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Found 2 results

  1. I was just thinking. It be really cool if we could have different Loadouts for Equipment, allowing us to change what we have equipped with a Single Click. Picture it. Your out scouting the land and see a monster in the distance. Your wearing Leather Armor and equipped with a bow. You shoot at the monsters damaging it some but triggering its aggro after you. You stay shooting your arrows but now its getting too close. Press this loadout button and Boom. Your now in Full Plate Armor with shield and sword. You stab the monster and he falls to the ground lifeless. Now you butcher the body and press the other loadout to place back on your Leather armor. Or imagine that your out mining in a dark cave somewhere, when out of no where a Lava fiend attacks. You have no armor on because it was slowing down your movement. You press this Loadout and Boom. Full Plate equipped and your ready for battle. No need looking through your inventory to equip piece by piece anymore. When your done slaughtering the lava fiend you press another loadout and boom. All your gear is off except your pickaxe and now you can go back to mining. This effective armor change would balance out because you would need both sets of armor in your inventory to change between them. I think there should essentially be 3 Loadouts that a player could "save" equipment to. Then someone could save 1 for no gear(just the tool) 1 for leather gear with weapon of bow and 1 for plate with shield and sword. Or however they choose to save their loadouts. Allow all the loadouts to be hotkeyed so a player could use the keyboard to change between their armor sets. Let me hear a +1 on this topic
  2. After 8 months of absence from Wurm, I finally came back. Read up on the "2015 review of Wurm updates" that spells got their own keybindings. Well I'm huge on archery in Wurm. Like, that's my thing. From the beginning. And it still apparently doesn't have keybindings. "Shoot" is thankfully a button in the Select box when you target a mob, but every other shot isn't, like the wonderfully convenient Shoot Quickly. Or something you use in PvP, "Aim at Head". I can't see any reason, if spells are considered something to be cast easily, why archery wouldn't be. I also realized when I tamed a horse and forgot to "untame" it, of course it got attacked. After many times of taunting I checked, no keybind for taunt. edit: I realized that even Bash (Destroy) doesn't have a keybind. edit2: There actually is DESTROY_FENCE and DESTROY_WALL that register as a keybind, but at least the DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work properly. edit3: Haven't found a keybind for Riding a horse either, so adding that to the list TL;DR Please add these keybindings to the game, there is no reason not to: "SHOOT", "SHOOT_QUICKLY", "SHOOT_AT_TORSO", "SHOOT_AT_LEFT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_RIGHT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_HEAD", "TAUNT", "RIDE"