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Found 39 results

  1. Horseshoes are not showing on the front feet of my mount, nor hitched horses: - rear feet are still displaying as shod.
  2. Prices : Cast Range 80 -> 84 1s 85 -> 89 1.2s 90 -> 95 1.5s 97 1.6s 98 1.7s 100 2s
  3. Hey, looking to sell this stuff off, 20% off all listed prices Prices: 80 QL 94 Woa Saddle - 2s 79.9 QL 100 Woa Saddle - 3.5s 80 QL 98 Woa Saddle - 2.75s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL 93 Woa - 5s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL - 4s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL 90 Woa - 5s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL 83 Woa - 5s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL 82 Woa - 5s Rare Horseshoe Steel 80+ QL 87 Woa - 5s Horseshoe Iron 47 QL 97 Woa - 1.5s Horseshoe Iron 70+ QL 89 Woa - 1s Horseshoe Iron 80+ QL 84 Woa - 90c Horseshoe Iron 70+ QL 83 Woa - 85c Horseshoe Iron 70+ QL 88 Woa - 90c Horseshoe Iron 85+ QL 84 Woa - 1s Horseshoe Iron 85+ QL 87 Woa - 1s
  4. Selling these enchanted horse packages, You'll see the number of the packages on the backpack. COD will be added to the final price. With saddle: 4,5s 4,3s Without saddle: 2,5s 2,5s 2,3s 2,2s 2,1s 2s
  5. Looking for highly enchanted (W90+) or blank rare horseshoe & one rare saddle. Send offers via forum pm.
  6. Iron Horse Shoes -- All 70+ QL with WOA 25c each -- 90c set 70.41 ql -- WOA 75 70.29 ql -- WOA 59 70.51 ql -- WOA 53 70.75 ql -- WOA 52 22c each -- 80c set 70.72 -- WOA 50 70.61 -- WOA 47 70.15 -- WOA 38 70.48 -- WOA 37 20c each -- 75c set 70.32 -- WOA 34 70.60 -- WOA 32 70.20 -- WOA 32 70.22 -- WOA 30 18c each -- 70c set 70.55 -- WOA 30 70.12 -- WOA 29 70.28 -- WOA 19 71.12 -- WOA 12
  7. Heya, As the title says: Will be sent in a backpack. Starting bid 20s Min increase 50c Buyout 35s No reserve Will be cod from Exodus, buyer pays the fees
  8. Closed

    As stated in the title, I am looking to buy 3 X Rare horseshoes, preferably blank. QL does not matter. drop me a message on the forums or in game. Thanks!
  9. I want to start off by saying that I'm brand new to the game, as I started playing only by a week. Keeping that in mind, I am not 100% sure if the testing I did is completely accurate. Anyway, according to the wiki the Horseshoes ( do not increase the moving speed until the QL of every individual horseshoe is 50 or above, or until the summed QL of the wore horseshoes reaches 70. Total Shoe Quality Speed of the Horse Unshod 13.69 kph 1 - 60 QL 13.69 kph 70 - 130 QL 14.40 kph I did some short tests and I noticed that my moving speed while commanding a cart with hitched horses changed whenever I removed or put horseshoes from my horses. As you can see in the top left corner my speed is between 12,99 and 13,00 km/h when both my horses are wearing horseshoes. It drops significantly to 12,23 km/h when removing the 46 QL horseshoes from one of my horses. It remains at 12,23 km/h even when decreasing the summed up quality of the remaining horseshoes below 70 by removing one of the horseshoes. With no horseshoes on at all, my speed decreases to 11,48 km/h. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been brought up by somebody else or if my testing was not made correctly.
  10. I have many Horseshoes 71 QL 70+ WOA for sale at 1s each. The horseshoes are located on my merchant in Glasshollow Central Market name Gears. Visit my merchant, or leave a msg below to get your hands on these fast horseshoes.
  11. SOLD OUT! Set #1 horseshoes ql80+: woa 73,74,75,78 saddle: ql83 woa76 sale price: 2s Set #2 horseshoes ql80+: woa 72,74,76,77 saddle: ql83 woa80 sale price: 2s Set #3 horseshoes ql80+: woa 83,83,84,84 saddle: ql82 woa83 sale price: 2.7s Set #4 horseshoes ql81+: woa 85,86,86,86 saddle: ql83 woa85 sale price: 2.8s Set #5 horseshoes ql83+: woa 91,91,91,91 saddle: ql83 woa91 sale price: 4.4s Set #6 horseshoes ql83+: woa 90, 93,93,93 saddle: ql84 woa93 sale price: 4.9s Set #7 horseshoes ql83+: woa 95,95,95,96 saddle: ql90 woa97 sale price: 5.9s Postage fee (COD) included
  12. Looking to buy a set of rare horseshoes. No enchants needed. And a rare saddle. Also looking for a rare bridle. QLs don't matter at this point. Thanks to everyone that offered to me.
  13. Doing some spring cleaning in my wagons, carts, and coffins. Saw all this stuff I will not use and thought, "Hmmm might as well sell em". All items are for sale and I am taking offers. Gems are pickup only(northern deli Bear lake area). Ridiculous offers will be ignored! RT= Rotting Touch, does internal wounds(similar to Frost Brand and Flaming Aura) but takes slightly more damage to the weapon. BotD= Blessing of the Dark, CoC and WoA together at the cast power of the BotD horseshoes below 70ql will be imped to 72, ones below 50 will be imped to 55(unless asked to be imped to 70 with increased price) Selling gems too!
  14. 5 Speed Horses For Sale Xanadu P22 - Nexus Landing Prices are a guide only. Offers considered. Bulk buy discount possible. Returning customers will get a discount. Trades for Sleep Powders, Bulk Bricks/Mortar and anything else you may want to offer will be considered. Delivery unlikely, but not impossible. A selection of 4 speed horses also available. Saddles and shoes also available at 50ql or 70ql. Wind of Ages enchantments also possible. There are quite a few more foals not currently included on the list, but similar to those shown. *SPECIAL OFFER* - 4 Gold Coloured 4 Speeders. 2 Female, 2 Male, all adolescent adults, all with different parents. ONLY 50c collected from Nexus Landing P22 SOLD!
  15. Amatsusah's Shop : Cheapest Bulk Orders, Metal, and Blacksmithing in Xanadu All bulk items can be delivered, Pickup Preferred ( coastal only; depending on location extra fee may apply) Currently not able to deliver due to running out of premium. items are pickup onlyIn game name is AmatsusahLocation is at South Eastern Border Floating Market r25 Xanaduwill accept big ordersall prices are negotiable (especially in bigger quantities.)all prices listed are base price, bigger orders get bigger discounts. contact me for the discounted price.Accepting direct payment via Paypal (1.1 e/s or 1.25 usd/s)Current Status : Shop Closed *Current Queue is empty Job Queue and Progress : 1. Yldranis (Mirabloodarc) | 10k bricks | Status : Done - Arranging delivery (Started 11-may-2015 finished 22 may-2015) | 10k mortar | Status : Done Job Queue and progress updated at least once a day Current Stocks : 13k bricks 10k mortar Prices : Common Bulk Bricks - 1.8s / 1k - 8.5s / 5k - 16s / 10k Mortar - 2.7s / 1k - 13s / 5k - 25s / 10k small nails, large nails, rivets, hooks - 1s / 400 ribbons, frying pans, sauce pans 1s / 100 anchors 20c Iron 90ql -1s / 100 80ql - 80c / 100 70ql - 50c /100 Crafting Grade (<70ql) - 1s / 1k Crafting Grade Tin , Slate, Copper, Lead, Zinc - 1s / 1k Blacksmithing (Common Tools) QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Iron Lamps* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 30ql | 10c | 95c | 2.3s | 4.5s | 8.5s | 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Lanterns* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 50ql | 15c | 1.45s| 3.6s | 7s | 13.5s | 60ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14.5s| 28s | 70ql | 40c | 3.9s | 9.5s | 18.5s| 36s | 80ql | 60c | 5.8s | 11.5s | 22s | 43s | 90ql | 1s | 9.7s | 19s | 37s | 72s | Imperial Street Lamps* QL x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 30ql | 20c | 1.8s | 4.6s | 9s | 17s | 50ql | 30c | 2.9s | 7.3s | 14s | 27s | 60ql | 60c | 5.8s | 14.6s | 29s | 36s | 70ql | 80c | 7.8s | 19s | 37s | 72s | 80ql | 1.2s | 11.6s| 23s | 44s | 86s | 90ql | 2s | 19.4s| 48s | 95s | 180s | *All Lamps Can be dyed for an additional fee x1 x10 x25 x50 x100 | 20c | 1.8s | 4.5 s | 8s | 15s | Available colours : white, green, red, blue, yellow, cyan. pink, black Horseshoes (set of 4) QL x4 x12 x40 x80 50ql | 80c | 2.3s | 7s | 13s | 60ql | 1.2s | 3.5s | 11s | 21s | 70ql | 1.6s | 4.6s | 15s | 29s | 80ql | 2.4s | 7s | 23s | 45s | 90ql | 4s | 11.5s | 38s | 75s | 90ql Blacksmithing is now Available! Gift Vouchers are now Available! you can give them to your friends or keep them for a later purchase! available in 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s denominations ! repeat customers and big orders will also be given gift vouchers or discount coupons as appreciation for their patronage! also watch for discount codes which i will distribute on chat! contact me for more info!
  16. Hello wonderful citizens of Wurm, I'm looking to get rid of some extra tools lying around. These are not the top quality enchants you are accustomed to, but they should still add benefit for most, especially at these incredible prices. All items are iron unless otherwise specified. List will be continually updated as new items are added and others are sold. c=Circle of Cunning w=Wind of Ages Rake - 82.32q w44 c27 (65c) Rake - 80.39q w30 c54 (70c) Rake - 84.43q w28 c24 (70c) Rake - 80.96q w32 c26 (70c) Rake - 85.01q w58 c37 (75c) Hammer - 80.30q w33 (65c) Stone Chisel - 80.06q w52 c53 (95c) Stone Chisel - 83.71q w20 c54 (95c) Metal Brush - 80.10q w36 (60c) Needle - 80.00q w79 c21 (80c) Shovel - 81.44q w28 c20 (70c) Scissors - 80.63q c45 (50c) Saw - 80.90q w23 (60c) Saw - 80.12q c67 (75c) Saw - 80.35q w26 (60c) Saw - 80.75q w26 (60c) (3s for set) Horseshoe - 80ql w34 Horseshoe - 80ql w39 Horseshoe - 80ql w35 Horseshoe - 80ql w30 If you don't like the prices, make an offer. Looking to deal. Prices lowered again. Buy more than 4 tools and receive 15% off total list prices.
  17. Prices are negotiable, especially on bulk orders. Feel free to message me with your offer. Items below for sale. I accept verified PayPal payments as well, with invoices. ***BUYER (You) PAYS MAILING FEES ON MAILED ITEMS*** CoD mailing costs: 10c per item on Deli, 20c cross-server. Some items (horseshoes, lumps, etc.) must be mailed in a container, which is an additional 20c mailing fee. Items can be picked up at Fippy's Harbour, West coast of Deliverance (3x, 26y) and I can deliver to Greendog. Larger orders can be delivered further. Please message me on forums with any questions. All items are at 0 damage. SOLD ITEMS ARE LISTED IN THE POST BELOW.
  18. As stated I am looking for supreme horseshoe(s) and saddle(s). Pm me here with details. In game name is Elf as well, however not playing a lot at present time. Thanks!
  19. Rare Fruit Press 13 ql - 2s Rare Long Bow Willow 52 ql - 7s Rare Forge QL 90 - 12s Soft Cap x3 - 1.5s Snow Lantern 99 ql x4 - 2s each Yellow Potions x29 - offer 4 horseshoe set Ql 79 woa 71, ql72 woa 82, ql71 woa 77, ql 71 woa 71 - offer Rake 87ql BOTD 90 - 5s Items that can be mailed will be mailed at buyers expense. Other items need to be picked up (arrangements can be made). Items listed with "offer" if popular will go to auction to be fair. Easy pick up access point on Xanadu at I25 Ocean deed.
  20. Still looking, any ql, with or without enchants...please pm me!
  21. As title suggests, interested in buying supreme horse shoe or supreme horse saddle. PM me with offers. Enchants are not essential. Thanks! Edit: Might as well throw this in here: Also looking for cooking salt to buy on Release (not source salt). Let me know if you have some for sale.
  22. Selling my full set of SUPREME horseshoes, Will be CoD'd (all in a backpack or satchel) to the winner of the auction. Quality/WoA of the shoe's are as follows ~ 1: Quality 90.81 WoA 81 2: Quality 91.02 WoA 83 3: Quality 90.79 WoA 80 4: Quality 90.73 WoA 84 The starting bid for the shoe's will be 70s for the set. these will be sold as a set, and not individually. Also selling my 90.93 ql RARE Saddle with 54 WoA on it. Starting bid on the saddle will be 8s this will be CoD'd to the winner. Please specify which you are bidding on in your post. Sniper protection: 1 hour. (if someone bids with only 5 minutes left, this will reset the auction to one hour, to give people room to bid) Min increment - 2s.
  23. Good day Wurmians, This is the Atlantica Was Found (36x , 36y) market: Currently selling : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rare Butchering knife 5.5s - Rare Needle. 1.6s - Rare Oak Spindle. 3.5s - Rare Horse Shoe. 3.5s - Rare 60ql Lantern [painted white R=213,G=213,B=213]. 6s Some items are available in stock of over 1 item. and are low ql except for the lantern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send me a PM with an offer and which item here or ingame (ilias) , please avoid leaving offers as a reply here as it is harder to keep track of. First come first serve!