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Found 4 results

  1. Come join in on the Chaos and Join PANDEMONIUM! Do you want to be with the Pandemonium? Fill out an App here: Or message me on discord Evadaly#2645
  2. So I've been exploring... I've been wandering the forums, I've seen a few signatures of people honoring their fallen friends and then I thought of this suggestion and I think it should be a part of Wurm and it's history. We have all heard and seen some hidden easter eggs in other video games where they honor their fallen gamers and I know Wurm has had it's few fallen great ones too. My suggestion is basically a grave site, managed by CA/GM etc where one can put in a request for those in our community that have fallen in real life... and that they feel they should be remembered. With a note available for other players to read a little about what made that person so great. Edit: After some thought, I realized how hard it could be to know exactly if somebody has passed away without being very close to them, so I'd like to propose another option, Just like I stated above, a designated area protected and managed by a CA/GM, to highlight those we believe had a big impact in our Wurm community that have now retired the game with or without notice, with the requirements set for those that have not logged in, in a year or more.
  3. This is a guideline on how to be an Successful Honorable Scavenger! All learned through personal experience Decay: If the place is decayed or decaying, it is a safe bet that the person has abandoned the game and/or died. Bragging: Do NOT brag about your sucessful find, it will earn you a KOS in most cases. Stash: Always have a stash somewhere so in the event of death, you will have less of a chance of losing the valuables. Association: Do not associate your self with any serial Looters. Mapping: Do not map out decaying deeds, as it is dishonorable Local: If there are people near by, do not loot. Unlocked: If a cart is unlocked, it is free to open, but would not be advised to drag. Creatures: Always butcher your creatures. Waste not, Want not Keep Questions to The Question Board: People will take it out of context, and try to gang up on you with it. ~More may come as I see fit~
  4. the grave site was already done on celebration, lets add those who we lost that aren't in the site. This idea was already done on Celebration near tap dance. Next step is to add those who aren't currently in it, to it.