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Found 18 results

  1. I put 2 full sealed barrels of honey on my merchant when sealed barrels were first allowed on merchants. The barrel of 13ql honey - now weighs 2kg (it's empty) The barrel of 52ql honey - on removing the seal and checking it, the honey had decayed by around 28 dam The barrels have never been off deed and were sealed before putting on the merchant. This was a test to see if I could sell food liquids on merchants - it appears it is not ready for this. The worry is that until decay reaches 100, the barrels do not show any outward indication of the contents decay - I noticed the 1st barrel was 2kg, but it was only by 'tasting' that I noticed that the QL of the 2nd barrel had dropped to 'acceptable'. I think customers currently need to be aware of this when purchasing liquids in sealed barrels so that they do not purchase decayed products.
  2. Hello! I have 2x 75QL Cedarwood Active beehive's for sale - 2s each. Possible coastal delivery. Pls contact me in game or post your order in forum. Pastor
  3. WTS 70ql Inhabited Bee Hives 2s
  4. Just some enchancments I think we should have for bees. First, we should get more honey from hives that are near any flowering plants or trees. This would include roses, oleander, lavender, oleander, and camellia, orange trees, lemon trees, and cherry trees. If we place them near our farms this should also work too, except for near grains, as they are pollinated by the wind, not bees. I would also like to see clover added along with the flowers, so we could have clover honey. Lets hear everyone else's opinion now.
  5. Bees

    Where is the Bees ? Has any one saw the bees? I found them on the test server. I really looked for 6 hours.
  6. Mead is a fermented beverage, pretty similar to wine. EDIT: Yes, I know there is mead in the game, I'm just suggesting how mead should work in order to make it simple, more realistic and able to age like wine. We should be able to use water + honey to make mead, which can be stored indefinitely and, like wine, would reach higher quality over time and have the same effects. We have the bees, mead could be easily implemented as a kind of wine, only with a different recipe. Please upvote, let's make this happen!
  7. I would like to see more sweeteners than just maple syrup. For example, honey or sugar beets. Both of those have been in use for at least as much human history as maple syrup, and might present some fun challenges. The bees could be huge and aggressive. The sugar beets could require processing (like in real life), by juicing, then cooking. Honey could also be used as a powerful ingredient in healing, as in real life, similar to the animal parts used in making a Healing cover. Eating honey or sugar raw could lower nutrition, but one of the 3 sweeteners (including maple syrup) could be required for making cakes -- or even a new item, Oatcakes, which would give excellent stamina boost. See where I'm going with this? Otherwise, we're waiting around for a whole year for the maple sap, which seems like a wasted opportunity for cool alternatives. I have zero programming skill, so please someone let me know if this is something you can make happen! I'm on Freedom, Wurm Unlimited.
  8. The Initial Buzz Our devs spent time and effort implementing bees and beehives, and we waxed lyrical and swarmed out to grab them. These furry insects captured our imagination, and got us all out and about building hives and hunting wild colonies, to get our share of the sweet honey and useful wax. Unfortunately after this initial buzz, keeping bees has lost it's appeal for many. Why? Here's the stinger - there is little economic benefit in keeping bees. Folks don't need honey, and wax has limited uses. Barrels can be sealed just as easily with a peg with minimal effort, and candles can be made with animal fat. Of course there are other uses, but at the end of the day - who needs bees? The Honey Trap. What we need are more gameplay and hence economical reasons to keep bees. So lets make a start - I am sure you can add to this list. Scented candles - yes I know, interest in candles thus far has 'tapered' somewhat, but by rolling the wax in rose petals before making a candle, you could produce a powerful and useful Scented Candle, which exerts a short term calming aura on aggressive mobs, or reduces your aggro range to that of a new player. By using lavender you could instead create a candle with a healing aura proportional to your candle ql. Add fruits, herbs or spices and the list of possible beneficial effects grows. Furniture polish. Yes we love our furniture and effects, but - and here's the rub, they all start to look the same after a while. Why not press beeswax into a jar and rub it on our wooden possessions? To slow decay? Maybe! To produce a short term glow or colour effect? Possibly. Why not? Switchels. What on earth is a switchel? Cider vinegar has long been known for its medicinal properties, and by dissolving cider vinegar and honey together in a jar of hot water, and drinking it regularly, many people have come to believe in the powerful properties of this traditional health tonic. What are these health properties? We won't know until we get some! So Bee It Whether you're a firm bee-leaver, or the idea of keeping bees brings you out in hives - why not jot down your ideas for improving the bee-economy? Thanks!
  9. Selling bulk order of 5 active bee hives for 10s. All hives are 60+ quality. For this price you get: Free delivery to any coastal location on Freedom Isles. Small supply of sugar in each locked hive. One of the hives is rare, and at least one other has turned noisy (2 queens for price of 1!) All honey and beeswax accumulated since migration stays in the hives. I also sell extra sugar and smokers upon request. Message me here or in-game and, as always, thanks for your business!
  10. WTS 5 active beehives at 2s apiece, or buy all at once for 8s. All hives are 60+ quality, and a couple have recently turned noisy (so you basically get 2 for 1 on those). They come with sugar, and all have honey/ comb still inside. Delivery available, PM in-game or here on forums. Thanks!
  11. With the introduction of bees and the fact that they need flowers to produce honey, I have noticed that the countryside is becoming devoid of flowers. I suggest that you make them spawn faster so we still have some to collect. After all, once you make a field of flowers around your hive, trees start to spawn and you have to cut them down and replant flowers .
  12. Ignore price next to item. 50-79=50i per power point 80-89= 60 per power point 90+ is 1c per power Large shield is 2.5s (damage reduction rune applied 10% less damage soon some more will be added as i may not need them Large shield has a damage rune applied to it (steel rune) Honey is 5c/kg have 40 kg in stock at 66+ql Bee hives all bee hives come at 70+ql Empty are 80c Active are 2s Noizy are 3.5s None left
  13. After introducing a non-damage status for honey this cooking ingredient don't heat up while cooking. It's impossible now to make any recipe with content of honey: for example any other ingredient is hot or boiling in the same dish.
  14. Honey does not naturally decay. Why go through so many realistic things, ruin food fast if we carry it, add a pantry to store food longer (if we had snow which is more rare than supreme salt for 42 days) and THEN make honey something that decays. Seriously this one just bothers me. I feel i would lose some self respect if i had to suggest something so obvious, so i just want to know why. So Why?
  15. So I have tried adding honey to one of my domestic hives, I have no sugar yet waiting on crops but there seems to be no way to do it. I have tried dragging the honey from a waterskin and measuring jug with no luck. From in the cart and on the ground, and even took the lock off the hive, still no way to do this.
  16. I have observed that the food and water level in Wurm fall pretty quick and we know they directly affect the stamina regen rate. The problem is, while raiding in pvp, it takes 2-3 hours to raid a deed or while in active pvp, at such instances we really dont have time to make food. A lot of planning has to be done and the priority of food and water is low while in fights. Thus i request the rate at which they fall to be decreased to 1/3. As stamina is a important part of pvp and we all have been at places where we need stamina gain pretty quick. Even 1 second can cost us a lot of gear.
  17. Honey anyone?

    I seen this today on the YouTube trends page and if you like honey it has never been easier to get. They have invented a new hive that makes extracting the honey easy and it does not disturb the bees during the process with just a twist of a handle. They have raised over 5 million dollars so far on their IndieGoGo campaign but thought i would share it with you incase you have missed it and want to get one for yourself. ;
  18. U could use a knife to make bread slices and toast them in an oven. U could rename cheese drill in generic 'milk drill' then u could use it to make cheese or butter With a toasted bread slice and butter and/or jam u could prepare a nice breakfast! U could include honey too: In older trees could appear a cavity. In spring a queen bee could make a beehive. If u try to chop a tree with a beehive inside u will be atacked by bees. If u examine tree u could know if there is a cavity and also if there are bees. When a tree with a beehive arrive to shiriveled beehive will search another place. With carpentry u could make a beehive box. U could use a beehive to get honey and wax (and be attacked by bees). Honey could be similar than jam and wax similar than animal fat.