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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Some items i like to sell,: Wrapped Pizza HFC90+ full CCFP! I can make a 11hr+ first bite 10kg+ custom Affinity-pizza 30c/e! Normal Full House Pizza 20kg 30c/e! Pizza slice 2kg 5c. Horse shoe sets 2s 80ql with 70+ Enchants. Sprouts , Seedlings and Flowers --- Oak or Willow sprouts Grape/hops trellis 1k normal bricks 2s, (can use wagoneer in Xanadu) ------------------------------------------------- I also can make any pottery items ql50. Small amphora , Large amphora etc Libila Enchants 90 Channeling +bene. Dark messenger Botd RT BT ED Aosp Wa ,demises and more! Greetings Aroma, hope to hear from you soon. Pm ingame or leave a prived MSG with your offers.
  2. The idea is pretty simple : Once per year, on your birthday ( the date you entered when making your account ) you are allowed, as a premium player, to bake a special Birthday Cake listed in the cooking recipes! This birthday cake is special in a sense that: - You can only make it once every year - It can be traded and sold for a good price since it will be a rare baked product - You can slice it in 4 pieces, each piece giving 15 minutes of Sleep Bonus, total of 60mins sleep bonus with 1 whole Birthday Cake - This way you can bake and share ( if you're not greedy ) your birthday cake with your village/alliance - It adds a good amount to CCFP values next to providing sleep bonus. - The ingredients can be more or less the same as other cakes I think gifting (premium) players 1h of sleep bonus on their birthday in this way adds something special/personal to it and won't disrupt the balance of Silver/Premium/Sleep Powder sales. You still need to get the ingredient and bake it to get that 1h sleep bonus, instead of just handing out sleeping powder for example.
  3. Close

    Looking for a Hot Food Cooking Account at 90+ I would rather it not have any other skills, other than cooking and farming. So like gardening and baking etc. a bonus. Purely for my kitchen needs. Message me your complete skill set and price, cheers.
  4. Put several months into getting his faith up and leveling his HFC. He also has passable farming almost 40 skill. Hoping to get 75s or best offer. Will entertain any offers, so feel free to offer whatever you have or feel he's worth. Comes with a star diamond staff and cloth clothing. Is an initiate on the path of love with 20+ meditation skill.
  5. You heard it right folks! Come get your cheap recipes! Sick of trying to figure out one recipe and wasting resources? Looking for that next recipe to add to your collection? Want to fill that sweet craving you have? Well check out my ever growing list of recipes and buy one, two or all of them! ALL food recipes are 25c and below! ALL alcohol recipes are 30c! If the recipe you want isn't on the list, feel free to PM me and check if I have it yet. Recipes for Sale: PM me ingame or leave a message here. EDIT: As lisa said, some of these have sub-recipes. If you don't have them I can message you them for FREE via pm.
  6. I understand that speed is king in Wurm Unlimited, and that difficulty doesn't seem to matter, when it comes to grinding your skill as efficient as possible. However, I've heard that HFC is an exception? Can anyone confirm this to be true or not? Currently I've pan filled about 1000 pans with 1 garlic + 1 onion for stews. On my particular server, this took me from 20 to 50 skill using SB. I'm wondering if it would make any difference if I now switch over to a more difficult meal in each pan or just continue with whatever materials I have on hand?
  7. Hello All! Sorry for the ignorance on this but this has bothered me for some time. I am currently at level 12 HFC. I cooked a Brook Trout fish (QL 35, weight 2.5) and a pumpkin (QL 20, weight 1.0) in a frying pan that when examined said it would create a Meal with difficulty of 30. After cooking it, the QL was around 24 and the weight was around 2.4. After eating the meal, it boosted my Nutrition from 46% to 62% and my food level from 40% to 99% after consuming only 0.70 of the food amount. My question is, if I can do this with a HFC of 12, why would I need to level my cooking? I always wondered how we were able to cook higher difficulty meals with such low skills. It doesn't make sense. I would think that if the meal is a difficulty of 30 I would need a level of 30 or higher to cook it. I know I must be missing something and again forgive my ignorance. Thanks for any input or help!
  8. In the Wiki it says meals decay faster with salt. Days one and two no damage with or without salt. Day three with salt significant damage, 60. Day three without salt damage 0. Is this correct or is this a typographical error? 10.0 QL meal with salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 60.0 damage 10.0 QL meal without salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 0.0 damage If this is indeed correct someone needs to reexamine their reasoning for making meals with salt decay more readily than without.
  9. So I have looked all over Wiki and a fair bit through forums without examining every page of threads after searching for "Cooking", "HFC", and "Hot Food Cooking". Anyways... My question is simple.. I am at 73.37 Base | 92.91 Effective Hot Food Cooking on the Epic Servers, which means I can cook a meal at max QL of roughly 93QL. However using 80QL Frying Pans & 90+ Veggies in a forge at 55 Difficulty my meal's range from 65QL to 89QL, and average around 74QL. Is there any known difficulty's higher then 55? According to Wikipedia -10 skill = Difficulty (or something like that) which would mean I need to make Difficulty 83 Meals... Do those even exist? My meals currently consist of x1 Cooked Meat, x1 Corn, x1 Onion, x1 Garlic, x1 Salt, x1 Pumpkin, and x1 Potato cooked in a Forge for +10. I tried adding alchemy stuff into meals, double veggies, cheese, everything I had in my FSB to increase difficulty higher and could not.. Any tips? -Thank you Note: I'm not looking for tips on skilling HFC, but simply for maximizing my QL as I'm generally cooking 20 meals at a time for an entire village.
  10. Big food sale! Do you want to have enough food to feed your village for years? Maybe you need to gain large amounts of Hot Food Cooking, Mind Logic and Soul Depth fast? If your answer to one or both of these questions is "yes", then you have come to the right place! We are selling large amounts of food - enough for all your needs! Our offer Corn (3k in stock) - 1s/1k Garlic (1k in stock) - 1s/1k Cooked meat (4k in stock) - 3s/1k 1k corn/garlic + 1k cooked meat - 3,50s (-12% = 0,5s discount!) 3k corn + 1k cooked meat - 5s (-16% = 1s discount!) 3k corn + 3k cooked meat - 9,5s (-21% = 2,5s discount!) Everything - 12s (-25% = 4s discount!) Contact Forum: Warlander In-game: Warlander, Kenshi or Mackordian
  11. Do you want to grind HFC? Maybe you want to have food supply to feed your village for years? If so, you have come to the right place! 3k corn ql 91,80 + 1k cooked meat ql 31,09 - 5s Pick up on Xanadu at Nowe Wszczniesz (C14), can arrange delivery for a fee.
  12. Hi, wurmpeople. Here is the idea: as we all know- meals decay rather fast. I think that it would be great if heating them to searing hot state would decrease overall meal decay. Let's say it should be like Mend spell, but instead of -20dmg/-2ql that effect should be -15dmg/-5ql. Dicsuss.
  13. 2s for pickup, 3s if you deliver Delivery will be to southern Oliphant Peninsula on the Exodus server
  14. I am reviving an old idea of mine about a new nutrition system that will make make the background of the Nutrition more complex without affecting the new players trying to survive. The Nutrition will be composed of 5 parts: The food bar, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats and an efficiency modifier(vitamins?). The new system will revolve around providing your body with all the necessary nutritive substances from different food types. The food bar will limit your ability to eat, thus gain nutrition. Proteins will give regeneration bonuses and skillgain in body characteristics Carbohydrates will affect stamina and endurance Fats will affect your skillgain (except for combat skills) And the efficiency modifier will determine the efficiency of these bonuses. The 3 main factors (PCF) will make up a 100% bar and each nutritive factor can take up to 50%. so you can focus on certain bonuses while neglecting the others. The efficiency modifier will give temporary boosts to the skills and can be increased by a lot of factors like (eating fruits/drinking juice/ eating, salt, high Ql food and more) Each food item will give a certain nutritive substance for example: meat will give proteins, potatoes will give carbohydrates. Cooking food will increase the food's nutritive value and allow you to combine effects. * Having a high fat level gives you fat layers. Edit: Some people do not understand what the new system will change and how it will affect their gameplay experience. What will this new system change: 1. Eating raw food like berries and uncooked meat will fill your hunger bar and allow you to carry on your activities but the nutrition will suffer in the long run. Eating a berry once dose not mean you will suddenly lose all your nutrition. Nutrition is additive so you do not lose nutrition because of what you eat, you lose it over time. 2. When making a meal the ingredients you make it our of and their ratio will actually matter instead of puting half a potato and 100kg of meat to make supreme meal. 3. More obscure cooking ingredients like cheese and bread will gain an use and will be worth the time it takes to make them. 4. Experienced cooks will be able to actually create recipes and enjoy making new ones with the incredible amount of ingredients available ingame instead of just spamming the same recipe over and over again.
  15. As i have started wurm i have discovered many new things. Yet as i have started an apple orchard i thought of all the wonderful things that apples could be made into Apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cobbler as well as additions to other meals. Yet none are available. It is my suggestion that such should be implemented. simple apple+syrup+nuts+handle = candied apple/caramel apple, variants of ingredients. Apple pie could be same, sugar/syrup plus dough and pie pan, plus sliced apples. This could be repeated for all of the fruits as well..i spose. <,< Apple butter is just cooking down the apple with vinegar and spices, lemon juice as well. Apple sauce is just well..pulverized apples. apple stew essentially. Good with cooked boar meat/porkchops. Apple cider would be the fermentation of the apple juice, which would be a shorter fermentation making it a seasonal item as well. Using a sample of these recipes to spread amongst the entire fruity world it would give seasonal foods more flavor. Who knows if we can make dried fruit soon to make fruit cake and candy canes to give that certain season a bit more remembrance. Stat bonuses aside the skill it would be nice to be able to make a various regime of food with a purposed abundance of said cultivated produce. The apple.