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Found 11 results

  1. as title says tell how much you need. paypal as gift and in eur only 1s 1 € pm me here or ingame as paulofdune
  2. Looking to sell two hota statues Dragon - 25s Lady of the Lake 20s Pickup only on release R16 ingame - Birchwood troll mound PM me on forums or post below
  3. Auction has ended. Pack up. If someone is interested. Pm me and we can have a chat.
  4. Sold

  5. Just want to get a sense for what people are noticing since that last big client graphics update. Personally, my laptop now sounds like a hair dryer, unless I run on very low settings and only 1-2 clients at a time. CPU, RAM and GPU are ALL working much harder for me. Mostly the GPU though. I used to be able to load up to 30 clients on one machine. Now if I load 10, my laptop will lock up. At 4-6 clients, it is pushing very hard. Just one client on good quality settings will make it run loud. What is your experience since the update? Let's let Code Club know and maybe they can use the feedback and modify the update to run more efficiently?
  6. Chaos is unfriendly to newcomers and if they wish to settle down they will most likely need to join one of the few existing kingdoms by running out in the wild and never to return. There are hermits but hermits can’t be neighbours or live nearby because they'll be revealed by everyone. I want Freedom Isle to have a foothold in Chaos with an option to be attackable and buildable settlement. I suggest opening up a test settlement (Hunter’s Lodge) for premium and freebie players to build within this settlement. Also the first and only settlement that is possible to be attacked and upkeep-ed by the game itself. Players should be able to build, prosper and defend against other foes. A certain restriction of how large anyone can build must take place and other restrictions regarding what can be changed and what not. How to join Hunter’s Lodge: - Right click on the village board and click “Useâ€, window opens up and asks you if you wish to be a part of the Hunter’s Lodge and some further agreement on how to use the settlement agreement. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see Village chat and gain ability to build and remove things in the village, except the existing buildings like the Church, Tavern, Portal and so forth! Problems: What if someone starts building in this settlement and never return back? - His buildings and items will be destroyed by the GM after 15 days. The amount of guards, spirits and players is just too much. Maybe balance it out? - Amount of guards will shrink through time to a normal settlement level; the more players who choose to build and live actively in Hunter’s Lodge the faster rate of disappearance of guards will be stationed in Hunter’s Lodge. What if Hunter’s Lodge gets attacked and no one is there to defend it? - Until then, there will be few players to defend it. Not many, but surely some and when the walls are down the repairing that needs to be done comes from the villagers themselves. Villagers cannot remove gates or walls. What if other Kingdoms find this idea threating to their increase of memberships? - Other kingdoms have ways to make their Kingdoms more exciting, interesting and competitive while Freedom Isle's (Hunger's Lodge) does not. Hunter's Lodge does have access to local mines and some inland lake but that's really it. It's meant for starters and defenders only. Other Kingdoms use Hunter's Lodge as a spawn point for alts and visitors, are you aware of that? - Yes and they can still use it as they've done before. As long as they walk bit further into the woods... ;-)So what does the players of Chaos think about this? Pro's & Cons? /// Easter
  7. I was just watching the SNFF video on priest and seen how they were loading pans now i have never skilled cooking like that i never have had a priest before and i can not believe there has not been a better way to do this suggested before. I guess the discussion is should there be a faster way to do this coded into the game? Maybe have it where you can pull a stack of lets say filets from your inventory to the top of a stack of pans and it would automatically put one filet in each pan then move down to the next until the stack was gone or every pan had one felt in it? (Then you would just repeat it for the vegetable) I don't know if it would be a good thing to try to get the code to make this easier for you or not but that just seems like a lot of work loading two things in a pan to then just have to dump them all out again. Would it make it too easy to level? Do you have any other ideas about it or do you think it is fine the way it is?
  8. The First And Not Last Rare From Theflash (first auctioned rare ) A Rare File Glowing From heat Im Selling a Rare File, imped up to 90ql (as far as i could get it) Starting Bid - 1s Min Incr - 50c Buyout - 10s Sniper Protection - 1 hour after last bid Bidding Ends 3 days after This post Happy Bidding
  9. So hot or not ? Also post more rats !!!
  10. Way back when I found out Power meditators could make lava, I had this idea. Two months ago I began working on this project and here it is. It was an absolutely insane amount of surface mining! I might expand the area a bit as a shrine to Magranon. Not sure. Anyway I think this might be a pretty rare sight so thought I'd share / brag a little! The area is more open now and I've added some red lamps for night time because lava doesn't glow very well on its own. One of the tiles flowed onto the base, I froze it but what sucks is every time you Erupt or Freeze the slopes can change a little. I've now also verified that erupting a tile raises the northwest corner (that magic corner on which all 'tiles' are based) by 4-6 slopes. Freezing it doesn't change the slopes.
  11. Hot food cooking is a pretty in-depth skill as it is now. There are many, many, many recipes and subskills involved. Currently, there are many food items produced by hot food cooking or another cooking skill, but, other than casseroles and meals, hardly any of them are ever made or consumed. I find this dissapointing. We have recipes ranging from cakes, to porridge, to delicious soups and tuna caseroles. What I would like to suggest is "cravings" (okay, maybe not the exactly right word, but I simply don't know the proper word so bear with me ) A craving would be much like a mission. It randomly appears and randomly goes away. For example, your character could suddenly get a craving for a blueberry jam sandwich, or some nice hot soup. It would appear with a message in event "your stomach grunts at you and you're really hungry for a <food item> now.". The food item would be a completely random item picked from the database. It would be great if the databse could even recognize ingredients, such as "nettle soup". If that's not doable, just any random food item would work - wether its a little herring or blueberry, or a strawberry cake or meal. Eating your craving item will not lower your nutrition, but it will fill your food bar by however amount you eat. Ontop of that, eating your craved food will also give you +20 KARMA. as it stands right now, karma is near impossible to gain on the freedom isles but doing a mission on epic gives you 1000(?) karma, so I don't think it's a huge thing to ask, just a little reward to make the immense food system in wurm more desirable. TL;DR version; Character can get cravings Eating craved item gives +20 karma No nerfs, only small bonus Hopefully makes more use of the depth of the cooking system.