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Found 68 results

  1. buyer pays COD from Exodus, or pickup Exodus H13 delivery negotiable, free delivery for orders over 5s to boat accessible places on Exo, Deli, Cele, south Indy, west Xana any tool or shoe can be imped to ql90 for extra 30c ingame PM: Joeix (priest), Wocas (imper) Speed! Don't waste you time, equip your horses, speed up your cart and wagon. Horseshoe ql75 woa72 58c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa73 59c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa74 60c, 6pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa76 63c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa77 64c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa78 66c, 5pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa80 73c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa81 76c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa82 79c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa83 81c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa84 84c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa85 87c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa87 92c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa88 95c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa89 107c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa91 120c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa93 140c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa94 150c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa95 160c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa96 170c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa98 210c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa99 230c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa100 250c, 1pcs Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa78 156c Saddle ql90 woa79 157c Saddle ql90 woa80 158c Saddle ql90 woa82 164c Saddle ql90 woa88 180c Saddle ql90 woa91 195c Saddle ql90 woa93 215c Saddle ql90 woa96 245c Use fast tools! You don't need extra skill now, you need a job done. Pickaxe ql81 woa75 67c Pickaxe ql81 woa76 68c Pickaxe ql81 woa77 69c Pickaxe ql81 woa78 71c Pickaxe ql81 woa79 72c Pickaxe ql85 woa80 73c Pickaxe ql86 woa81 76c Pickaxe ql85 woa84 84c Pickaxe ql84 woa86 89c Pickaxe ql84 woa87 92c Pickaxe ql84 woa90 100c Pickaxe ql84 woa94 140c Pickaxe ql84 woa95 150c Shovel ql84 woa79 72c Shovel ql88 woa86 95c Hatchet ql84 woa70 60c Hatchet ql84 woa81 76c Hatchet ql84 woa83 81c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa92 120c Hatchet ql84 woa97 180c Saw ql82 woa84 84c Saw ql82 woa84 85c Saw ql82 woa85 87c Saw ql85 woa86 89c Saw ql82 woa87 92c Stone chisel ql85 woa82 79c Stone chisel ql84 woa86 89c Stone chisel ql88 woa97 180c Rake ql82 woa81 76c Rake ql86 woa98 200c
  2. Supreme Horse Shoe at almost 40ql, lets see your bids! Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Snipe Protection Activated: I will notify the winner either here or in game to arrange delivery!
  3. Rare horseshoe 90.66ql 73 WOA start bid: 15s increments: 1s buyout: 40s sniper protection : 1 hour will send via COD Will throw in a free package of 3 free blank 90.6ql horseshoes or free imp to 90.6ql for 3 horseshoes you own for the buyout Happy bidding!
  4. Starting Bid 5s Minimum Increments 1s No reserve No private bids Sniper Protection 1 hour
  5. There wil be two groups in this auction for bidding Set A (4x Horseshoes) Set B (4x Horseshoes) A ) B ) ---- For each set ---- Starting Bid: 50c Minimum increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 20 minutes (Edit: Forgot the timer ?) It's a Long auction because i'll be back from my trip on sunday
  6. Hello I have a 4 Supreme Horse Shoes, Iron (Blank) 90+ql. Starting Bid: 40 silver Increment: 1 silver Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launsel~
  7. Plz Close

    90QL Rare Horseshoe Set w/ WOA These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the horse shoe by dipping it in water while it's hot. Starting Bid: 12s Minimum Increase: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: 20s
  8. Hello, I have some awesome rare items for sale! 1# Rare trowel [11:33:46] A wide metal blade on a shaft, used to dispense and clean up mortar on bricks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. No enchants, 50ql, perfect for building new houses Price is 6s. 5s! 2# Rare silver ring [22:33:55] A ring to put on your finger. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the ring by dipping it in water while it's hot. low ql, price is 2s! 3# Rare horseshoes [22:39:49] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. Price is 3s/each (2 pieces) Enjoy!
  9. Horseshoe Set Outlined in Red - 20s Extra Rare Steel Horseshoe - 5s Extra Rare Iron Horseshoe - 4s Sold Extra Rare Steel Horseshoe 80 QL no enchants - 4s (Not in picture)
  10. don't know where to put this or if anyone is interested but was doing some speed tests on gear of my horse Horse used was a 4 trait 2 spd wearing iron barding, toon was carrying (total around 60kg) wearing half plate/half chain [00:48:59] It will fight fiercely. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. 12.95,(12.25),[12.95],{10.80} with no spd procs 12.99,(13.6),[14.4],{12.2} with carry more 15.1,(15.8),[16.5],{14.4} with lightining 16.5,(17.3),[18],{15.8} with both spd procs with 70ql shoes unsaddled,(30ql saddle),[71ql saddle],{unshoed 71ql saddle}
  11. My horse (Dreamunity) has twice now lost a shoe off of the same foot. Other shoes were at 10 damage the first time a shoe went missing, and other shoes were at 3 damage this last time it went missing. I noticed the first time that a shoe was missing right before the Black Dragon fight on Deliverance, replaced the shoe and then continually did upkeep on the shoes to make sure it didn't disappear again. After about a week and a half and quite a few runs out of town I was preparing to repair and change her equipment. My friend bought me a set of Rare horseshoes as a gift and as I was about to put them on, I noticed the same shoe was missing (The Left Hoof). After repairing all of her shoes and saddle I moved the equipment to a different horse. The only people that have access to the horse are myself and my village (all are people I know IRL). I've asked and they say that they aren't messing with me.
  12. Looking to buy a rare set of horseshoes and a rare saddle. Doesn't have to be casted. Would prefer 90+ QL but that isn't required either. PM me here or in game at Joelle.
  13. What summer would it be without a proper Summer Sale! 30% off on quality mounted explorer's equipment Let's make you happy! Compasses basic price 30% off 45ql 90woa 2s 1.4s 46ql 95woa 2s 1.4s 58ql 90woa 2.5s 1.7s 61ql 86woa 2.5s 1.7s 62ql 91woa 3s 2.1s 63ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 65ql 93woa 3s 2.1s 68ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 70ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 94woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 91woa 3.5s 2.4s 79ql 95woa 4s 2.8s Saddles ql90 basic price 30% off 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 97woa 3.3s 2.3s 90ql 98woa 3.6s 2.5s Horse shoes ql90 set basic price 30% off 4x 90ql 90woa 6s 4.2s 4x 90ql 91woa 6.6s 4.6s 4x 90ql 93woa 7.8s 5.4s 4x 90ql 94woa 8.4s 5.9s 4x 90ql 96woa 9.6s 6.7s 4x 90ql 97woa 10.2s 7.1s 4x 90ql 98woa 10.8s 7.5s (mailing fees included) Lesser ql equipment also available, don't hesitate to ask. For example - ql80+ woa80-85 saddles for 1s each, 20 in stock - ql80+ woa86-89 horseshoes for 70c each, 24 in stock
  14. Helping a friend sell out. All horseshoes are at 91 or 92q and are iron. Only listing by WOA. First set. 52woa, 54woa, 67woa, 72woa. Second set. 73woa, 74woa, 74woa, 74woa Third set, 74woa, 75woa, 75woa, 78woa Fourth set. 82woa, 82woa, 83woa, 85woa Firth set. 85woa, 86woa, 86woa, 90woa Bridles 1. 70q bridle. no enchant 2. 75q bridle. no enchant Saddle. 50q saddle. 100woa Min Bid per item is 1s Increments of 25c No reserve. No buyout. Sniper protection of 1 hour.
  15. want to buy rare horseshoe...
  16. Hi, let me offer some sets to speedup your horses 4 woa shoes + FREE woa saddle mail fee (COD) included whole set, including saddle, can be imped to ql90 for additional 1.5s if you have special request, PM (97 blacksmithing, 99 leatherwork, 90 channeling priest) w/woa means Wind Of Ages cast #1 ql80 shoes w74,74,75,75 + ql80 saddle w74 = 2.7s #2 ql80 shoes w76,77,78,78 + ql80 saddle w76 = 2.8s #3 ql80 shoes w80,81,81,81, + ql80 saddle w78 = 2.9s #4 ql80 shoes w82,82,82,83 + ql80 saddle w79 = 3.2s #5 ql80 shoes w83,84,84,85 + ql80 saddle w84 = 3.4s #6 ql80 shoes w85,85,85,85 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.5s #7 ql80 shoes w86,86,88,88 + ql80 saddle w87 = 3.6s #8 ql80 shoes w88,88,88,88 + ql80 saddle w89 = 3.7s #9 ql90 shoes w92,92,93,93 + ql 90 saddle w92 = 5.9s
  17. wtt rare iron pick axe 91ql w/ w51 c88 for 2 rare horseshoes
  18. Supreme Horse Shoe Auction Item: 1 Supreme Horse Shoe 32.69 QL Starting bid: 6 silver Bid Increments: 1 silver Snipe Protection: None Auction Length: 48 hours (2 days)
  19. I have many Horseshoes 71 QL 70+ WOA for sale at 1s each. The horseshoes are located on my merchant in Glasshollow Central Market name Gears. Visit my merchant, or leave a msg below to get your hands on these fast horseshoes.
  20. Auctioning 4 Horseshoes at 91QL with very high WoA casts as a set. Starting Bid - 5s Buyout - 15s increments - 50c
  21. Looking to buy a set of rare horseshoes. No enchants needed. And a rare saddle. Also looking for a rare bridle. QLs don't matter at this point. Thanks to everyone that offered to me.
  22. With all the rares gone and only the supreme left, this auction gets resurrected and restarted! Make you bids! Do you have only 3 supreme horse shoes and want to make a set? Make a bid! Do you meet too little luck while wurming? Make a bid! Do you have too much silver in your coffers? Make a bid! Make a bid? Make a bid! Buyer also pays CoD, mailed from Xanadu. Starting Bid: 10s Min Increment: 50c Reserve: NO Buyout: 20s Snipe Protection - 1 Hour
  23. I just need one rare horseshoe so i have a set and am willing to pay 3s for it pm me if you have one for sale. (i dont care about ql or any enchants just a creation blank will do fine)