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Found 4 results

  1. Celebrate the unification of Blackwatch with me. I am celebrating by hosting a party on Sunday, September 5th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. PDT: UTC−07:00 Everyone is invited to attend. Drinks and refreshment will be provided. We also have some fun events planned. Blackwatch is Located at O18/19 on Harmony, just below Harmony Bay. It is a deep water Port with Boat and Ship parking on the north shore, as well as mainland accessible by bridge. The Events: Horse Races - We will be hosting horse races at Blackwatch during this event. Bring your best Horse to the event and square off against your neighbors and friends! We will hold two different rounds for each bracket. Groups of 5 will square off at a time in our Best of Breed Brackets and the final bracket winner of each round wins a cash prize, 10s. Horse only, no equipment permitted. Feel free to bring your best tack along for our Bling Bling Brackets. Show off your fancy saddles and expensive horseshoes and see who has the best of the best. 10 Silver prize to the winner of each round's Final Bracket. I will announce the top three winners from both brackets after the fact. Directions and Information: Ship Parking available at the following locations. (These are all deep water docks). Inn and Temporary Stables. This is where the festivities will take place. Also Cart and Horse Parking. Off-Deed locations for unloading creature cages.
  2. "Build it and he will come" - Field of dreams Finally, for the first time on Cadence, and let me say in Wurm too, something you've been all dreaming about: GRAND PRIX de BRAVE STONE VILLE 60-tile oval horse racing track, located in the northeast corner of E-14, under the name "Emperor's Crossing Hippodrome", is getting ready to host first ever horse race on Cadence. The first whole day event is scheduled for Sunday, 29th November at 22:00 GMT, so everybody can prepare well. Finally, 5-speed horses, 90QL saddles and horse shoes, priests that can cast good Frantic charge , will be put into good use and determine who breeds the best horses in Wurm. So, is it Carbon? Pokter? Cistacista? Aveeno? Tig? Chiibea? Which stable gives the thoroughbreds? Is it Katzenkorb? Purebreds? The Ranch? Elysium? Dystopian Bazaar? or is there some dark knight ready to mess with the favorites? Some unheard secret quiet guy from the back? Here is your chance, horse breeders, to get that trophy, brag about and ultimately sell your prized horses higher, or even each one from the prized stable. Opportunities are endless so use it wisely ! Leather workers, blacksmiths, now you can promote as being the key part of the winning team! Just think of the opportunities! Since it is planned to be whole day event, area around track will feature 24 2-tile boxes for horses (with gate locks provided, or you can bring your own), 12 merchant stalls so you can bring and display your wares for sale (like a fair), parking space for carts and wagons, 100-spectators capacity 5x3 tile 3-store stance for better view of races.. and many other features in future, like affinity meals, sermon groups etc... Race rules are: 10c participation fee, 10 participants per race, 1st place wins 50% of entry fees, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 10% (and 10% for track upkeep). Start machine is locked wooden gate (surrounded with wooden fences), which starter unlocks and the race begins. Finish line is determined with first rider to pick up gold statuette from the ground, then 2 tiles further will be silver statuette for second place pickup battle, and 2 tiles further a bronze one for 3rd place pickup. then riders present statuettes to the race judge and winners are announced. Each rider will be presented with cloth jacket and/or wool hat in different color for recognition purposes, or you can bring your own bright colored garment. PARTICIPANT FROM ALL SERVERS ARE WELCOME! CATEGORIES: CAT1. Horseback riders CAT2. 2-team large carts (driver, co-driver passenger) CAT3. Wagons CAT4. Wild tames riders CAT5. Domestic animal riders This is the first event of many to come, if they turn out to be successful. I urge all other players to make their own tracks, so we can have a Tour, a Series ,a Championship! Images and print screens to come shortly. All remarks, ideas, applications, critics, acknowledgments please send here, or in game to Moma PM ***FOR REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS, PLEASE PM MOMA IN GAME OR HERE BY 23rd Nov. ***IF YOU WANT TO TAKE PART AS A HELPER IN THIS INTERESTING PROJECT, ALSO PM MOMA If you can, please place this forum topic into appropriate section, or more of them, if you think it is ok. RACE ON! Moma, Mokowitcher. And here are some pics now that the track is ready to host competitors from all over kingdom: **The best seat in the house : A view from "Mannfred and Tahlula Grand Stand" **Approach to the "Mannfred and Tahlula Grand Stand" **Market area (you can bring your merchant contract and set up your stall for free) A view from the track - final dash A view form the Sonata Highway - make a route to Shipyard Mikomaroko-ovosh, and you'll be here in no time Parking lots Watch for thorns in the corners!! "Mannfred and Tahlula Grand Stand" SELL!!! SELL!!! Start line back view START! Finish line pick up (there will be large bell resonators for easier pick up) Please share, promote, come. HISTORY WRITTEN!!!! After a small hiccup, last night was the night history was written: for the first time on Cadence, a HORSE RACE was held on "Emperor's Crossing Hippodrome", a public venue built for various events, fairs, market gathering, parties and everything that makes this game so much fun. With a huge gratitude to our phenomenal Bunbunn, this event was streamed on twitch, where 30-40 people followed this exciting race. All visitors got a chance to enjoy free pizza Bunbunn donated as well as some nice free gin, sponsored by Aetheria. Some merchants haggled their wares and we were all set to go. As the crowd of 10 gathered up, we were ready to go with first ever race: thanks to the fearless competitors, and gathered crowd, we had exciting battle for GOLDEN BELL - and the winners of this race are: Place 1 - REIGNING HORSEMAN CHAMPION - JAYTOO with horse RAIDPEARL, bred by Carbon won a whopping 15c prize; Place 2 - BRAVE LADY KNIGHT - BUNBUNN with horse BRISKWARRIOR, bred by Bunbunn settled with 10c reimbursement of participation fee; (it should've been 9c but organizer was generous) Place 3 - VALIANT SQUIRE - MSPLASSH with horse TAILSSTRONG, bred by Msplassh got comforting 5c reward. (it should've been 3c but organizer was generous) Jaytoo brought his beautiful supreme cart for the CAT2 race, but there were no other entries, so we were left just to look at awe as he was thundering around track in a best display of what craft and skill in this game can bring. For the first time some of us saw man riding a Unicorn, as Ngin came in his pink armor. Unfortunately, no other participants showed in CAT3 wild tames, so hopefully next time we will have some Hellhorses along side some Unicorns and have a great race. Everybody had a great time, a lots of fun and some excitement. Finally, I have to pay some acknowledgments to the people who helped build this public venue: Mannfred - Grand Stand design Tahlula - Grand stand building Turils - donated sprouts for outer hedges Cococereza - donated sprouts for inner hedges Pherikfox - terraforming Grand Stand approach Isfasio - support Bunbunn - media support, PR, promotion, being a good friend Jaytoo, Bubtoo - being a good friend Aetheria - sponsoring gin everyone else that came to attend and compete in this event and made it possible Please, make your own projects, make your tracks and events, let's have a Tour! Please come here and organize your own events using this infrastructure - it's FREE! Let's make this a seasonal event and have Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter events, fairs, parties Hope to see you soon Moma Mokowitcher
  3. A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace - Ovid Hi Everyone, This week will have a focus on community events and how we're going to be looking at them in the future, including setting up a system to allow us to promote your events! Patch Notes: Day at the races We’re mixing things up a little bit with no riddles this month, a horse race through some of the sights of Deliverance will be our April event! With Enki providing the horses and gear, everyone will have an even ground to race with. All you need to bring is yourself, and 21 body control! (and maybe some armour, a weapon, and a nominated next of kin). The race is on the 30th and I look forward to seeing you all there Social media We'll be looking at how we operate with the current social media (promoting both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited with the same accounts) over the next week. Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited have very different audiences, and we want to engage with you all with content that appeals to you, so make sure to check out our twitter @Wurmonline and our Facebook Wurm Online Official! Events and community As we all know, community events are a huge part of Wurm, from Impalongs and GM run hunts to Wurm Unlimited events on each server. We’ve setup a new email address, allowing you to tell us about your event, and we’ll share it with everyone so it gets as big as you want it to be. Obviously this will mostly be a benefit for Wurm Unlimited, but we’re also looking for player centric events to share in from Wurm Online too, so don't be afraid to let us know about your next gathering. Design a starter deed I forgot to give an end date to the competition last week, so it will run until the 28th, and will be announced on the 29th in the news. Community content Over the course of several years, people on Independence may have noticed Hughmongus and Skyefox within their local, moving slowly and mumbling numbers. This is because theyve been working extremely hard on a properly scaled and accurate map of Indy.The community map for independence has been a hand drawn map since the days of Darkmalice, with Hughmongus picking up on an old project designed to accurately map the server. They’ve counted out roads, resources and every coastline, and have finally shared their complete (well, full, they intend to continue to update and map the changes of the land) map. Check it out here: Thats it for this week,I got a raspberry Pi for my birthday, so I'll be fiddling with that over the weekend, I hope you all have a great weekend, and carry on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team
  4. A few weeks ago I saw a travel documentary showcasing a horse race through the streets of some European city. The streets were quite narrow, and lined with thousands of cheering fans on both sides. This left only a small path for the riders to navigate their speeding horses! And the track was dirt or sawdust, and curved bent and twisted around a very few small city blocks. Everyone looked extremely excited and engaged - and the riders were really worked over when the event was done. There was even a huge wreck with horses and men falling to the ground and piling up on one another ... spectacular! What does the community think about establishing some form of horse racing across the islands of Wurm? /> There are of course the modern forms of horse racing that could be matched - - but - - it might also be very interesting to put a medieval or Wurm'ian twist on the sport! It is, after all, a different World!