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Found 17 results

  1. Could we get some sort of saddle racks or displays, now that we have a number of available items for our horses! Something similar to the armour racks, to be able to store our saddles and gear on, preferably functioning! But even if its just some sort of decoration would be nice. Another item to work our fine carp on!
  2. Looking to buy a rare saddle to replace one I had crafted that had had been taken from deed among other things in a lemony snickets series of unfortunate events enchanted would be nice as well yet not necessary. ql is unimportant Tally ho and they catch me ridden dirty til then.
  3. don't know where to put this or if anyone is interested but was doing some speed tests on gear of my horse Horse used was a 4 trait 2 spd wearing iron barding, toon was carrying (total around 60kg) wearing half plate/half chain [00:48:59] It will fight fiercely. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. 12.95,(12.25),[12.95],{10.80} with no spd procs 12.99,(13.6),[14.4],{12.2} with carry more 15.1,(15.8),[16.5],{14.4} with lightining 16.5,(17.3),[18],{15.8} with both spd procs with 70ql shoes unsaddled,(30ql saddle),[71ql saddle],{unshoed 71ql saddle}
  4. post or pm offers horse gear armor weapons tools random stuff gems
  5. I have lots of casted items to sell, many of which have rather nice casts ranging from 90+ to 60+, with the odd 50+. There's a huge range of tools, some horse gear and a few weapons & nolo rings. Items with exclusively CoC casts have been left as low-quality as possible, while WoA casted items have been imped up. Everything is COD from Chaos or can be collected from north Indy. I'll guarantee to have it in the mail within 24 hours of your reply below or PM Tools Pickaxes x29 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 70.50 90 1.66s 70.41 85 1.13s 70.43 75 72c 70.35 73 71c 70.40 72 70c 70.51 71 69c 70.47 69 76 95c 70.38 68 54c 70.64 65 52c 71.22 64 52c 70.48 64 52c 70.31 64 56 65c 70.41 62 49c 50.32 96 2.52s 49.32 95 2.41s 47.96 91 1.95s 48.53 88 1.73s 44.45 87 1.70s 50.28 87 1.70s 49.96 81 1.20s 49.92 78 90c 32.82 78 90c 21.82 75 80c 11.10 69 54c 50.02 69 54c 50.35 65 52c 50.12 64 52c 49.14 62 51c Shovels x5 QL WoA Coc Price 70.38 66 53c 70.36 64 52c 70.32 61 50c 02.49 82 90c 04.44 73 70c Sickles x3 QL WoA Coc Price 39.95 89 1.25s 38.99 86 1.15s 48.78 81 95c Grooming Brush x3 QL WoA Coc Price 25.05 66 53c 48.63 64 52c 48.06 61 50c Rope Tools x4 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 39.89 71 70c 38.92 69 65c 40.18 67 61c Fine Fishing Rods x6 (all made from willow) [2 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 50.22 82 95c 50.02 67 61c 50.07 66 60c 49.41 60 55c Hatchet x6 QL WoA Coc Price 72.44 75 67c 70.72 73 66c 70.56 73 69 95c 78.18 70 65c 79.12 64 52c 11.88 62 31c Cloth Tailoring Type QL WoA Coc Price Spindle 23.20 88 1.28s Scissors 58.49 68 54c Needle 70.52 82 95c Others Type QL WoA Coc Price Trowel 70.48 85 95c Rake 15.83 71 70c Rake 60.16 63 55c Mallet 50.46 88 1.10s File 64.21 72 70c Leather Knife 59.39 68 54c Leather Knife 67.01 61 50c Hammer 43.19 85 95c Hammer 51.00 58 35c Butchering Knife 28.03 65 52c Horse Gear Shoes x12 QL WoA Coc Price 77.24 76 78c 75.39 76 78c 72.46 76 78c 70.44 73 71c 70.61 71 70c 82.54 71 70c 88.32 68 54c 80.48 66 53c 86.91 64 52c 70.63 64 52c 70.46 64 52c 70.42 62 51c Saddles x4 [3 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 41.74 67 53c Weapons & NOLO Rings [3 Sold!] Type QL Casts Price Maul 75.33 n85 f73 c84 1.90s Longsword 79.92 n84 f78 c67 1.80s Longsword 77.86 n77 f64 c72 1.60s Thanks for looking! PM me if you have any questions. Screenshots of items in-game are available if you desire them. Also, as a side-note if you don't know me, I've played Wurm since October 2011 with over 150 days in-game and spent a combined total of over 2 years on the staff team. Unfortunately my account got accidentally deleted, so my new forum account makes me look much noobier than I should
  6. as the topic says , i have 3 sets of horse shoes for sale one set , obviously consist of 4 horse shoes i sell them in sets 1 set costs 4 silver + mail cost on you so if you are NOT living on indie , a whole set will cost you total 4S 80c you can pick up at indie @ Q 21 to lower the costs a set of enchanted horse shoes gives boost to horse speed in 3 stages of enchantsments : 50 woa = approx 1km overall 70 woa = approx 2km overall 90 woa = approx 3km overall increase in power between those stages doesnt give any boost to speed , you get a difference on those 3 stages of enchant power only just for your knowledge if you dont know i have varied woa on the horse shoes , and all of the have 50 + , some even 60 + , but they will still give the 1st stage bonus ONLY that is why i dont post a screenshot of whatever of the items , because they re all the same overall in speed for more info pm Johntitor ingame to buy a set just write in this topic who you want to cod the horse shoes to , or when you would like to pick em up from my place cheers , and best regards Johntitor
  7. You Are Bidding On: 90QL Woa Rare Horse Gear Set: (Can be COD to the winner or picked up at Fort Huntsman Docks, West Coast of Release) Starting Bid: 25s Increments: 1s Buyout: PM Me Offers Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All!
  8. Hello everyone, i want to auction my 4 RARE Horse Shoes, WoA cast on all 4... [21:17:15] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [84] [21:17:15] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] [21:17:15] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] [21:17:15] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [62] here is the screenshot: Starting price: 20S Min inc: 1S Reserve: none Private buyouts acceptet Buyer can pick up the set at O16 Xanadu, or mail at buyers expense, Happy bidding
  9. Hello all, i want to auction my 2 saddles, 1 rare and second regular, both have WoA enchants on them 1st Saddle, RARE SOLD by private buyout 2nd Saddle SOLD by private buyout
  10. As the title says I want to sell all of the following enchanted gear: Feel Free to PM here on forums or in-game anytime! Or simply leave a post here on the thread as to which items you wish to purchase Note: All items above that are still available are on my merchants at my deed: Fort Huntsman Docks (West Coast of Release - G8 In-Game Map). -Thanks in Advance! -=Jakeii=-
  11. Hello all i want to auction my rare horse shoe [20:35:36] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [51] [20:35:36] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [91] Starting Bid: 50 copper Inc: 50 copper no buyout no reserve The winner pay mailing cost, 10 copper coins in canada and 20 copper other servers
  12. Up for auction, is a 90ql Supreme Bridle Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Winner: Niki 8s Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here. The winner pays CoD or can pick up from Top Notch x8, y8, Exodus. Happy bidding!
  13. The horse set will inculde the saddle and 5 horse shoe looking to get 50s for it The rare pickaxe is 8s The spyglass is 45s The rare long sword is 20s The rare short bow is 10s
  14. I can repair everything I can reach, whether it is mine or not, whether on my deed , offdeed or other peoples deed. Only horse gear - for that I need to tame the horse. Even if I don't want to remove it, but only repair. Please make it possible to repair without removing it, then taming won't be nessesary.
  15. This is a one of a kind item that you won't see many of. Perfect saddle fit for a King! Start bid: 10sminimum increments: 1sreserve: yesbuyout: 60SPrivate bids time: two days. Happy Bidding!
  16. 80ql rare bridle up for grabs, PM or post here with offers. [12:34:49] These thin leather reins, headstall and metal bit should be put on the head of a creature to direct it. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather.
  17. I'm just making this post because i'm tired of asking KChat. Anyway, i'm interested in purchasing the items listed below, send me the offers by PMing me here on the forums, posting here below, or PMing me ingame if you're on the celebration server by typing /t Drjackal. I'm also not looking for exact items with the exact enchant, looking for anything around that or higher. WTB - 70ql trowel with 70woa WTB - 70ql horseshoes all with 70woa 70ql saddle with 70woa purchased Thanks Note: If you're on another server, you can mail me the items.