can now pave a corner, which makes diagonal roads look like an actual road. Why not structure walls? Diagonal walls would - all by themselves - make constructing structures far more in-depth and amazing. Pretty simple. Round Wall: Also something I would love to see is a rounded wall, for that castley feel, or that gazebo you've always wanted in the back garden. That's all I've got - if more good ideas show up in the below replies, I'll add em in.
  8. so i made a largerish house, with 2 towers on the top of it. i had planned to run a rope bridge between the 2 towers and the game stopped me, not allowed to go over a house. how are these catherdral like structures being made if its not the same as going over the house?
  9. I would like to suggest a new type of opening an Iron Grate opening. It would take 10 bricks, 10 mortar, 2 iron hinges, and one iron fence bar. It would function like the ladder openings we have now for hauling up a cart or accessing the other floor but not have a ladder for climbing up and it would block someone from falling through the floor. It would be good for those places you want to access the other floor but do not want a ladder blocking view or it could be used like a skylight in flat floor roofs. Basically it would be an iron fence in the floor. I thought of this when building my new temple and when I had an opening holding a spot in the floor to allow me to build the level above it I could pray at the altar on the first floor but after I removed the opening it said the floor was in the way even though there was no longer a floor there. I believe many people would find this useful as many have constructed warehouses with the bsb's on the second floor with openings for access but the row of ladders make them look a bit silly and if you want one in the middle of the room it can be downright ugly to have a ladder sticking up in the middle of the room.
  10. It would be nice to be able to combine preexisting writs into one larger one. The motivation behind this is lets say you have a bunch of three story longhouses that you made when you had little carpentry skill. Then several months later you now have enough skill to combine some of them into a larger one. Although currently the only way to do this is to destroy one of the long houses (leaving the deed open to attack) and extend it out. I have a feeling this would not take too much to implement due to the "Add to building" feature that is already in the game.
  11. I know you can not place a token or have a mine inside of a building anymore. But with the addition of donut shaped house can you have a house Around your Token/Mine?
  12. I've been pondering about this for awhile now, especially looking at pictures of massive castles in Wurm that are pathetically split up by a tall stone wall, 5 levels below the houses surrounding it. You should be able to plan house walls in-between two other existing buildings. The maximum size of each of these segments would be one tile by whatever width the two houses are, but not forced, meaning you can build just a single 1x1, or even multiple, throughout the entire width of two buildings if you want to. Let's say you have two houses here 5 levels high and you wanted to connect them so people couldn't get inside. Well, the only option you currently have is to cram a tall stone wall or two in the middle of them and hope it doesn't look too bad in the end product: As you can see, that looks terrible. With this idea, you could ultimately connect the houses in a variety of ways, such as the two examples below: The mechanics behind this idea would be simple, and nearly the same as planning a standard multi-level house. The height would be limited by your skill, and by the height of the existing buildings around it. You can only plan a wall if there are two house-writ walls touching, and in order to plan a floor there needs to be at least 2 walls touching it. Perhaps to limit any forms of abuse and "bugs," don't allow doors to be built, but rather only walls and windows. Catapulting this would work like a regular house, starting from the top and going down. The same limits on these would be in place as standard housing, meaning that you could plan multiple levels of catwalks if your Carpentry skill and the heights of the surrounding houses allow you to. That way, we can have awesome crosswalks and arches like the below picture: Please post your comments on the idea! (Thanks Warlander for the awesome 3D Planner found here:
  13. I had an 82QL Stone house in the perimeter of a deed who planted and extended its perimeter over the house. When the deed was founded, it had 5-10 damage or so on the walls. The house was gone in the course of about a month and a half after the deed was founded. I had the writ on me, so someone has logged in nearly every day to flag it as not abandoned. Logging started 2013-02-03 [19:26:00] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of good quality. [19:26:00] QL=82.176, dam=25.867397 There is a 40-50QL Wooden house in the perimeter of my deed which already had 20 damage on it (assumed abandoned) when founded over. It has been 2-3 months and now only has 70 damage, max on it. This house has been here for a long time, and apparently the Stone House decayed much faster than this Wooden one. I don't think the owner has been on in the past couple months. Logging started 2013-02-12 [18:07:22] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of okay quality. [18:07:22] QL=46.118164, dam=35.713398 Both had no roofs. Is it just me, or is something really wrong with decay in perimeter? Are Wooden Houses not included in the coding?
  14. I wanted to build a house, and plant a cedar tree in the center and have it grow through holes in each level of the house. Is this possible? and if it is, is there a specific way I have to do it to not mess it up?
  15. Would like to suggest the use of arches to support a floor from above like a barrel vault the romans used or a buttress. that way you could have a floor about open space below with the barrel vault supporting the above floor. give you and overhanging floor.
  16. Currently, we have very high pitched roofs, which I like, but that leaves walls free standing in rooms above ground level. In order to create a ceiling, we must choose "floor above". In some instances, I do not want a floor above (flat roof). Viewing the buildings from outside, I like the look of the high pitched roofs. One solution is to allow us to add a roof to a "floor above". Since that would essentially be creating a space above, we could add a roof to "floor above with opening". That creates attic space:) We could store things in the attic. Or, skip the attic and just let us just add a roof to "floor above". Example: I wanted a 2x3 house with a porch on the second story, in the front of the house. In order to have one continuous roof, my second story interior walls (used as my exterior walls in the porch area) had to be free standing, much like office cubicles. I could have had one large flat roof, giving every room on the second story a ceiling, but I wanted a pitched shingle roof on the entire house. I ended up using a roof in the front and floors in the back... then planting trees around to hide the poorly designed "roof".
  17. I've just moved from my old deed to a new one and while I don't want to sell my old deed, I'd hate to see my buildings just stand unused and slow decay. So what I'm offering is simple: if you can make your way over to the spot, I'll hand you the writs to the buildings for free, as well as any gate keys I have. It's located at 49x, 14y on Colossus Lake in the northeast corner of the map. It's a sparsely populated area so it's uncommon to see someone in local. Chances are I'd be the only other player you see on a regular basis and I swear I won't be a bother. It would be a great choice for someone (or a small group of someones) who likes the peace and calm, and just wants to do their own thing. There are three structures in the location: The manor: A 2x5 stone building with wooden plank floors. Has double doors in the middle of each of the longer sides. Contains a cedarwood bed and 33ql floor loom. The smithy: A 2x6 wooden building with stone slab floors. Split down lengthwise, the back half is windows and the front half is arched walls. Contains a large cedar wood barrel, 37ql forge, and cedarwood trash heap. There is a well located next to this building for easy water access. The workshop: A 2x2 wooden building with stone slab floors. Has double doors on two opposite sides. Contains a 48ql oven, birchwood bed, coffin, and large pinewood chest. Some of the features: There's a large clay pit right along my new deed Ravenstone to the northwest, a tar tile at PCG Village, and plenty of sand all around. Thanks to two canals, it's possible to sail a ship from Colossus Lake to the northern ocean or to the Inner Sea and beyond. The plot is right on the lake and has a 12 tile long dock ending with an oak tree where you can moor all your ships. There are both a love tile and a knowledge tile on the plot (at least last time I checked). I can show you the locations of both of them. There are plenty of cedars, pines, birches, maples, grapes, and many fruit trees either on the plot or within walking distance of it. There are also a few oaks and willows, including two oaks that are part of the centerpiece of the place. On the south side, there are six 2x3 pens and one 3x3 pen made of low stone walls and iron fences. There are gaps here and there in them and I don't have keys to all of the gates but it wouldn't take long to get them useable. On the north side, there's a 3x4 low stone wall pen and a 2x4 wooden fence pen with a tile of enchanted grass. I know for sure that I have keys for those gates so they would be useable immediately. If you wanted more enchanted grass, I could easily do that on my alt at a reduced rate since there would be practically no travel time. Spirit castles are available at Symphonies End, River Cottage, and Gideon's Shire. There is also a trader and a few merchants at Gideon's Shire. There are no mines on the plot but a mountain is very close by (~1 minute cart ride) and there are several undeed mines there. There are two guard towers fairly close by; I've lead many monsters to their doom there. There's room to grow. The closest deed is probably about 50 tiles away and the only undeed houses between you and them are well on their way to decaying. Here's an image gallery that shows the place off better than I could explain. Whether you deed it or not is your decision, so it doesn't matter if you have premium. And if you wanted to remove any or all of the buildings, that's fine by me as well. I just wanted to give someone a chance to have the buildings in case they wanted them. If you have any questions or if you're interested, just reply or PM me here or in game. If you're coming directly to the spot, please send me an in game tell to make sure I'm online to give you the writs.
  18. We were just chatting on GL and realized there's no list of default house names anywhere. It is slightly irrelevant because you can simply rename them afterwards, but i went and planned a few structures and compiled a bit of a list. I would love for this information to be moved on the wiki if at all possible. If I've missed any please just post them with what dimensions it took to make. I'm assuming that stronghold comes after estate, as estate is the largest I can build. (edit: thanks to wulfgar for finding the minimum for stronghold) Finally, if you're clever enough to figure out the formula for calculating the names, that'd be fantastic (i think its floor+walls but i couldn't be certain). And if you posted it here, you'll probably get a credit on the wiki for it yay! Shed 1x1 OR 1x2 Shack 1x3 (line and L) Cottage 2x2 OR 4x1 House 3x2 Villa (3x2 + 1 or 2 tile) OR 3x3 Mansion 3x4 (3x5 OR 3x6) Estate 3x7
  19. With the upcoming new house Arched Walls, would it be possible to have some kind of bench or a smaller Merchant Stall that could be placed inside a house, while purely decorative, it could be crafted by a carpenter as a base item and then customised by each of the different craftsmen by adding different items to it? Sort of thing I mean is a Sturdy Workbench is craftable by a Carpenter using 4 Shafts (legs) 2 Logs (20kg) and 2 planks to make the surface. This can then be combined with tools/materials from each craft, to customise the bench and it's appearance to suit that craft. Blacksmith - Small Anvil, Hammer & Iron Lumps = Blacksmith's Bench Carpenter - Saw, Mallet, Nails & Carving Knife = Carpenter's Bench Tailor - Square pieces of Cloth, Strings of Cloth & Scissors = Tailor's Bench You get the general Idea, this could be rolled out for quite alot of professions, Tanners/Leatherworkers, Alchemists/Healers, Shipwrights, Weaponsmiths, Armoursmiths. What do you guys think? Viable?